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Welcome to “Throne Games”... Where Hollow9ine host Dave “The Klone” and others match up your favorite “Game of Thrones” characters to do battle against popular characters from other tv shows, movies and books.
Who will reign victorious? You’ll only know if you listen...
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Episode 13 - The Three-Eyed Raven VS Jigsaw

Join Hollow9ine host Dave "The Klone", and guests as they discuss who would win in a battle between HBO’s “Game of Thrones” character The Three-Eyed Raven (Brynden Rivers) (tv version) and Jigsaw (aka John Kramer of the “SAW” film franchise). Who will emerge victorious?  Listen in to see....Faturing: Dave “The Klone” Maresca
Jonathan “R.R.” Morten
Guest: Salvador Madrigal of the “Strength in Gaming” podcast (http://strngaming.com/)
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1hr 8mins

20 Nov 2017

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