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Everyday we are surrounded by people that influence us. They are examples of how we can excel in different aspects of our lives. I am interviewing people in my life that have influenced me and by the end of each episode maybe you too.

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Dakota Atwood- Goal Setting

Some of the ways that we are able to become successful, fit, happy, or changed all starts with a goal. Today on the podcast I interviewed the best of the best: my husband. His story of becoming a top wrestler in his school, to becoming Top 10 in his company his first year, to owning an office in Houston all within a short period of time. He talks about how setting and keeping goals helped him accomplish all these things and more. I hope you all enjoy this episode.


13 Mar 2019

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Samantha Christensen- Finding Simplicity through Organization

Have you been so busy or stressed then look at your house and find that your house looks the same as your mind? Messy, cluttered, and overwhelming. Today on the podcast, I talk to my aunt about finding freedom from clutter and start simplifying your life through organizing your home.


10 Apr 2019

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Grandma Christensen- How to Have a Legacy for a Strong and Close Family

Interviewing my grandma, she talks about raising her 9 children to become strong and faithful children and how to create that in your own family. She also talks about how she was able to create a strong bond between her 49 grandchildren through fun "cousin parties." It was great to learn from her wisdom and faith. Enjoy!


6 Mar 2019

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Maren Christensen-Traveling Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

The weather is getting better and better and it is about time to take a vacation! But where should we go? Where do we even begin? Look no further! Today on the podcast, I am talking to Maren about all the hacks, tips, and tricks for anything travel. In this special one hour episode Maren talks from getting hotels, money saving ideas, to becoming more of a local. I hope that you all enjoy this episode!

1hr 1min

3 Apr 2019

Rank #4

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Donna Christensen- Making Chores Fun for Children of All Ages

How do I get my kids to be excited about working around the house? How do I get my two year old to clean up after himself? What about my teenager? If you asked any of these question, start listening now. Donna (my mom) gives some great ideas and tips on how to get kids to work together, get excited about chores, and have fond memories of working at home as an adult. Enjoy!


27 Feb 2019

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Jennifer Miller- Family Bucket Lists and Traditions

Today on the podcast, I interviewed Jennifer Miller. She is a mother of 8 and wanted to get closer to her children, and figured out that one of the best ways is through bucket lists! She explains the ins and outs of making and keeping bucket lists and the amazing effects it brings, not only to her family, but to her friends and community as well. Listen in and learn from a real-life fun mom.


27 Mar 2019

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Grant Christensen- Becoming Closer to Christ

During this Easter season, as we think of Christ and his Atonement, how can we become closer to Him? Understanding the reasons why we should be like him and why His atonement and life can effect your life, relationships, and even our happiness. Enjoy.


17 Apr 2019

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Lauren Beauregard- Being Vulnerable about Postpartum Depression

Every women goes through some type of "baby blues" after their precious babies are born. Today I am talking to Lauren about her journey of recognizing depression, what to do, and then how she overcame her struggle of postpartum depression. Enjoy!


1 Feb 2019

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Ruthie Knudsen- Freedom from Food

Today on the podcast, I interviewed Ruthie and her amazing tranformation mentally and physically from overweight, tired, and always dieting to eating intuitively, a chef, and excited about life. She shares her love of cooking and her everyday life on her blog with her daughter, Madi. She tells us all about how we can stop worrying about food and start living a carefree and happy life with food. Enjoy! www.cookingwithruthie.com


22 May 2019

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Brian Hayes- How to be Excited about Exercise

The weather is getting warmer and it is the season of getting back in shape and feeling good. Today on the podcast, I am talking to Brian Hayes. He is a Spartan racer and he talks about his love for the race and exercise in general. He will then tell us about how we can enjoy exercise and how to get back into it. Enjoy!


8 May 2019

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