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You’ll find motivating and perspective changing stories as Alison delves into the journeys taken by others to change their lives. Whether motivated by external or internal forces, each story contains the key steps that can help us reach for the changes we want in our lives. This podcast will help you STRETCH towards the goals you set for yourself and the new reality you want to create.

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EP01: Annette

teth·er /teT͟Hər/ verb  tie (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement. Stretch is a podcast that explores stories of the changes people make in their lives, and how those changes require us all to stretch a little.  In this episode your host Alison Kuhlow speaks with a friend from her local Toastmasters group, Annette, about the tethers that were holding her back after she lost her identity in the world as a CEO, wife, and mother. Often when change is forced upon, us we want to keep everything the same.  Annette tells Alison about her journey from resisting change and holding onto her past personas, to having to relearn who she is and what she is passionate about. In this episode Alison and Annette share:    What it means to live in your heart, not your head    The importance of being yourself    Learning not to control your emotions, but utilize them    How to make it easier to get out of your comfort zone    What being authentic to yourself means Resources: www.StretchPodcast.com Instagram: @Stretch_Podcast   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFM70lECfI2XZ-lmqZC5rA Leave me a message: https://www.speakpipe.com/StretchPodcast#Stretch Mentions: Travis Brown at Podcast Buddy for audio editing & production


25 Sep 2018

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