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Hosted by University of Birmingham Music Graduates Francesca Burbela and Imi Varley, the Notable Podcast discusses everything and anything notable in the music world. Once a month we will discuss one of a wide variety of topics from Beethoven to the Eurovision song contest, there really is something for everyone! Come with us as we widen our understanding and appreciation of music with a cuppa and a bicky, maybe you will find something notable in our podcast too!

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Ep.11 What I wish I'd known (musician edition)

Welcome back!Today, we return with a brand new episode all about things we wish we'd known as musicians. I compiled some of my own thoughts, along with the thoughts of many friends and fellow musicians on Instagram (follow our Instagram - @thenotableinsta), and recorded them for all to enjoy. Maybe there's something you wish you'd always known, like stretching before practising is actually helpful, or that scales are fun....we'll see.Take a listen and enjoy. Remember to subscribe, share, review, follow our instagram, and comment with anything you wish you'd known as a musician...you might have the piece of advice we've all been looking for😊


15 Jun 2022

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Ep.10 An introduction to Ukrainian music and culture with Andrey Kushchinsky

This month I am joined by my dear friend, fellow Ukrainian, and musician, Andrey Kushchinsky. We discuss topics from folk music, to classical music, the Eurovision song contest, and why Ukraine has so many good basses. If you are wanting to deepen your knowledge of Ukrainian life, join us now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Instagram @thenotableinstaAndrey has also founded a volunteer mission, United Europa, supporting the resistance efforts of Ukraine's brave citizens in their fight for independence. Through fundraising and donations, they contribute to essential aid, logistical assistance, and awareness. Head over to @united.europa.ua now to find out more.Enjoy :)See you next month!


15 Mar 2022

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Ep.9 Happy Birthday John Williams

Hi everyone,Welcome back to The Notable Podcast. This month we are talking all about composer, John Williams, in honour of his 90th birthday. Join us as we discuss his early life as a jazz musician and pianist, the process of writing music for film, which classical composers would be best suited to do film soundtracks, and more! A special thanks to James Trivett for joining me for this episode. We hope you enjoy and come back next month for our next episode. Please feel free to leave us a review, share with your friends, and follow us on instagram @thenotableinstaEnjoy :)


15 Feb 2022

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Ep.8 Perform, Educate, Inspire - with Leicester MusicFest

Happy 2022 everyone! Welcome back to our first episode of the new year. This month I am talking to the Chairman and Artistic Director, John and Roxanne Gull, of Leicester MusicFest. Leicester MusicFest is a registered charity with a wonderful music festival at the heart of what they do. Join us as we discuss how the charity originally came about, what happens beyond the festival, what you can expect from Leicester MusicFest 2022 (on the 12th-13th February 2022), and where you can get yourself some delicious samosas!If you would like to learn more about the festival, maybe you'd like to volunteer, donate, or get involved this year and/or next year, head over to their website: www.leicestermusicfest.comHappy listening :)


15 Jan 2022

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Ep. 7 Christmas Special: Christmas Quizzes with The Notable Podcast!

Hello and welcome to our Christmas Special! In this episode, we put our (sometimes limited!) Christmas music knowledge to the test with a series of trivia quizzes. Join us as we pretend to sing down recorders, solve riddles and even find out our true personalities based on our favourite carols!We hope you have a lovely Christmas - see you in the New Year!


25 Dec 2021

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Ep.6 Christmas carol galore!

Hi everyone!I hope everyone is having a merry advent. This month we (Fran and Chris - unfortunately Imi is packing to go to Norway so could not be with us for this episode) are discussing our favourite Christmas carols. Join us as we find out the nations favourite carol and secret composer pseudonyms. We hope you enjoy and please leave your comments below with your favourite Christmas carols. Did we discuss one of your favourites?*Below is the secret spoiler for The Oxen by Jonathan Rathbone*Neil is a funny name for an Oxen...Merry Advent and see you at Christmas for our next episode :)The Notable Podcast


15 Dec 2021

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Ep.5 Growing up learning an instrument with Charlotte Galloway

Hi everyone! This week we delve deep into a big discussion all about music education and our experiences growing up learning an instrument. We're also joined by the fantastic Charlotte Galloway, who is half of the magic behind the wonderful singing page, @that_soundsfun. Join us as we learn about instruments we've never heard of, ie. the Chalumeau, discuss whole class instrumental teaching, new approaches to learning an instrument, and much much more. We hope this might inspire some of you to pick up an instrument and get music making, because, no matter your ability, age, gender, or background, music is for everyone. Enjoy!


15 Nov 2021

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Ep. 4 Halloween Special: Why Is Scary Music Scary?

Hey guys! Welcome to episode four of the Notable Podcast: our Halloween special! In this episode, we look at why scary music is scary (oooo). We discuss everything from different techniques and instruments composers use. We even have a look at some theories that explain why music can spook us out. We hope you enjoy this *scary* episode and wish you a happy Halloween! 👻


31 Oct 2021

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Ep.3 Music during the pandemic

Hello and welcome to episode three of the Notable Podcast. In this episode, we discuss our experiences of music during the pandemic, from the perspective of both performers and listeners. We delve deep into motivation, inspiration, the future of music in a post-pandemic world, and more. If you've been wondering what musicians have been up to during lockdown, this episode is for you.Remember to click subscribe, comment, and give us a rating (the more stars the merrier).


15 Oct 2021

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Ep. 2 What's It Like Doing a Music Degree?

Hello and welcome to episode two of The Notable Podcast! In this episode, we discuss all things music degree related. Sharing from our own experience, we discuss the highs and lows, things we wish we'd known and even writing music with sponges! If you're interested in applying for a music degree or have ever wondered what it might be like, this episode is for you!


15 Sep 2021

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