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Bedhead and Bleary Eyes - The Podcast

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Many of us get to a certain phase of life when we want to re-claim our journey and get back in control but we just don't know where to start.Lynne shares her mindfulness and self-development insights to help you get through the fear of getting started and to support you on your journey.

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Many of us get to a certain phase of life when we want to re-claim our journey and get back in control but we just don't know where to start.Lynne shares her mindfulness and self-development insights to help you get through the fear of getting started and to support you on your journey.

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

Cover image of Bedhead and Bleary Eyes - The Podcast

Bedhead and Bleary Eyes - The Podcast

Latest release on Jan 17, 2021

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Rank #1: The Truth about Burnout

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Ladies!!!! I've been talking to too many people recently that have burned out and I have the greatest amount of sympathy if it's touched you because it happened to me in 2012.

However, the definition of burnout is "chronic workplace stress that has not been managed successfully".  The question is managed by who? That's right! It has to be managed by YOU! We are all responsible for our priorities and therefore it is US that needs to learn how to better manage workplace stress.

My Open Your Mind Morning Journal is focussed on helping you through the first 90 days of creating the changes required to avoid or recover from burnout.

Using Meditation, affirmations, gratitude, personal development, imaginative visualisation and exercise you can start to stack new positive habit that will interrupt your though v feeling patterns and help you grow into a stronger woman who is empowered to lead her own life and not be moulded by others.

We are not yet operating on an even playing field when it comes to gender balance so we have to stop trying to keep up on the conveyor belt.

The choice is yours - jump over to www.instagram.com/bedheadandblearyeyes to get all my tips on avoiding burnout!

Or email me at lynne@bedheadandblearyeyes.com to get information about joining my community of thriving women.

My coaching is FREE (you'll just need access to my partnering platform) so request more details now.

Jan 17 2021



Rank #2: Taking small steps to a brighter future

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"What is the  the smallest simple step that you can take now to change the direction of your future?"

"What habit is holding you back?"

These are the questions I ask myself every morning and ask all my clients...

Looking at tasks as a whole can be overwhelming and lead to procrastination, guilt and shame.

By becoming more aware of your inbuilt habits you can create new healthier habits from your current triggers which means you can use your current resources to overcome barriers such as time, money, knowledge and fear of effort.

In this episode I use some of the content I learned listening to Chapter 9 of Limitless by Jim Kwik.

We look at habit loops from Atomic Habits (James Clear) and I challenge you to investigate why it is you might be lacking motivation.

If you want to hear more, please subscribe to my podcast and share it on social media to be in with the chance of winning some prizes.

You can find me at www.bedheadandblearyeys.com or www.instagram.com/bedheadandblearyeyes

It would be great to connect

Jan 10 2021



Rank #3: 2020 - My Journey and some thoughts to take into 2021

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2020 has been a crazy year - one filled with surprises and opportunities (challenges and disappointment).

This is my experience with a focus on what I can be grateful for.

National Lockdowns

Garden Furniture

School Scholarships

Post Grad Diplomas

Closed Businesses

Challenging parenting moments

It's all touched on in this honest rendition of my 2020!

Catch me at www.bedheadandblearyeyes.com

or www.instagram.com/bedheadandblearyeyes

Grab a copy of my Journal at in my Etsy Shop

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Dec 31 2020



Rank #4: How to recover from a bad day!

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Only you can turn a bad day into a not bad day!

It's easy to just let it go and wallow but there are things you can do to get things back on track - if you want to!

If you let every bad moment re-rail your day, week, month, it's likely you'll never release yourself from a life of feeling stuck.

I remember days when I would become the victim but listen to  how I turned it around.



Nov 01 2020



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Rank #5: Simplifying Time Management

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Hey friends, I said I would spend the next couple of weeks focusing really into the tactical details of some of the things you can do to get your work life balance, right, because ultimately, when we get that right, everything else is so much easier.   There's so much we can do it is often overwhelming even to get started.  So today, I wanted to start by addressing some steps on how you can implement better time management in your day.

Time management is the process of having time to achieve everything you want, without feeling stressed or overwhelmed - and that's the key there. It enables you to organise your time so that you're more focused, more effective and more productive when you do take action.  It's the process of planning, organising and prioritising your time, and also your focus, so that you achieve specific results in less time.

But why is it important? Ultimately, if you take control of your time, you will feel less stressed, you will stop procrastination, and you will feel like you have an abundance of time. People say to me, "I don't know how you do all the things you do in a day". And my simple answer is "I manage my time". It's that simple. But people struggle because it takes time to learn to manage your time, and to put some processes in place to help you.


Oct 25 2020



Rank #6: Part 2 Work Life Balance

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This week I talk about three more pillars of work life balance: Productivity, wellbeing and practical elements.

Oct 04 2020



Rank #7: Work Life Balance

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In 2012 I had a work-life balance crisis! As a result I left my job and took 2 years to work on me - my happiness and my purpose!

And then? I returned to the corporate grind but with a different mindset - me first!

Finally, when I turned 40, I saved myself from a second crisis but this time it was more about driving my purpose forward and taking action to leave my footprint on the planet!

In this Podcast I talk about 3 pillars of Work Life Balance: 

Personal Development; 

People; and 

Professional Issues. 

Inspired by "Get a Life" by Rick Hughes.

I hope you find it useful.  You can contact me at support@bedheadandblearyeyes.com and you can follow me on Instagram

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Sep 27 2020



Rank #8: Starting Something New

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How many times do we, as busy women, promise ourselves that we will start something new on Monday...?

Only to get to Monday and not be able to find the motivation to get started - or to get to bedtime having forgotten that we'd even meant to start something new!

If you're a busy mum who wants it all but ends up frazzled at the end of the day having only achieved half of what you set out to you need to think about creating a calmer, simple life with wellness at the heart of it....

Just don't try and do it overnight.

This Podcast touches on the 4 things you need to do to get started NOW! and stay started.

If you'd like to find out more about my incremental approach to changing mindset and health drop me an email at support@bedheadandblearyeyes.com and I'll get in touch to help you.

Or if you'd like to claim a free Get started with Meal Prepping Guide you can claim it here.

Aug 16 2020



Rank #9: The Compound Effect

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First up - if you are stuck in life or are sick of running out of motivation when you finally find the commitment to make a change - go and read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  It will change your life! And it will also make everything else I say in my trainings make sense!

In this Podcast I take you through how to take a slower approach to transformation in order that you stick with it this time.

I'll take you through the steps to commit lasting change in your habits as well as the do's and don't to ensure you succeed.

Make 2020 the last year you make a New Years resolution and instead make it the year you commit to small changes that will compound over time.

My MAGPIE Morning Routine was designed to embrace the Compound Effect.  To find out more go to www.bedheadandblearyeyes.com

Jul 26 2020



Rank #10: Habit forming and rewards

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We don’t wake up motivated but there are things we can do to create motivation! There are 2 types of behaviour - reflex behaviour and purposeful behaviour that involves choice! By becoming aware of our behaviour and it’s triggers we can start to rewire our brain to choose positive behaviours by using positive reinforcement rewards.

Jul 19 2020