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The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Terminator: Dark Fate - Les-Bionic Love

Arnold Schwarzenegger entered our nightmares as the “Terminator” hunting Sarah Connor in 1984.  He stole our hearts protecting John Connor in 1992's “T2: Judgement Day.” In 2019, all the sequels were erased from continuity and we’re introduced to the first Latinx Terminator and treated to a fabulous return by the legendary Linda Hamilton as the butch and weathered Sarah Connor in “Terminator: Dark Fate,” proving that no one knows what the futurecan bring when Hollywood plans Remakes or Reboots. Does the franchise’s retcon work? Is the Terminator franchise too lesbian or not lesbian enough? Is a new John Connor what the world needs right now? Listen to find out. Shownotes:The Jacket Rolando Loved in "Terminator Salvation" | LINK About the Costume Designer, Michael Wilkinson | LINK Follow Us Be sure to follow us on social media for news, polls, and fun behind the scenes content. FACEBOOK: facebook.com/remakesrebootsrevivals INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/remakesrebootsrevivals And we always want to hear from you! Email us at remakesrebootsrevivals@gmail.com

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18 Nov 2019

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