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Etims are a bunch of Glasgow Celtic fans talking about Celtic, Fitbaw and everything else that raises interest and more importantly a laugh now and again. May include random dog barking too.Website is www.etims.net

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The Oh My God we could have killed Kenny show!Desi, Monty, Hector, Ralph and Emilio the dog get together to quickly review todays 1-1 draw with Rangers at Celtic Park.They look at the tactics, the line-ups and the performances and analyse the beauty and ugliness of both the goals and review the wasted chances.They discuss Willie Collums contribution and look ahead to what opportunities await from today's showing fro the players and management.


21 Mar 2021

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Hector, Monty and Desi get together to talk post match after Celtic 0-0 draw at Tannadice that confirms the league and 10 in a row has gone.The guys discuss the game, the return of James Forrest and the million attempts at goal that saw no breakthrough today.The discussion moves onto the Anger, Acceptance and Denial of losing the League and the 10 and then we look forward and discuss all the issues that the new CEO has to address when he takes over from Lawwell.Its not a pretty picture thats for sure.We leave it with our thoughts for whats ahead and hey.. just maybe tomorrow...

1hr 9mins

7 Mar 2021

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26mins breakHector, Monty and Desi get together to talk post match after Celtic 1-0 victory over Aberdeen at Celtic Park.They discuss Kennedys line up and tactics looking at a few tweaks and new faces on the bench and review the overall performance.The talk over the key points in the game and room for improvements.They discuss personnel and expectations of the Celtic support.They discuss the Post match rants of Strachan and Stubbs and how relevant they are to the decisions awaiting the Celtic Board.They discuss moving forward and just what lies next for everyone at Celtic.


27 Feb 2021

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NFL Punted

NFL PuntEtim regulars, Hector, Ralph, MOnty and Desi are joined by Andy "Boards AOK!" Broadsword to talk about Neil Francis Lennon leaving the club.The guys discuss how many Knock Knock jokes you can get out the current events at Parkhead and look back at the disaster that was this season.Monty discusses Holiday plans now that Neil is available again and Hector gets the chance to praise Ryan Christie in a 4-4-2 for a change ( No he didnt - Ed!)Ralph and Andy join midway to discuss the low and highlights ( aka Lazio) and we all end by giving our thoughts on the future.Just who will be leading the club and in what structure come August?Will it be a big name, a left field appointment or it be Lennedy ( enough already - Ed!) or someone new taking over and will the board really fear the fans not buying those season tickets?

1hr 45mins

24 Feb 2021

Rank #4

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Etims were fortunate enough to be invited to fill an hour slot on the brilliant 24 hours of Celtic Fan Podcasting Event for the Quadruple Treble Fundraiser organised by ACSOM over the recent Cup Final weekend.Paul John Dykes and everyone at ACSOM did a great job presenting, organising and recording so many Celtic fans pods over the weekend and brilliantly raised over £26k.It was truly sensational work to help so many worthy causes at such an important time of the year.This is the audio from our video chat for anyone who may have missed it on the day and check out ASCOM site and on Spreaker, iTunes, and also on Youtube and Twitter, for its great output and to find links to all the other sites brilliant contributions on the Historical weekend.

1hr 1min

7 Jan 2021

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Hector and Desi join Monty from the now Northern Ireland of non EU and EU to discuss the game yesterday .We discuss the Game. The Tactics, the team, the subs ( oh the subs) and of course The Bitton incident and that heartfelt expectation resulting from risky desperation . We discuss Celtic managing to beat Celtic as per all this season and a most of all we wonder just whats next. Listen to Montys optimism compared to the realism from the other 2 on air.Ultimately we ask What is the point of Andy Walker and and Celtic this season...just how does it compare to the end of Only An Excuse of all things in fitbaw life

1hr 15mins

3 Jan 2021

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Hector aka Gary McBarlow, Monty and Desi get together after the defeat to AC Milan to discuss the Game, the performance, the lack of defending, the present, past and future of Celtic in Europe.They then turn to domestic football and that Ross County disaster and the aftermath at Celtic Park. Arent fans entitled to be angry Mr Lawwell?The show concludes with a look ahead to who will be in charge over the next few weeks and a few heated discussion points are raised when Desi doubts the generosity of Dermot Desmond and questions just how highly ranked are Celtic Football Club at present for potential Managers to beat down our door.

1hr 39mins

3 Dec 2020

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Post Sparta beating Celtic 4-1 AGAIN, Hector, Monty and Desi get together to discuss what exactly are we seeing on the pitch, what arent we seeing on the pitch and guess at just what is or isnt happening behind the scenes.Birthday bhoy Monty gives his view on The 10 and the impact on the fractured world that is Celtic and the guys discuss the various options currently open to Lenny, Lawell and Dermot. Who will be Manager come the Scotttish Cup Final..will any of the current staff still be around for Xmas or the January WIndow bring many exits and entrances for the Club in 2021.The pod concludes with a heartfelt discussion on how this band of Celtic Da's lives were so enriched growing up watching Diego Maradona and we discuss the joyous memories and feelings we had for the Footballing God. RIP Diego

1hr 57mins

26 Nov 2020

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October_And_Onand On..The Etims PodcastAs Bono sang..OctoberAnd the trees are stripped bareOf all they wearWhat do I care?OctoberAnd kingdoms riseAnd kingdoms fallBut you go on and on...Hector, Desi, Monty and Ralph Malph aka George Roper get together to discuss the month of October and into November.What was that exactly?Will we ever know?What can we do to fix whats wrong and what if anything is right at present?What lies ahead and just who will be the last Manager standing come the end of the season?All this and more, incuding "Stoke Chic" wallpaper discussions and a U2 outro within this latest podcast episode.

1hr 8mins

10 Nov 2020

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Hector, Monty and Desi get together to watch the second half of the Sarajevo v Celtic Europa league qualifier and its all recorded ( not the best audio but listenable).Who knew Celtic TV had so many different timed streams?The guys watch the game unfold and discuss all the activity or lack of it where relative before finally getting to cheer ( in instalments) as Eddie scores and the side progress into the Group Stages.We look back on the last month, since the last Podcast and the results that have followed and look forward to this months big games and also ask do we feel the same about football without fans being in the stadiums.Notable other references to David Turnbull, Barkas Moustache, Bradley Walsh and Johnny Firebird!

1hr 15mins

1 Oct 2020

Rank #10