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Join hosts Dan Hulton and Steven Abadie on their journey to create Modest Products and improve their lives. What is a Modest Product? Well, it's something like an anti-unicorn... You know what? Why not just tune in and find out!

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26 - Jobs, Games, and Spoons

0:30 - Steven reports in on the job search.6:45 - Musings about why the job market is why it is right now.14:35 - Where DO product ideas come from, anyway?17:50 - We're all so very tired, and just don't have the spoons.18:50 - Dan did indeed release Teams last week!  And more info about upcoming plans.24:00 - Dan's thinks he's going to make a game in August.  But why?26:15 - The viability of doing "alternate weeks" for product/marketing when you're burnt out and/or busy.29:20 - A complicating factor...


23 Jul 2021

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25 - Long-awaited news about kombucha and teams

0:20 - On getting back into exercising, and the perils that come with.5:20 - Jobs, jobs, everywhere!11:10 - The much-awaited kombucha update.18:30 - Vaccination celebration!30:00 - The Nodewood Teams release is live!36:25 - Podcast recommendation: Slow & SteadyLinks:- https://www.slowandsteadypodcast.com/- https://userlist.com/- https://www.usepow.app/- https://brianrhea.com/


9 Jul 2021

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24 - Soapboxes and Bacteria

0:20 - Dan gets on a Soapbox about Amazon propagandizing to children.8:50 - Making sacrifices to stick to your principles.13:10 - Dan talks about his plans for the first version of the Nodewood production deploy system.17:20 - Dan gets some good news and gives updates for the final push towards the next release of Nodewood.23:25 - Steven reports in about his journey into machine learning and data science!25:50 - The trials and tribulations of making kombucha.40:40 - Podcast Shoutout: FounderQuestLinks:- https://www.pulumi.com/- https://www.founderquestpodcast.com/- https://www.honeybadger.io/


25 Jun 2021

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23 - Not Everything Has To Be a Side Hustle

0:30 - Dan is way too easily influenced by videogames.5:20 - Trying out a new schedule, to try to improve productivity.11:00 - A little bit of a Nodewood progress report.14:25 - Steven has been planning for the summer and rebuilding his personal site.18:50 - Should you take the "published at" date off of articles?24:45 - The temptation to turn hobbies into side hustles and why it happens.55:05 - Podcast shoutout.Links- Steven's personal site: https://stevenabadie.com/- The Art of Product podcast: https://artofproductpodcast.com/- Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots: https://www.giantrobots.fm/


12 Jun 2021

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22 - Data and Taxes

0:30 - "Almost Post-COVID"1:50 - Building an AI portfolio and finding good data11:48 - Nodewood Teams progress and scope creep15:13 - Taxes and VAT in particular31:10 - We introduce our email address!  hello@modprodpod.com31:50 - Podcast shout-out: https://softwaresocial.dev/


29 May 2021

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21 - Bill and Ted Talk Politics

0:30 - We're back!2:30 - Browse Me Later goes on hold indefinitely.8:20 - Machine Learning involves a whole bunch of math, it turns out!13:30 - Finding data science portfolio projects.19:35 - The ins and outs of building a modern AI portfolio site.24:00 - Dan talks a bit about burnout, recovery, and everything in the way.26:50 - Business ideas via Shower Thoughts.33:33 - A recap of The Basecamp Situation.38:50 - Bill & Ted talk about Basecamp.  (This gets political.)53:00 - We cannot help but talk about why "no politics at work" is awful.59:20 - How "no politics" kills diversity and why this matters.1:05:10 - Some news about our plans for episode releases going forward.Links:- https://www.kaggle.com/- https://latex-project.org- https://katex.org- https://notion.so- https://www.reform.app/- https://usesummit.com/- https://stackingthebricks.com/- https://softwaresocial.dev/

1hr 7mins

14 May 2021

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20 - The Island of Misfit Business Ideas

0:20 - A break from the break!1:50 - Steven introduces his hydroponics inventory control SaaS idea4:50 - Problem #1: Distribution7:15 - Problem #2: Custom development8:30 - Problem #3: Significant setup & support11:00 - Problem #4: Market not ready for off-the-shelf software16:05 - Some clarifications on scope and distribution18:45 - Problem #5: Too early to build as a solo founder, would need a team to market & grow21:00 - Dan introduces his apartment buzzer password service23:30 - Problem #1: Can't dogfood it anymore!24:00 - Problem #2: It's a B2C product24:40 - Problem #3: Downtime is CATASTROPHIC.28:50 - Problem #4: May not provide enough value to convince people to pay for it.34:00 - Wrap-up!


23 Apr 2021

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19 - Takin' a break

We're taking a short break!  As we evaluate new business ideas, we wanted to give those ideas some room to breathe without trying to force them into easily-digestible podcast bites each week.  We hope to be back in early May with fresh ideas, topics, and conversation!

8 Apr 2021

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18 - The change-up!

0:50 - A change to the format to the show.6:35 - The merits of rye vs bourbon.9:00 - Steven talks about potential next steps involving WordPress.26:10 - Google not prioritizing AMP sites anymore?31:40 - How to reach your target market?35:25 - A bet is made about the Ever Given.36:00 - Steven takes a drastic step.40:10 - We talk about the brand-new album from Genghis Tron and our... unique music tastes.48:05  - A few final notes on the new format for the show.


2 Apr 2021

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17 - Picking Products and Penning Posts

2:30 - Steven's experimenting with AWS AppSync.6:08 - Oh, God, DST.  Really makes sending Browse Me Later emails at a specific time kinda tricky...13:30 - We talk about why we haven't written any blog posts in a while and how we plan on fixing that.15:55 - Microconf Remote!17:15 - Tax season is upon us again.19:00 - Dan's just takin 'er easy and trying to dodge burnout.20:35 - An accidental refund.  =(22:45 - Dan went on the MegaMaker Jam!  An interesting framework to help pick a product.27:40 - Twitter Spaces, and on the virtues of audio-only networking.30:30 - More on picking products.Episode links:- What Should I Build?


26 Mar 2021

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