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Play Your Part is a culture variety show. It's essentially whatever host Jacob Wilson wants it to be. This includes: talk about random news in culture, unnecessary dissections of pop culture, public radio-esque stories of global culture and history, and the origins of random things that you never think about. This wide variety of topics reflect the interests of the host which are always changing and always specific.

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Bros on Broadway IV: Tony Awards Recap

Patrick is back to talk with Jacob about the Tonys! They discuss James Corden, all of the Hamilton things, and their favorite performances! They also discuss the soundtracks to Waitress, Tuck Everlasting, and the upcoming live streaming of She Loves Me.


25 Jun 2016

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Best Christian Rock of the 00s

Jacob is joined by Ben Longinow to talk about the 7 best of the 00s Christian hardcore scene. They discuss how all people into Christian alternative music were kind of into everything, talk about their journeys into the scene, and going to local shows, before getting into these albums (in order):Haste the Day “Burning Bridges”/“When Everything Falls”Underoath “Define the Great Line”As Cities Burn “Come Now Sleep”/“Son I Loved You at Your Darkest”Emery “The Question”Beloved “Failure On”Maylene and the Sons of Disaster “II”He is Legend “I Am Hollywood”The Chariot “The Fiancee”August Burns Red “Messengers”mewithoutYou “Catch For Us the Foxes”Dead Poetic “New Medicines”mae “The Everglow”Slight mentions for: Inhale/Exhale, Demon Hunter, Relient K, Number One Gun, Run Kid Run, Thrice, Sinai Beach, Comeback Kid, The Rocket Summer, Anberlin, The Devil Wears Prada, Showbread, The Agony Scene, Zao, Starflyer 59, Here is the Underoath interview Ben talks about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfNneFlUTFE

1hr 12mins

24 May 2016

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Talkin' To Taylor About Logos: Baseball Hats!

Welcome to Baseball Month! Today’s episode we talk to Taylor about logos, this time it’s MLB hats! They begin by trying to remember anything they’ve ever talked about on a Talkin’ to Taylor about Logos, but cannot (#LongLawn)! We also have a Yankee off and give a World Series prediction!Check out what we have to say about your favorite team’s hat! Orioles (7:00)Reds (8:15)Indians (11:45)Cubs (13:20)White Sox (15:50)Royals (17:05)Twins (19:55)Yankees (22:10)Mets (26:15)Rays (29:25)Cardinals (31:45)Rockies (34:40)Padres (36:30)Dodgers (39:35)Giants (44:35)Pirates (47:50)Tigers (48:50)Angels (49:55)A’s (51:25)Red Sox (53:05)Astros (54:40)Braves (56:25)All the rest (57:45 and beyond!)Join the conversation: Follow Patrick: @papa_patrickFollow Jacob: @jacobthewilson / @playyourpartpod / @rivalpodclubEmail: rivalpodcastclub@gmail.com

1hr 1min

5 Apr 2016

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Bros on Broadway II: Things That Should Be Musicals

The Bros on Broadway are back! Yes, that’s right, Jacob is joined by Patrick Gillespie for more talk about musicals. This time they try to come up with ideas for musical adaptations from their favorite movies, books, tv shows, and historical events. From there they discuss what is at the heart of a good musical (inner feelings, large casts of people dancing, orphaned children, etc…). We’re not gonna spoil our picks here so you better check it out! Music: M83 “Do it, Try it”Join the conversation: Follow Patrick: @papa_patrickFollow Jacob: @jacobthewilson / @playyourpartpod / @rivalpodclubEmail: rivalpodcastclub@gmail.com


29 Mar 2016

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Auteur Tours: The Movies of Jeff Nichols

Jacob is joined by Cody Boring to talk about movies! They open up their discussion with some cinephile nerdiness in defining auteur theory, then they discuss their first experiences with Jeff Nichols, give you a tease of each Nichols’ film, point out the themes that stretch across each film, and finally give reviews of each movie (SPOILERS will be announced before they are given). Music: The Sun Days “Don’t Need to Be Them”Join the conversation: Follow Cody: @codyisboringFollow Jacob: @jacobthewilson / @playyourpartpod / @rivalpodclubEmail: rivalpodcastclub@gmail.com


22 Mar 2016

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Welcome to the Hobby Lobby with My Dad!

Welcome to the Hobby Lobby with my Dad! Jacob’s dad has a lot of hobbies, from learning ventriloquism as a child to doing a deep dive into scuba diving, his entire life has been an exploration of different activities. In this episode Jacob talks to his Dad, Tim Wilson, along with Taylor to learn about those interests, especially in light of his own obsessions. Other talk includes hobbies in the internet age, the Christian clown community, and Jacob’s lack of ability to use scissors. Subscribe to the Play Your Part Letter and get issue one at tinyletter.com/playyourpart


8 Mar 2016

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Talkin to Taylor About Logos: The 2016 Election

A bipartisan podcast about campaign logos! Jacob and Taylor answer the question of what kind of lawn is best (2:40), talk about Ted Cruz’s logo (7:20), Mr. Moneybags (AKA Donald Trump) (11:50), Hillary Clinton (18:55), look at old Bill Clinton logos (22:40), Marco Rubio (23:53), Ben Carson (27:25), they feel the Bern (30:47), PATAKI (33:20), John Kasich (34:32), JEB! (37:33), and all the other candidates no longer in the running!Plus Spanish shaming, long lawn, MAGA, and more!


23 Feb 2016

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Roller Coaster Tycoon

Jacob is joined by Austin and Grayson Smith to talk about one of their favorite computer games from years past: Roller Coaster TycoonThey talk about their first memories of the game (2:15), Austin’s roller coaster web site (3:40), their love of Hot Wheels (5:40), how they approached Roller Coaster Tycoon (9:00),  ways to trick your guests (11:05), building coasters (13:10), getting hurt on roller coasters (23:00), their favorite coaster designs (25:45), the ways they killed their customers (27:15), the best park they ever designed (32:30), insatiable guests (35:00), the latest version of Roller Coaster Tycoon (43:00), Austin tries to remember his Twitter account (51:55), and much more! Check out the nightmare ride that inspired the episode:http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/273129/this-rollercoaster-tycoon-nightmare-ride-takes-210-days-to-finish/Follow the podcast @playyourpartpodFollow Jacob @jacobthewilsonFollow Grayson @biglogger91Follow Austin @asmith9999999


16 Feb 2016

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Election Fantasy Draft

Today’s episode features Taylor and Anna from Off the Binge: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in a newly created fantasy league featuring all of the potential presidential candidates. They draft four candidates each with a scoring system that is as follows:50 points for presidency20 points for Veep3 points 1st in primary/caucus2 points 2nd in primary/caucus1 point 3rd in primary/caucusWe apologize for all our mistakes, most of which we correct throughout the show. Follow along for weekly scoring updates @playyourpartpod and let us know your own picks!


9 Feb 2016

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High School Musical Tenth Anniversary

Jacob is joined by four other guests to celebrate the tenth anniversary of High School Musical. They discuss the first time they ever watched the movie (4:37), which role they would choose if they could be in HSM (12:15), their favorite film in the trilogy (15:01), Taylor tells about his special “Bet On It” connection (23:27), their favorite song from the series (25:44), we do some singing (31:05), talk about Zac Efron not singing in the first film (31:35), point out the parts that don’t make sense (34:20), record Ball Droid Cast episode 3 (35:05), and much more! Check out Ball Droid cast here: http://www.spreaker.com/user/offthebingebloodline/episode-1_1Listen to DJ’s band here: https://desertwoman.bandcamp.comApologies for an extra noises, 5 people and 2 mics can be difficult! Don’t forget to tweet with the hash tag: #Highschooljrhigh


26 Jan 2016

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