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Learning to pick the right fights for the right things. Focus: Leadership, Lust, Spirituality, Relationships

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How to Handle Being Stabbed In The Back

Help I'm Hopeless | When friends stab you in the back.    This channel is to help men learn what is worth fight for.    This podcast is how to handle relationships when someone stabs you in the back.    If you're a man and want to better yourself subscribe and hit that notification bell.   We will all be stabbed in the back at some point by someone we love. You know why? Because the only people who can stab us in the back are those that have their arms wrapped around us. Those that are closest to us hurt us the most. But after they hurt us, how do we let others close to us? Because we don't want to live in the basement of our moms house away from civilization...well most of us don't lol.   So if you have experienced pain, I hope this podcast can help you deal with it and fight through it.   This channel is about Picking A Fight for... Leadership  Relationships  Spirituality  and To Fight... Lust.  Welcome to Pick A Fight!


1 Jul 2021

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How To Stop Lusting as a Christian

How To Stop Lusting Christian. Stop Lusting Once and For All!    Today we are going to talk about Picking The Fight with Lust. All men deal with it, struggle with it and are sick of it! You are not alone. But the devil makes us feel like we can't talk to anyone about it, and if we don't, we end up hiding sin and slipping into addiction.     On this Podcast we are going to discuss how you can overcome sexual sin. Whether is pornography, sexual immorality, an affair, looking at that girl at the gym, scrolling on instagram, or getting lost on YouTube. We are going to see how to not fall into the trap of lust.    Check out my website the married life for more content for married couples. themarriedlife.org Follow on Instagram for encouraging content to help you Pick The Right Fights!


7 Jun 2021

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Act Like Men Part 4

Memorial Day Leadership - Act Like Men Part 4  Paul teaches us to Act Like Men. But in our world we tend to act like babies. We don't have the leadership that so many who fought for us had. We don't resemble the men we honor on memorial day. We look more like children than soldiers. So what do we need to do to change that? How to we act like men and grow up? Lets find out how to pick this fight today. It's time to grow in our home.


31 May 2021

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Act Like Men: Part 2 - Animal Instinct

What is a man? Is it when we hit a specific age? Is it when we move out? And how does a man act? Most men tend to act like animals because we think it's funny. But what has God called us to act like? What did Jesus act like when He was on earth? Jesus was both the Lion and the Lamb, as Christian men we should be leading like Jesus and looking like Jesus.


28 May 2021

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Act Like Men: Part 2 - Security

What does it mean to act like a man? How do we provide security as christian men? As a husband? What does the Bible say about us leading our wife and home? Is providing security just finances alone? Or is there a way God has called us to lead that we are missing in our western world? Let’s dive in and find out how to Act Like Men!


19 May 2021

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Act Like Men: Part 1 - Lead

When do we become a man? 16? 18? 21? In our western world when does a boy crossover to manhood? In this video I'm going to discuss what it looks like to Act like A Man. How we are called to lead and as Christian men, lay down our lives for others. We will discuss the qualities of a godly man and a good leader. In our homes, our workplaces, our churches and globally.    It's time to Pick A Fight and Act Like Men. 


17 May 2021

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Can You Hear Others Around You - Why You Shouldn't Ignore Them

Can You Hear Others Around You - Why You Shouldn't Ignore Them  Did you know God put people around you to speak into you. Do you see them? Do you hear them? or are you ignoring them? What if the people around you had what you need to take your next step in leadership? What if someone around you was ready to pour into you spiritually. Are we being defensive and ignoring those closest to us, who see our blind spots? Time To Pick A Fight. 


13 May 2021

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What Can Only You Do?

What Can Only You Do? Time to delegate some stuff. 95% of the things we do, we can delegate and train others to do. It's time to focus on your 5% and what only you can do in life. Time to pick the right fight. Welcome to pick a fight! 


12 May 2021

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Get More Done In Less Time

Ever feel like you don't have enough time to do what you want to do? Time Management is a thing we need to fight for. If we don't, we will feel beat up in the right to get things done. Today let's talk time management and little tweaks we can make to make more time.  Let's Pick The Fight of Time Management. 


11 May 2021

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Fighting Lust With Scripture

How To FIGHT LUST!  All of us men struggle with lust. We can't kid ourselves. So in this video I have some ways we can all Fight Lust. Using prayer, bible scripture and accountability with other Christian men.  We are going to discuss how to deal with lustful thoughts. How to fight porn addiction. All in less than 10 Minutes.   Welcome to Pick A Fight.


10 May 2021

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