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Women Waken: A Holistic Guide To Wellness & Abundant Self Love

The Women Waken podcast is a creation of Whitney Walker, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders and trauma. She is also a tarot reader, crystal enthusiast, and appreciator of all things esoteric. The Women Waken podcast is an outlet and a platform for women and men alike to share about their unique gifts and work in the area of healing and spirituality. To share their stories of how they’ve come to use their gifts in a professional capacity to assist in the transformation of the planet and the emergence of the Divine Feminine to restore harmony, balance, and truth. On the podcast Whitney interviews guests as a way to allow the audience to learn about the various forms of healing and personal attunement that are possible through less common healing practices including energy work, clairvoyance, spiritual guidance and manifestation powers. The podcast also features guests who may not be quite as alternative in their line of work yet are still amazing contributors to creating greater levels of peace and feeling for the human beings they work with.

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Aligning with Destiny and Activating Your Divine Feminine Energy and Inner Light

We often ask throughout our lives, what is my Destiny? Is there even such a thing as Destiny? Is there something I'm truly meant for or is it up to me to decide? Guest Carrie Hart firmly believes that we each have a personal Destiny that we can follow to achieve the greatest state of happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Carrie is an Author and Spiritual Explorer who has experienced a very powerful connection with what she calls Ataquay; the energetic field beyond ordinary time and space, where everything that is, was and will be exists in a state of pregnant possibility, the place of shared expanded consciousness—the place where everything is connected and seeming “coincidences” are more than just happenstance. She believes that we can all tap into this expanded consciousness and walk the path of our Destiny if we follow our intuition and in turn be guided toward our truth. On this episode, Carrie offers some fantastic insights on how to activate your divine Feminine energy to heighten intuition and receive guidance toward your greatest gifts, Soul's purpose, and align with your Destiny. Carrie then shares the importance and benefits of being in our own Sovereign truth, enhancing our intuition, connecting with higher wisdom, and honoring the light within us. Remembering that as Women, we have access to that power, it is our Destiny. Carrie also shares 7 Ways to Activate your Divine Feminine Energy and the Light of Self Love: Quiet your mind through Meditation Tune into intuition Ask for word of the day Each have a golden chord attached to Source/ soul Discover your Life’s purpose Develop a Spiritual Morning Routine  Choose to let go of your Voice of Fear & Speak up through courage Carrie Hart wants to offer others a simple gateway to Ataquay and share the best of the tools that helped her deepen her understanding of how we walk a path of destiny through a universe that is actively weaving a web of connections, and how that can greatly enhance the journey. Accessing Ataquay is something anyone can do, but it’s like following a well-worn path—the more you do it, the easier it is—and the more expansive the experience. And Carrie Hart’s tools lay down the stepping stones. Over the past 25 years, Carrie has explored Ataquay to bring creative, healing wisdom to those seekers looking for answers and guidance. She calls it “the place I love most in the world.”Learn more about Carrie and here work here:www.carriehart.com


1 Feb 2023

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Embracing Unconditional Self Acceptance to Achieve Inner Peace

Unconditional self-acceptance is the practice of accepting yourself fully as you are, without judgment or shame. This can help to improve your mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, and allow you to make positive changes in your life. In this episode, we will look at how to develop unconditional self-acceptance and the benefits it may bring.To truly understand unconditional self-acceptance, it’s important to appreciate that it is an intentional mindset shift away from feeling shame or disappointment over your own experiences, choices, or perceived mistakes and failures. It involves understanding that mistakes are a part of life and that accepting yourself for who you are with kindness and compassion is the key to inner peace and freedom. This measure of self-love can be difficult to achieve, but the process of developing unconditional self-acceptance has tremendous potential benefits.Join me in this video to learn about these benefits and learn the 3 simple steps you can take to begin your development of Unconditional self love and acceptance. Feel free to reach out to me to see how we can work together and send your questions, feedback, and requests for future solo episodes here: Whitney Walker, LMFTLicense # 107082www.WomenWaken.comhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/profi...Whitney@WomenWaken.comIG: @Womenwaken


25 Jan 2023

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Unconditional Vs Conditional Love: How to Achieve Ultimate Happiness and Self Acceptance

What would happen if you removed any conditions you have for loving yourself? What would it be like to have a fully expressed love and acceptance of yourself regardless of any outside circumstances, events, or situations in your life? This is the idea of unconditionality. That something can exist purely and eternally no matter what happens. Another word for this state could be, Heaven. When we live conditionally it means that we hold a thought, feeling or belief (I love myself, I accept myself, I believe in myself) only when certain outside circumstances support that thought, feeling, or belief. Should anything change, so does our feelings of love, belief, regard, and acceptance. This state of being could be referred to as, Hell. As it means you are at the whim of what happens to you, how other people treat you, what you're able to achieve or look like to maintain positive regard for yourself. Do you see the distinction?On this episode I go deeper into Conditional vs Unconditional love; how conditionality (fear) primarily governs our World in this current time and how moving into a state of unconditionality (love) will be the biggest game changer our World has ever seen. I explain some of the ways that conditional love show up within ourselves and in society, the repercussions of that, how to identify the difference between conditionality and unconditionality, and how to begin embody unconditionality which leads to true peace and freedom. Feel free to reach out to me to see how we can work together and send your questions, feedback, and requests for future solo episodes here: Whitney Walker, LMFTLicense # 107082www.WomenWaken.comhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/profi...Whitney@WomenWaken.comIG: @Womenwaken


18 Jan 2023

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Making Peace With Our Bodies; Balance and Respect is Possible

As we grow older we begin to notice and feel the changes in how our bodies respond to how we feed, move, and push them to varies limits. If we try to ignore what our bodies are telling us we may end up with injuries, chronic conditions, and frustration. The alternative is to shift our relationship with our bodies to one that is symbiotic. Considering it a partnership. No longer acting as a dominant master, rather being in a collaborative effort to do the thing we love while staying healthy and engaging in activities that are sustainable and allow for long-term health.On this solo episode I get into these topics as I break down my guest episode from last week with the lovely Dr. Jen Sylvester and the incredible insights and knowledge she shared with us around the best means of prevention, consistency, and longevity.Feel free to reach out to me to see how we can work together and send your questions, feedback, and requests for future solo episodes here: Whitney Walker, LMFTLicense # 107082www.WomenWaken.comhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/profi...Whitney@WomenWaken.comIG: @Womenwaken


16 Jan 2023

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How Physical Therapy Can Be a Guide for Listening to Your Body, Improving Health, and Aging Well

Taking care of your body is essential in order to feel your best and to have longevity in your health. However, taking care of your body may not always look like you think it does. Every single person's body, genetics, and internal systems are different meaning the best diet and exercise plan differs between individuals. It may seem easier to just jump on the latest fads or flashy offerings, yet taking the time to explore your own personal best fit has long-term benefits for the rest of your life. On the show this week I welcome Physical Therapist and dear friend, Dr. Jennifer Sylvester. Dr. Jen explains the importance of listening to your body, taking preventative action to reduce injury and damage to the body, and creating balance and healthy habits to enable improved aging.On this episode, Jen and I talk about the temptation to push our bodies to a certain size and shape or to aim for extreme fitness goals when what matters most is what suits you best, mentally and physically, and what is sustainable. As well as focusing on body acceptance and embracing ourselves as we are without condition. Jen also shares about the power of consistency over intensity to form a more loving relationship with our bodies, how to develop your physical and mental health, and achieve long-term success.Dr. Jennifer Sylvester, Doctor of Physical Therapy, started her private practice in 2014 providing concierge physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and wellness services in Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz. In the past 3 years she moved her business almost entirely online, teaching weekly virtual fitness classes, leading educational workshops and events, and providing telehealth physical therapy throughout California. While traveling, she has the opportunity to provide in-person physical therapy to patients throughout California, with concierge treatments in their homes or workplaces, and aquatic therapy at private or public pools. Dr. Jen focuses on customizing treatments to match each patient's unique lifestyle. She works with the patient to create a personalized whole-body plan for exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness that empowers the patient to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Learn more about Dr. Jen's classes and services at www.DrJenPT.com or email her at DrJen@JenniferSylvesterDPT.comIG: @jennifersylvesterdpt


11 Jan 2023

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Stop Abandoning Yourself – Identify and Break the Cycle of Self-Betrayal

Feeling like your own worst enemy and biggest critic can make life very unpleasant. It can feel like a constant trudging through mud trying to just get through life with crippling low self esteem and little to no confidence. I know how arduous it can be because I've lived that way for much of my life and I've worked with many individuals who have. In this solo episode I offer my take on what is Self Betrayal/Abandonment, how you can identify it and then work to shift it and move into a place of self-acceptance/regard.* The Book I referenced was indeed Bryon Katie's, Loving What Is. You can learn more about her and get the book here: https://thework.com/, Feel free to reach out to me to see how we can work together and send your questions, feedback, and requests for future solo episodes here: Whitney Walker, LMFTLicense # 107082(408) 827-8135www.WomenWaken.comhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/profile/781848Whitney@WomenWaken.comIG: @Womenwaken


10 Jan 2023

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Unlock Your True Potential: How To Erase Conditioning and Be Connected With The Universe

It's amazing how lost we can get in our minds. How easily other people's beliefs or opinions about us can begin to feel like our own truth. Yet what other people think is never our truth. We each have our own sovereign truth which is the key to personal peace and freedom. My guest this week, Renee Linnell, knows all too well how it feels to wake up to the shocking realization that she had lost herself after years of brainwashing from a Buddhist cult. Whether it's through the influence of others or of an addiction, trauma, or depression it can be hard to take the first steps back to yourself. Renee offers gentle and inspiring guidance on how to take that first step and move into a place of the greatest peace one can know.On this episode Renee and I discuss how to stop betraying ourselves due to low self-esteem and fear, how to move away from the messaging that we're not OK and need something or someone to fix us, and to realize that there's nothing holding us back because there are no conditions we have to meet to be worthy, lovable, and free. Renee is a former surf model, a professional Argentine Tango dancer, and a serial entrepreneur with an Executive Masters in Business Administration from New York University. She made her publishing debut in 2018 with The Burn Zone, a memoir of her experience as a cult survivor. She now has published her second book, Still on Fire: A Memoir. Renee divides her time between Colorado and South Florida.Learn more about Renee and order her books herewww.reneelinnell.comInstagram : @renee.linnell 


4 Jan 2023

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How To Use Energy Healing to Blast Away Emotional and Traumatic Blocks In Our Body

Our guest today is an Intuitive coach and clairvoyant reverend with the ability to see what blocks people from getting what they REALLY want. Shara and I have an incredible conversation about working on eliminating limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence in order to fully heal and flourish. She shares her story of finding love and connecting intimately after 40 as well as helping women step into their highest light. This women is remarkably gifted and has created so many ways to share her gifts in order to help others live to their greatest potential!Check out Shara here! : https://sharaogin.com/, https://www.youtube.com/c/SharaOginIntuitiveCoachingSomatics/featured


29 Dec 2022

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Happy Winter Solstice and End of the Year Updates

Happy Winter Solstice and Holiday season to everyone! I hope this time finds you healthy, well, and cozy as the year comes to a close and we gather for celebrations and take time to reflect on 2022.I prepared just a little offering for you for this Winter Solstice, encouraging taking some time to rest and reflect and embrace the darkness before we begin to bloom once again.I will be taking a break for the rest of the year to heal, conserve energy, and prepare for 2023. New episodes will start up again in a few weeks and will be released weekly. So don't worry, I'll be back!In the main time, as always, I'd love to hear from you so please email me at whitney@womenwaken.com and if you do I will also send you my free gift of tips for starting the New Year off with confidence and poised for success!Much love to you all and I hope you'll continue to tune in next year!


21 Dec 2022

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Why Women Struggle Profoundly With Body Image and How We Can Begin to Break Free

If you feel like you spend an inordinate amount of time fixating on how you look, your size, and other aspects of your body, you are not alone. The majority of Women in the world struggle with body image issues and often experience an almost obsessive preoccupation with monitoring their looks. This battle with the body has become an epidemic in our World to the point where we often value how we look far above who we are. Yet it is possible to recalibrate this discrepancy and move ourselves closer to knowing our intrinsic value and worth, knowing our core values, and releasing this obsession with the external. On this, my very first solo episode, I speak directly to you, the audience, and share my thoughts, personal experience, and a bit of guidance about body image preoccupation, how powerfully it can impact our lives, and the first steps we can take to release its strong hold on us.


14 Dec 2022

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