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The Holistic Life Source podcast shares easy-to-understand emotional exercises to help you create enlightenment to empowerment which creates personal freedom. Once this information is implemented into your life, you quickly begin to create the life you want to live. The metaphysical topics covered expose our listeners to knowledge that has been lost or intentionally kept out of common life teachings and then create an understanding of how life is meant to be full of joy, peace, and abundance. The HLS podcast goal is to help all understand that we have the power to change our own life, and we can begin our own personal path to true freedom.

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Attracting Results For My New Year's Resolutions -HLS 003

HLS's final episode in their 3 episode series on how to know what you want your New Year’s Resolutions to be, why you want them and how to attract them. Join HLS in this episode as we begin to examine why we get what we get and how this can help us attract what it is we want in this coming year. 


27 Dec 2018

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