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We're pulling back the curtain on the industry's leading creatives - from film directors to creative directors to CMOs and more - to learn how they did it. No bull interviews and inspiration on how to grow your career, pull off the shot, or come up with the next big thing.

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LEGO: James Gregson

James Gregson is the Head of Social Studio at LEGO's internal creative agency. In this episode, James talks about how he first started in advertising and details his experience transitioning from starting his own branding agency to working at LEGO. He also dives into the ins-and-outs of his current role at LEGO, shares insight into how he balances family and work, and provides valuable advice for those looking to break into the industry.


16 Dec 2020

Rank #1

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Musicbed: Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy is the CEO & Founder of Musicbed and Filmsupply, the premier music and stock footage licensing platforms for the creative industry. In this episode, Daniel tells us about how he risked it all to go from agency owner to tech entrepreneur, and changed an entire industry along the way.


30 Sep 2020

Rank #2

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Prettybird: Ali Brown

Ali Brown is the President of Prettybird, an award winning production company with trophies from the Cannes Lions, One Show, Clio Awards and more. Ali has also produced the award winning Sundance film Possibilia, served as the AICP/West President and presided over the Young Director's Award Jury in Cannes 2018. But her journey to the top didn't come without it's fair share of struggles. In this episode, Ali tells us about her humble beginnings in the industry, the life changing accident that turned her world upside down, and how she outworked everyone on her path to success.


19 Aug 2020

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MediaMonks: Olivier Koelemij

Olivier Koelemij is the Founder and Managing Director of MediaMonks Los Angeles. Under his leadership, the Los Angeles team has grown to over 125 “Monks” in less than 5 years, acquired multiple companies, and built out a beautiful studio space on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach. An entrepreneur from the start, Olivier transitioned both his career and his hometown when he moved to the US from his native Netherlands eight years ago. Since then, he’s contributed greatly to MediaMonks’ global presence as one of the largest production companies in the world with over 2,500 employees across 40 locations and 29 countries. On this episode we talk about life changes, leadership and the MediaMonks philosophy for producing content.


16 Jul 2020

Rank #4

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Peloton: Carolyn Tisch Blodgett

Carolyn Tisch Blodgett is the former Global Head of Marketing for Peloton, the cycling company that has revolutionized at-home fitness. In this episode, Carolyn gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like scaling Peloton from their humble beginnings in a WeWork office to a global, publicly traded company. She also dishes on creating the aspirational brand identity for Peloton, and gives us an honest account on the difficulties behind balancing motherhood and running a rapidly growing company.


11 Jun 2020

Rank #5

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Goodby Silverstein & Partners: Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson is the Chief Creative Officer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, one of the foremost advertising agencies in the US, and also serves on the board of the One Show and Facebook’s Creative Council. But it didn't come easy. As an aspiring creative straight out of school, Margaret did everything but go through the motions. She knew that in order to find success, she had to be willing to put in the work - even if that meant cold calling fifty different advertising agencies. Margaret walks us through her journey to success, and also dives into other topics including Goodby cultural rituals and the future of remote work.


14 May 2020

Rank #6