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Deciding the Best Movies of each year! Hosts Tino Pacheco, Biggie Esquire, and Wade Ridley, breakdown they best movies of the years 1984, 1994, 1985, and the new season of 2000!

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The Watch Men: The Grinch vs Me Myself and Irene

For the second time The Watch Men Podcast is having a battle of the better Jim Carrey film. Is it the immortal classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Or the underdog Farrely Brothers funny film, Me Myself and Irene? We bring in special guests Mary Pacheco and Kimberly Sewell to help even out the score!  Links in Comments! 

1hr 45mins

8 May 2021

Rank #1

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The Watch Men Oscar Predictions

It's that time of year where we gather the family around the television and argue about senseless topics like: "How did Dances with Wolves beat Goodfellas for Best Picture?" and "Leo still deserved a nomination for Romeo and Juliet".  Yes, it's Oscar Season and we came through with a Special Episode with our Unqualified Opinions! Links in Comments! 

1hr 16mins

22 Apr 2021

Rank #2

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The Watch Men: Gladiator vs Crouching Tiger

It's been  too long.. No more Zoom, or Skype, as The Watch Men Podcast becomes fully vaccinated.  Just three friends in a room talking smoke about their favorite movies.  With Gladiator, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon being two of our favorites.  It may possibly be the most evenly matched pairing that we've put together.  But somehow we still find a way to give one the slightest of edges. Links in Comments!

1hr 22mins

30 Mar 2021

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The Watch Men Podcast: The Perfect Storm vs Cast Away

Pressing on during this time of Skype podcasting, we bring in one of the local comics of the 719 to The Watch Men Podcast. Please give a warm welcome to Andrew Ingram, as he brings his movie prowess to the forefront in a our battle of Salty Dogs. It's Cast away vs The Perfect in this weeks quest of finding the Best Film of 2000. Tom Hanks delivers a top tier performance, while George Clooney and the city of Gloucester, struggle to keep up with the acting chops of a Volleyball.  Links in comments!

1hr 43mins

23 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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The Watch Men Podcast: American Psycho vs Shadow of the Vampire

Our NCAA style matchup is a true No.1 vs No.15 American Psycho (a favorite to win it all), is taking on the much lesser know, but equally as entertaining Shadow of the Vampire.  The former combines all the aspects of what makes a masterpiece, with the latter showing us how to do it on pure talent and grit. We also happen to bring back one of our absolute favorites, Gary Kollman! The man is prepared as always, and doesn't fail to deliver! Links in Comments! 

1hr 50mins

15 Mar 2021

Rank #5

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The Watch Men Podcast: Erin Brockovich vs Meet The Parents

On it's face, our Wild Card round seems like a relatively odd match up. Meet the Parents, one of the great comedies of the year, versus one of the dramatic performances for the ages, Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts would deliver a defining role of the decade, and was rewarded with and Oscar. Ben Stiller would start to cement his legacy in film with Meet the Parents, and was given a sequel.  Oh, and to warn everyone, we weren't able to record for about a month due to injury, so we're just a bunch of gabby chickens going off on  a million tangents! Links in Comments!  

1hr 37mins

5 Mar 2021

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The Watch Men Podcast: Almost Famous vs High Fidelity

Do you like music? Do you like movies? Do you think your opinion of both are better than everyone else around you? Then are you going to love this match up. Today's feature brings together film and music snobbery, to a holier than thou nexus, as we match  Almost Famous vs High Fidelity.  We bring back the Podcast Superstar, Kristin Skye Hoffmann to bring the brains and the brawn to the conversation, and prepare us for an unsuspecting twist! Links in Comments! Intro by Grant Sabin

2hr 8mins

26 Feb 2021

Rank #7

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The Watch Men Podcast: Requiem vs Memento

And We're Back! After a several week hiatus (thanks pinched sciatic nerve), we return with a matchup for the proverbially damaged cinema viewer! We square off the Sophomore films of Christopher Nolan and Darren Aronofsky; Memento vs. Requiem for a Dream. Each film is beyond what is regular Hollywood, and each takes it to whole new levels of WTF. Links in Comments!!! 

1hr 15mins

18 Feb 2021

Rank #8

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The Watch Men Podcast: Snatch vs Sexy Beast

And Welcome Back!  Today's matchup features one of this year's favorites, Snatch, taking on a Very Dark Horse in Sexy Beast. Not only do both films feature absolutely fabulous villains, screenplays, and storytelling. They both feature two of the finest performances in Ben Kingsley's untraditional performance, and Brad Pitt's Fighter.  Which one prevails? Links in Comments! 

1hr 10mins

30 Jan 2021

Rank #9

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The Watch Men Podcast: Finding Forrester vs RTT

Well. There was plenty of bickering to go around on this weeks episode of The Watch Men Podcast. I THOUGHT having Jonny on as a guest host this week would improve the chances of one of this weeks films to move onto the winners bracket....but I was WRONG. It's not like Finding Forrester vs Remember The Titans should be a close match up.. Right?  Links in Comments! Intro by Grant Sabin

1hr 18mins

21 Jan 2021

Rank #10