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When Everything is Missions

Inspired by the book When Everything is Missions and hosted by Matthew Ellison from 1615 Church Missions Coaching and Denny Spitters from Pioneers USA.

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"Great Confusion About the Great Commission"

Howard Hendricks once wisely observed- “When there is a mist in the pulpit, there is a fog in the pew.” How true. Astonishingly, there is confusion in church leadership about the Great Commission, that’s why we should not be surprised that the general western church body is both largely ignorant and apathetic about the priority of fulfilling this command of Jesus. Matthew and Denny warn today that the church is losing the vision for the Great Commission. The statistics concerning this critical command from Jesus are startling and MUST be addressed now. That’s why this episode of When Everything is Missions is critical for you to pay attention to.The gloves are off on this one folks, as Matthew Ellison and Denny Spitters peel back the layers of the state of world missions at this time in history.


6 Sep 2019

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"The 5 Commissioning Statements of Jesus"

What are the marching orders for for the modern church? Nothing new here. The church today has exactly the same mission as the church of Peter, Paul Augustine etc.Go. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Could it be that too often, the message of the church is come here and sit down.


4 Oct 2019

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COVID-19 and the Great Commission

Matthew Ellison and Denny Spitters talk COVID-19 with JD Payne.


8 May 2020

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"When Demons Talk About Missions"

A conversation between two demons with the insights, observations and strategy concerning world missions. What if calling everyone a missionary is a satanically influenced idea? Is it possible that Satan is using one of our own terms against us?


1 Aug 2019

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"The Great Commission Confusion"

There is a lot of confusion about missions and a very strong confusion about the Great Commission and why it was given... what are the consequences inside and outside of the church?


15 Feb 2018

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"Words Change Everything"

When it comes to exporting the gospel, what kind of church will we be? Ingrown like early Jerusalem or outgoing like evangelistic Antioch?


6 Dec 2019

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"Stop Calling Everyone a Missionary"

Joined by Jeff Lewis the guys will discuss whether everyone really is a missionary.


7 Feb 2020

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"What is the Great Commission?"

3 billion people on the planet who do not know Christ! Wow. Let that sink in. Today we'll talk about the Great Commission.


1 Nov 2019

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What is A Missionary?

Today we answer the question, "What is a Missionary?"


6 Mar 2020

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"Reformission: Churches that Changed Their Mind About Missions"

The medieval church discovered the gospel did not need to be redefined, it needed to be rediscovered... in the same way, our idea of missions need not be redefined, it merely needs to be rediscovered. Perhaps it's time for a reformission.


5 Jul 2019

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