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Nick Kemp from Ikigai Tribe reveals what ikigai truly means to the Japanese and how you can find it to make your life worth living. Discover how you can find meaning, purpose, and joy in your day to day living, with this podcast. From interviews with professors, authors and experts to case studies of people living their ikigai, you'll learn about the power of rituals, why having a daily morning routine is vital, how to find your confidence, how to improve your relationships, and why you should start a meaningful online business. Hit the subscribe button, and get ready to find your ikigai.

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003: What Ikigai Means To The Japanese

In episode 3 of The Ikigai Podcast, you'll discover what ikigai means to the Japanese. I interview sustainable life coach and author, Sachiaki Takamiya. Sachiaki has published three books in English on the topic of ikigai - Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, Ikigai Business, and The Ikigai Diet. We discuss in detail, the Ikigai Venn Diagram framework, what ikigai means to the Japanese, and the Japanese Omni philosophy of "San-Po-Yoshi".


5 Dec 2019

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004: Finding Ikigai in Leisure with Professor Shintaro Kono

In episode 4 of the Ikiagi Podcast, I interview Assistant Professor Shintaro Kono who has a Ph.D. in Sport and Recreation. We discuss his research, which revolves around the relationship between leisure engagement and ikigai. In this episode, we talk about "keiken" - valued experiences, which include enjoyment, effort, stimulation, and comfort. Also, Professor Kono offers advice on how you can find ikigai in leisure activities. 


16 Dec 2019

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010 - The Way of Tea With Tea Master Randy Channell Soei

In this episode of Ikigai Podcast, I speak with Candian Tea Master, Randy Channell Soei. Soei Sensei, a longterm resident of Kyoto is one of a handful of foreigners licensed to teach all aspects of "Tea Ceremony".In this episode, we talk about "The Way of Tea" and Japanese philosophical ideas related to Tea Ceremony including Wakei-Sejyaku, Bunburyodo, Zanshin and Mushin. 

1hr 2mins

27 Apr 2020

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009: Gregg Krech on Japanese Psychology in Times of Uncertainty

In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast podcast, I speak with author, poet, and one of the leading authorities on Japanese Psychology, Gregg Krech.Gregg Krech is the author of several books including the award-winning book Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and The Japanese Art of Self Reflection, The Art of Taking Action - Lesson From Japanese Psychology and Tunneling for Sunlight: Twenty-One Maxims of Living Wisdom from Buddhism and Japanese Psychology to Cope with Difficult Times.Along with his wife Linda, Gregg is the founder of The ToDoInstitute.org, a non-profit centre in Vermont that uses Japanese Psychology as an alternative to traditional Western approaches to psychology. These methods include Naikan Therapy, Morita Therapy and Kaizen.Gregg's work supports a blend of the psychological, the spiritual and the practical based on values such as purpose, gratitude, mindfulness, compassion and constructive action. Over the past 30 years, Gregg has introduced Japanese Psychology to more than 10,000 people through his workshops and online courses.

1hr 6mins

1 Apr 2020

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008: Paul Akers On Banishing Sloppiness By Falling in Love With Japanese Precision

In this episode of The Ikigai Podcast, I interview Paul Akers about his latest book, Banish Sloppiness. Paul Akers is the founder and president of FastCap, a product development company specializing in woodworking tools and hardware for the professional builder. Paul is an energetic speaker whose core passion is helping people discover their full potential and showing others how to implement Lean in their business and personal life.   As you would expect, Paul is also passionate about Japan and teaches people the philosophy of Japan through his Japan study missions. Paul and I had a great conversation about how lean manufacturing, precision, and Japanese culture changed his life.


12 Feb 2020

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007: The Andres Zuzunaga Venn Diagram of Purpose

In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, I interview author and astrologist, Andres Zuzunaga, Andres is the original creator of the Venn diagram of purpose. In 2014, his Venn diagram was merged with the Japanese concept of ikigai by Marc Winn, who simply replaced the word at the center of the Venn diagram, "purpose" with "ikigai'.A few years later the Venn diagram went viral, and now millions of people believe the Venn diagram represents the Japanese concept of ikigai.In our discussion, Andres explains how his Venn diagram was inspired by astrology, and he shares his thoughts about how it has been misinterpreted and misunderstood as a Japanese concept. 


29 Jan 2020

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006: Rock Star Neuroscientist, Ken Mogi's 5 Pillars of Ikigai

In this episode of The Ikigai Podcast I interview neuroscientist and best selling author Ken Mogi. Ken Mogi is a very down to the earth life-loving neuroscientist, researcher, university lecturer, author, broadcaster and media commentator.  Ken was very generous with his time, and we discussed the 5 Pillars of Ikiagi from his book, The Little Book of Ikigai. The 5 pillars are: starting small, releasing yourself, harmony and sustainability, the joy of little things and being in the here and now.It was an absolute joy to interview Ken and learn more about Ikigai. 


20 Jan 2020

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005: Marc Winn On Merging Ikigai With The Venn Diagram of Purpose

In this episode of the Ikiagi podcast, I speak with Marc Winn, creator of the Ikigai diagram. In 2014, Marc wrote a blog post that merged two concepts, the Venn Diagram of Purpose and his understanding of the Japanese concept of Ikigai to create a meme that would eventually go viral to impact thousands of lives.  Marc and I discuss how his blog post came about and his personal ikigai, making Gurnsey the best place to live in the world. 


28 Dec 2019

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002: What Makes Life Worth Living with Gordon Mathews

In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, I speak with Gordon Mathews, who is an author of nine books, and the Professor of Anthropology of the University of Hong Kong. We discuss ikigai and the subject of his first book, "What Makes Life Worth Living? How Japanese and Americans Make Sense of the Worlds." When I recorded the interview with Gordon, his university had been under siege for four days with the protesting in Hong Kong. So I was very grateful for the time he gave me. And we hit it off really well and had a very enjoyable conversation on the subject of his book, What makes life worth living? I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast episode as much as I enjoyed speaking with Gordon.

1hr 11mins

27 Nov 2019

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001: Ikigai According to Professor Akihiro Hasegawa

In this episode, I interview Professor Akihiro Hasegawa of Toyo Eiwa University. Hasegawa Sensei is one of Japan's leading researchers and experts on ikigai. We discuss the meaning and origin of the word "ikigai", his research, the Mother of Ikigai Psychology, Mieko Kamiya, and more.A full transcription of the interview can be found on the blogpost Ikigai According to Professor Akihiro Hasegawa.


20 Nov 2019

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