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This is a series that documents various aspects of cafe culture.

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Makin' biscotti with Gilda

starbarista catches up with Gilda Doganiero of Gilda's Biscotti. She has been dedicated to the art of baking traditional biscotti for the last 13 years since leaving her job as a pastry chef at Philadelphia's Four Seasons Hotel. In this podcast Gilda tells us about the origins of this noble Italian cookie as well as the story of how she started her company. (In the photo to the left Gilda is holding a tray of her lemon fig biscotti.) I would love to hear what you think of this podcast - so please leave your comments below.Click here to download this podcast.

11 Dec 2008

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The World of the Paris Cafe

In this episode we go beyond coffee to explore a bit of the history of the venue in which this drink is served: the cafe. Starbarista recently caught up with author Scott Haine, an expert on Parisian cafe society. We spoke about the prominent role cafes and their owners played in the lives of 19th century workers, and how coffee was often more about alcohol than caffeine. We also touched on the cafe's place in Nazi-occupied Paris during the Second World War. This podcast is a bit longer than the previous ones (17 mins), so you might want to download it onto your iPod for easier listening.Please feel free to leave your comments below. I would love to get some feedback on what I am doing so I can make these things as good as they can be.Click here to download this podcast.

15 Nov 2008

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Jenni Bryant from Gimme! Coffee

Starbarista recently caught up with Gimme! Coffee's Jenni Bryant at their recently-opened espresso bar in NYC's NoLiTa neighbourhood. Gimme! started up in 2000 with a single espresso bar in Ithaca, upstate New York. They now have four shops in the Ithaca area as well as a roastery. In 2003 Gimme! made their first foray into NYC when they opened a location in Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg neighbourhood. In this podcast, Jenni talks about coffee and how it brings people together.Click here to download this podcast.

15 Sep 2008

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Barista Profile: Doug Wolfe of La Colombe

Starbarista recently caught up with Doug Wolfe, a prominent barista who works at the La Colombe cafe in New York City's Tribeca, a place where you might see a Hollywood star rubbing shoulders with Senagalese street vendors. This podcast also features the voice of Todd Carmichael, who founded La Colombe along with his business partner Jean-Philippe Iberti in 1993 in Philadelphia.Click here to download this podcast.

13 Sep 2008

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Gwilym: It's All About The Coffee.

Welcome to the first episode of the starbarista podcasts. This time around we hear from Gwilym, a veteran barista with loads of experience under his belt. Having first worked in the burgeoning coffee scene in New Zealand ten years ago, he can now be found pulling espressos using Square Mile coffee at two popular London markets. starbarista recently caught up with him on Whitecross Market where his cart is open for business Monday to Friday. He is also at the Columbia Road Flower Market every Sunday. (Note: At the time of recording Gwilym was using beans from a different London roastery.)Click here to download this podcast.

14 Apr 2008

Rank #5