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Hey there and welcome to the Dumb Leaders Podcast. This podcast is an important part of the Dumb Leaders Handbooks now open at dumbleaders.com The handbook is dedicated to helping make you a better leader by dissecting the mistakes of the dumb, its our version of your leadership MBA, its our acknowledgement that every leader has at one stage been a dumb leader, every leader has made dumb mistakes… good leaders learn from them and its your chance to learn from them.Our leaders and experts that will feature on the podcast readily admit their dumb mistakes and indeed many of the stories that will appear at dumbleaders.com will be personal stories, stories with a lesson and a lesson we are willing to share.Our podcast will feature our resident experts and leaders involved, we will share some of the stories, we will have a focus on latest news and dumb leaders in the media and general and generally provide you some insights into the concerns and strategies to help you be a better leader. It’s a journey ey we are on, and it’s a journey we would love you to share with us.

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#1-23 The Dumb Leaders Podcast - The Fallout and Leaders Who Don't Admit Mistake

Episode 1-23 of the Dumb Leaders PodcastIn our last podcast #22, one of the more important podcasts on leadership here in Australia and has been our most listened to podcast yet…. It also was the podcast that drew the most venom from people as well. We had people saying we weren’t tough  enough on the players, and then we had others who stated that we were too tough.Which bring us to this weeks Dumb Leader. The Leader that doesn’t own or admit their mistakes.Have you seen this type of leader. Openly and brazenly, never admitting fault and never owning their errors, never accepting accountability never stepping forward.The Dumb Leaders Handbook is A Better Leadership Program. Learn the lessons from Lousy Leaders.The DUMB LEADERS HANDBOOK – NOW OPENShare Your Dumb Leader Story Here.The library of leadership mistakes for you to learn from


5 Apr 2018

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