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Lars Delfstein - a House for everyone (Vocal, Deep, Soulful, Funky, Disco and more)

Mixing up old classics with new cuts, disco with funky, soulful and mainroom dance floor. This podcast brings you a summary of the radio shows and club sets that Lars Delfstein is playing around the world. From London to Miami, from Ibiza to Tokyo, Vancouver to Sydney, Lars will put a bounce in your feet and a smile on your face.Enjoy the show

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Heavenly House - The Soundtrack of your Summer. Continuous mix of Summer, Vocal, Dance & House

Celebrating 40,000 episode downloads, we bring you this AWESOME mix of sunshine tunes, mixed by our very own Lars Delfstein live from Santiago, Chile.  This could be the soundtrack to your summer so get your shades on, kick back with a long drink and look at the smiling faces all around, for this is Lars and this is HEAVENLY HOUSE.... Love Team Lars xxx

1hr 3mins

22 Jul 2014

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Lazy Summer Lars - A perfect summer blend of Funk Jazz & Soul for the Lazy Days of Summer

Summer is around the corner in the Norther Hemisphere now and I've been listening to lots of this, so I wanted to share it with you guys, just like I did last weekend in the beautiful French Alps..... Perfect Lazy Sunny Afternoon tracks with my pleasure Lots of love Lars -x-

1hr 19mins

13 Apr 2015

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Winston says 'Chill' - Chill Out sessions house music, continuous mix by our man Lars Delfstein

Lars brought some chill out tracks to the table this week and it's got us relaxed to enjoy our Sunday....our friend Winston says 'Chill'


21 Jun 2014

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Love Lounge - Remixed - Deep, Vocal, EDM, Funky Classy Lounge beats (Continuous mix by Lars Delfstein)

Hello Delfsteiners.  Here's the remix of Love Lounge.   It's a beautiful mix of some great tracks that you'll love and will get you ready for your Saturday night.  I hope you enjoy. Back in the chair for a little while so there WILL be a few podcasts over the next month.....stay tuned! Love from LARS x PS : I apologise for the confusion of the last release, but I had poor connections from the clubs in Muscat and there were some technical problems with the download.

1hr 9mins

7 Nov 2014

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Delfstein Beach - beach house serenity to listen while lazing in the glorious Sunshine

Young Lars has been chilling down by the soft sandy beach and listening to the cool sweet sounds of the sunshine....  He was so inspired that this is the set he spun afterwards!  Pour yourself a mojito, put on your shades and let the sunshine flood your ears !

1hr 2mins

31 Jul 2014

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Delicious Degrees in Dubai

Back home in Stockholm after an epic trip to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE and this is a little sample from the last Dubai set in one of the best clubs in Dubai..... Delfsteiners, the temperatures in Dubai are awesome, the people delicious, and the music is your destiny..... Press play for the delicious degrees in Dubai Love you guys. x


8 May 2015

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LOVE (reprise) - Love Lounge, part 2 - mixed by Lars Delfstein - Vocal, Happy, Lounge, Deep House sessions

Part Two of the Love Lounge sessions for you all.   Don't forget we're also now on Soundcloud, (https://soundcloud.com/user667740375/lars-love-lounge-mixed-by-lars-delfstein)  Enjoy everything Delfsteiners.  You made it happen, thank you. x Love Lars x

1hr 13mins

9 Nov 2014

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Delfstein Beach - The Encore

The Swedes know a thing or two abo the cold, and what better way to escape from i than a little bit of warmth from Lars Delfstein's latest episode....get involved...

1hr 4mins

15 Feb 2014

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Disco Delfstein on FunkySX - 26Jan2021 - Old Disco, New Disco, Funky Disco

It's all disco, whether it be old, new, funky or fresh. Get your dancing shoes on and turn up the volume on this one.... the disco vibes are back. Recorded live from the studios of FunkySX. Listen in next time on 103.7fm, www.funkysx.com or www.tunein.com 

1hr 26mins

28 Jan 2021

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Disco Delfstein - Lockdown Funky Disco House Mix

Funky Disco House mix for your Saturday night in Lockdown.... Remember what Saturday nights used to feel like.

2hr 1min

18 Apr 2020

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MINISTRY SHOWCASE - Live set recorded at The Loft @ Ministry of Sound

Played out at Ministry of Sound on 17th Jan, 2020.  Great crowd, great fun, great night.   Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did playing it.

1hr 1min

24 Jan 2020

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all play and no work - continuous mixtape by Lars Delfstein - club, vocal & classic house

"...imagine a world where we didn't have to work to be able to afford to go out on a weekend and play...." Enjoy this Main Room mixtape recorded live by Lars Delfstein 1 Home (Sebb Junior extended remix) Rogerio Lopez, Tim Porta & Julie Mcknight   2 Yeke Yeke (Afro Acid mix) Mory Kante   3 Deep Inside (Mr V Sole Channel remix) Hardrive   4 Put a Record on Matt Sassari   5 Sounds Better (DJ PP remix) Ilary Montanari & DJ PP   6 To be in Love (Acappella) Masters at Work ft India   7 Do It Right Stephen Nicholls   8 Get Down Ferdinand Weber   9 Know That I Love You (extended mix) Beth Yen   10 Let Me Love You (extended Club mix) Weiss (UK)   11 Rockin' & Poppin' (original mix) Moon Rocket, Laumii   12 Funky Sound (original mix) Laurent Simeca   13 Know How Young MC   14 Peace (midnight express classic gold mix) Sabrina Johnson   15 Dance & Shout (original mix) Crazibiza   16 Soul Heaven (Acappella) The Goodfellas   17 Riding High (extended mix) Milk, Sugar, Andrey Exx   18 Another Star (Roger's ultimate anthem mix) Kathy Sledge

1hr 3mins

27 Oct 2019

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Warming up...for the night ahead - mixtape by Lars Delfstein

mixtape to take you from the daytime and warm you up for the night ahead. Recorded based on a set played in Portugal last week...hope you like it.


11 Jul 2019

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Bikini Beats - an hour long mixtape podcast of vocal, happy, funky, classic and pool party vibes, mixed by Lars Delfstein

Bikini Beats.  An hour long mixtape podcast of vocal, happy, funky, classic and pool party vibes, mixed by Lars Delfstein

1hr 9mins

18 Jun 2019

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Hello Summer - Pool Vibes mixed by Lars Delfstein

Hello Summer - Cool, fresh and funky vibes mixed by Lars Delfstein to bring sunshine to your ears and smiles to your faces

1hr 8mins

11 Jun 2019

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