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Learn the Bible in a Year

What’s the Bible all about? Now you can learn — and understand — your Bible from Genesis to Revelation through these concise, easy to understand lessons from Learn the Bible in a Year. Brought to you by Bibles For The World, one of the leading providers of Bibles to people across the globe, Learn the Bible in a Year is designed to help you not just read through the Bible in a year, but to LEARN what God’s Word is all about. The full series of 365 lessons is available at http://biblesfortheworld.org/book, and supports spreading the Gospel to unreached peoples around the world.

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Why "Learn the Bible in a Year?"

Dr. Shane Houle is the author of the book Learn the Bible in a Year, from which the individual episodes in this podcast are derived.  A pastor, Bible teacher and author, Shane provides answers to questions about the challenges of understanding his favorite book, the Holy Bible.  


19 Jun 2018

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