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Welcome to the Downton Abbey Auxiliary Viewing Society. Funny, feminist commentary on Downton Abbey, Gilded Age, and media by and about women.

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[82] Life After Downton - We'll Always Have TV

[Life After Downton, Episode 7] - The damsels close out a rocky year in real life by recalling the many 2016 TV moments that made us feel so many emotions in a safe space: joy, rage, hope, despair, and general appreciation of female badassery. As we each count down our favorite five moments of the year as well as a few disappointments, we also consider: which shows ended strong? What returning shows do we most anticipate for 2017? And which female characters are inspiring us in these dark times? Pop some early New Year's champagne and join us to process The Year That Was on the latest episode of Downton Gabby!


23 Dec 2016

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[28] Downton Off-Season: Love Will Save the Day, Right?

Downton Off-Season: There's no grander romance than three damsels analyzing TV, especially when it come to the last two meaty episodes of GIRLS. After stomaching the sugary sweet romantic ending, we get to some rowdy discussion.


22 Mar 2013

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[48] Downton Abbey S05 E01 - Smutty Deliberations

[Season 5 Premiere] - We're back for another season at Downton Abbey! It's 1924 and Edith's secret love child she not-so-secretly visits is hidden away with the pigs. How long can her story stay hidden? Sex is in the air, as Tony Gillingham approaches Mary with an indecent proposal, and a pushy visitor wants Jimmy in her bed. Even Isobel might be feeling the pull, as her flirtation with Lord Merton hits a Lady Shackleton-shaped speed bump. Will the future hold more than just dinners-for-one on a tray? Meanwhile, Rose has her matchmaker hat on for Tom, Molesley's offering a shoulder (and a fine Latin head of hair) to Baxter, and Daisy's ready to turn her brain of a kipper into the brain of a winner. You're gonna make it after all, girl! Run upstairs to take off your hat and then join us to find out!


8 Jan 2015

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[27] Downton Off-Season: Connie Britton is My Spirit Animal

Downton Off-Season 1: Pour yourself a glass of something strong and join us for our inaugural Damsels in Discussion podcast. We begin by discussing what TV shows we are obsessed with/hate watching/confessing that we actually watch and are tweeting to no one about, because no one else in the world watches something as lame as us. Curious, aren’t you?


8 Mar 2013

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[45] Downton Abbey S04 E06 - Green, Eggs, and Ham

[S04, E06] - Telegrams never bring good news to Downton, and this week one sends Robert dashing off to America to rescue Cora's brother, with Thomas in tow. The damsels are hoping to at least see some of those strutting ship stewards Mary mentioned -- could this finally be Thomas's chance to get some action? Up in London, Edith struggles with how to handle her pregnancy. We're glad Aunt Rosamund is on #TeamEdith, but will the rest of the family handle the news so well?


12 Feb 2014

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[44] Downton Abbey S04 E05 - Unexpected Visitors

[S04, E05] - The damsels truly enjoyed the last episode, full of various guests no one saw coming, and gave it a prestigious 8.5 on the sparkly headband scale! Not only did we get to enjoy a rockin' party with a live jazz band, but we also got to see stolen kisses in the hallway, a Dowager/Isobel showdown, and the creepiest face by Cora in DA history! Also, BITCHY MARY IS BACK! Poor Evelyn, doesn't he ever learn to not bring friends who are cuter than him? He's stuck in the friendzone, AGAIN. However, it's not all glitzy parties and sly flirting, poor Edith is in a family way with the father MIA. As core members of #TeamEdith, we hope that all ends well, but we fear for the worst. Thanks to some new developments, we've also figured out another way that Molesely could be heir to Downton! So, pour a glass of champs, put on your sparkly tiara and listen to this hilarious episode of Downton Gabby!


4 Feb 2014

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[49] Downton Abbey S05 E02 - Lady Boners

[S05E02] - Once we got over the Mary's lame cover story (c'mon, sketching is obviously code for boning down), we dived into this scrumptious episode: Anna's involvement in the great diaphragm caper of 1924, Edith's baby snatching Lifetime movie, Queen Bee Dowager of Yorkshire, and #ABoyfriendforBarrow. Don't worry, we take time to discuss each lady boner in great detail as each new romance blooms in the countryside. So, pour glass of bubbly, sit in your ex-wife's favorite room, and enjoy this rowdy podcast! Oh, but please don't flirt with my dog, thanks.


15 Jan 2015

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[47] Downton Abbey S04 E08 - Pretty In Pink

[Season 4 Finale] - It's time to bid adieu to another season of Downton Abbey, but at least we get to do it with a metric tonne of diamonds, sparkles, and feathers! Rose is officially being presented, and we expect her to have some top-notch Prince-of-Wales-adjacent shenanigans next season. Downstairs, it's a whirlwind of work to do, but there's still time for a flirtation for Daisy, a revelation about Bates, and a delightful trip to the seaside for all. Ask your new English cook to hurry up with that fish pudding, and join us for a grand finale on Downton Gabby.


26 Feb 2014

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[46] Downton Abbey S04 E07 - Circle The Wagons

When a Grantham lady is in trouble, you know that Granny is going to circle the wagons to protect her. Whether is be a dead Turk in your bed or an illegitimate baby in your belly. And sorry Edith, just because a farmer likes pigs doesn't mean he wants your baby. We have another thrilling episode of Cora walking around with papers in her hand fretting: F@$%! THE ICE MAN! Also, Molesley and Baxter. And YES, we have a new fan fiction of Thomas' steamy love boat adventure! So turn off our French lessons and pour a glass of champagne for this delightful (and yes, a bit naughty) podcast!


19 Feb 2014

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[85] Life After Downton - Fairy Tales and Hairy Males

[Life After Downton, Episode 10] - On this month's episode, the damsels discuss the smash hit film Beauty and the Beast, along with the phenomenon of Disney "princesses," and what messages this film genre sends to young kids about their expected (hetero) futures. It's not that we don't like our plucky heroines, emotional musical set pieces, and swoon-worthy declarations of love...but how should the genre evolve as new adaptations keep coming, and reaching such massive levels of success?We also share many thoughts on drinking etiquette in theaters, inspirational '80s cartoons, and a Greek myth or two, then check in with developments on The Crown season two to remind everyone how to tell a story about a queen that does her justice. Crack open a bottle of vodka, mix it with *anything* but Gatorade, and join us for another lively episode of Downton Gabby!


22 Mar 2017

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[29] Downton Off-Season: Babes In Armor

[Downton Off-Season] - What are our words? Season 3 is coming! The Damsels are dishing about Game of Thrones’ first two seasons of waring and wenching, and we can’t wait for what’s next for all of our favorite characters. Mostly, we marvel at the general bad-assery of our favorite Khaleesi and even throw some admiration Sansa’s way, and fervently pray that she gets to put a sword through Geoffrey’s heart.


27 Mar 2013

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[30] Downton Off-Season: More Butts!!!

[Downton Off-Season] - Since winter is coming (which is too cold for tits to be out), the damsels are on a campaign more male nudity on Game of Thrones. At 16:30, we switch gears and dish about the latest episode of Nashville. Deacon + puppy = lady porn, Gunnar turned into Douche 2.0, and Avery seems to have time travelled to 1992 where digital copies don’t exist.


4 Apr 2013

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[84] Life After Downton - Oscars: Re-Writing History

[Life After Downton, Episode 9] - The damsels are getting ready for the Oscars by going through the Best Picture winners of years past and helping the Academy make better choices. There are so many phenomenal movies directed by women, written by women, and about women that deserved to win that coveted award. Throw on an evening gown, pop some champagne, and let's re-write history together!


19 Feb 2017

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[31] Downton Off-Season: Lend Me Your Ears

[Downton Off-Season] - The long-awaited return of Mad Men: Don is having an affair with Lindsay Weir! Meghan is an actual soap star! Peggy is killing it at her new job! She and Stan are besties! Ted Choaugahugh is kind cute in a tux! And everyone is getting high! What's with all the new Man-Hair? What's behind Betty's rapey pillow talk? And most importantly, who's that girl with the violin? At 21:10 we move on to Game of Thrones and Meera's impressive arsenal.


11 Apr 2013

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[26] Downton Abbey S03 E07 - My Heart Won't Go On

S03 E07: With heavy hearts and full glasses, the damsels discuss the tragic ending to a fabulous season.


20 Feb 2013

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[96] Life After Downton - Crazy Fun Ensembles

[Life After Downton, Episode 21] - The damsels slip on their emerald rings and gold jumpsuits to discuss the hit film Crazy Rich Asians. Avid fans of the books, they compare what works and what's missing in the film version - but overall gush about the beautiful men in the film. Then the damsels discuss their favorite ensemble films from the last 80 years (just a short span of time!).  Pop open the bubbly, put on your disco Cleopatra dress, and let's gossip about all of the family members!


9 Sep 2018

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[95] Life After Downton - Return To Downton!

[Life After Downton, Episode 20] - It's official! The Downton Abbey movie goes into production this September and the Damsels couldn't be more excited. We also have some THOUGHTS. We're throwing out our wildest predictions and fondest hopes, and tossing our own script suggestions Julian's way (it's never too late to reveal Edith is really Rosumund's daughter !) Then, we talk about some exciting upcoming women-centric shows featuring some of our favorite actors and creators. Get that tiara out of the family vault and ask the footman to uncork some champagne because we're talking Downton Abbey Movie!


12 Aug 2018

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[94] Life After Downton - Plum Tired

[Life After Downton, Episode 19] - Let's just admit: it's rough out there in the real world these days. On this episode, the damsels discuss how the current political climate is affecting what we want from pop culture. Sure, season two of The Handmaid's Tale is just as well made as the first, but is the bleak storytelling doing us any good as viewers? And on the new show Dietland, are the feminist messages getting lost in the noise? What kinds of stories about women do we as TV fans hope to see on our screens as the production cycle catches up to the news cycle (if such a thing is even possible)?In the end, a lively round of One Fabulous Thing reminds us how much art is out there to love and draw inspiration from. So pour yourself a secret glass of the Commander's whiskey and join us for a new episode of Downton Gabby!One Fabulous Thing:Pose TV Series on the FX NetworkHannah Gadsby Special on NetflixBinge Mode Podcast: Harry Potter


3 Jul 2018

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[93] Life After Downton - Killer Ambition

[Life After Downton, Episode 18] - The damsels delve in the brilliant, twisted world of the new show Killing Eve, check back in on the new season of Westworld, and have some thoughts to share on the latest season of Call the Midwife. Some of these shows we loved, some them of them we hated, and some we disagree on–just to keep it interesting!So put on your lipstick, pour a shot of whiskey (or just drink those warm dregs of last night's martini), and enjoy the latest Downton Gabby podcast!One Fabulous Things:Ship It by Britta LundinCrazy Rich Asians by Kevin KwanKanopy.com film streaming, and How To Lose Your Virginity on Kanopy


20 May 2018

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[92] Life After Downton - Liz & Midge

[Life After Downton, Episode 17] - In our first episode of 2018, the damsels are so pleased to be back and, as always, are ready to share some opinions! We have shows to look back on and shows to look forward to–but first, one exciting Downton Abbey-related adventure to share.In our main topic, we discuss two series that hit streaming at the end of 2017: The Crown Season Two and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season One. Period pieces about proper brunette ladies in the late 1950s...that couldn't be more different from one another. On The Crown, there's plenty to love but also plenty we wish we'd seen more of before we have to say goodbye to this first iteration of the cast of characters (Claire Foy, you'll always be our queen)! Then we skip across the pond to the world of Amy Sherman-Palladino, and you might be shocked which damsel felt right at home and which couldn't wait to escape. Finally, we wrap up with another installment of One Fabulous Thing. Down a couple quick shots of sherry and join us for another episode of Downton Gabby!


11 Feb 2018

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