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Free twice-monthly video podcast for science teachers from PASCO scientific.We cover tips and tricks for using PASCO probeware, experiments, and equipment in your science classroom.

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Closing Down PASCOcast

We'll be closing down the PASCOcast podcast feed in 2020. We hope you'll continue to catch our videos either on our main YouTube channel or at the PASCO Video Library. Thanks.

19 Dec 2019

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Wireless Sensors and SPARKvue 4 | Get Started

Easily connect PASCO's Wireless Sensors to SPARKvue 4 software for quick and affordable data collection and analysis in the science classroom.


19 Dec 2019

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Wireless Heart Rate Sensors Overview

Learn about the two wireless heart rate sensor configurations and how to connect them for data collection.


8 May 2018

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Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor Overview

PASCO's Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor can measure the transmittance and absorbance of colored solutions and determine the turbidity of water samples.


23 Mar 2018

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Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Overview

PASCO's Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS provides 17 measurements for tracking environmental conditions. Learn about these measurements from the built-in weather, light, compass, and GPS sensing elements and see quick demonstrations of the setups for two applications: mapping measurements and setting up a temporary weather station with the Weather Vane Accessory.


15 Mar 2018

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Modular Circuits Overview

Learn basic circuits with the Modular Circuits system, which eliminates the mess of wires and lets students build working circuits that match their schematic diagram.


14 Dec 2017

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Photosynthesis with the Wireless CO2 Sensor

The Wireless CO2 Sensor allows you to gather evidence of a plant undergoing photosynthesis and respiration within minutes.


6 Dec 2017

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Wireless CO2 Sensor Overview

Introduction to the Wireless CO2 Sensor with a quick demo of how to use it to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in exhaled breath.


17 Nov 2017

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Acid-Base Titration

Learn how to quickly obtain an acid-base titration curve using SPARKvue software with a Wireless pH Sensor, AirLink, and Drop Counter.


7 Nov 2017

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We investigate diffusion using dialysis tubing to model a semipermeable cell membrane and the PASCO Wireless pH Sensor. Download the Diffusion SPARKlab free.


3 Jul 2017

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