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Two ordinary girls with extraordinary tales. From spooky ghost encounters to terrifyingly true conspiracy theories, the Spooky Sisters cover all the scary stuff.

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Lori Vallow's missing children and the unsolved "Suicide" of Jessica Boynton

Rachel and Kaila take another stab (pun intended) at true crime with two unsolved and incredibly interesting cases. Lori Vallow hasn't seen her children in months and she has no idea where they are...or does she? Only time will tell the untold truths as this case unravels. Officer Matthew Boynton's wife tried to commit suicide...or did she? Listen to the details of this curious case and decide for yourself, and then ask the FBI to investigate further by signing this petition.

1hr 2mins

11 Nov 2020

Rank #1

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Creatures of the night

When the sun goes down and all is dark and quiet, they watch you from the shadows and torment you in your sleep. As you dream, they silently tiptoe from the darkest spaces and climb on top of your paralyzed body, inching closer and closer until their decaying breath burns hot on your neck. As their claws rake over your skin, they haunt your dreams and turn them into nightmares, waking you with a terrifying screech..,These are the Creatures of the Night: The Incubus and The Boogeyman.Good luck sleeping...(We do not recommend anyone underage listen to this episode as there is sexual content.)*Please ignore our sidekick, Pipsqueak the hamster, who was getting some intense wheel exercise during Rachel's segment.


4 Nov 2020

Rank #2

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Divination; Psychics, Tarot and Palmistry

In this episode, Rachel and Kaila explore several types of divination. Rachel reveals some psychic predictions that came to fruition, Kaila has her first tarot reading, and together they read their palms and divulge their dirty secrets. What do your palms say about you?


28 Oct 2020

Rank #3

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Cults and Kanye

This week we wanted to dive into the world of cults..but definitely not literally. Yikes, give us more credit than that! The fact that thousands of upstanding, intelligent people can be persuaded to do dark and dirty things because of some lunatic with a god complex is down right terrifying. We found two specific cults that will give you chills and have you banging your head on the wall, wondering how they could have survived for so long. Also, we discuss a certain celebrity that might have some ulterior motives. You be the judge. Enjoy!

1hr 4mins

21 Oct 2020

Rank #4

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Listener Stories Vol 3

What's more terrifying than hearing an especially unnerving scary story? A *TRUE* scary story, of course! Enjoy our third installment of eerie encounters from our amazing Spooky Soulmates! During this episode, you will also learn our newest way to share your stories for future episodes! I'd keep the light on for these if I were you...


14 Oct 2020

Rank #5

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Season 1 Finale

The time has come for our first podcasting season to end! To close out season one, Rachel and Kaila took the time to answer some questions, look back on this past year, and share some bloopers that didn't make the final cut. Thank you so much for listening to two silly housewives and our paranormal ramblings. See you in the New Year, Spooky Fam!

1hr 7mins

7 Oct 2020

Rank #6

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The Mandela Effect and Reincarnation

The Mandela Effect can be a very disturbing phenomenon. What's scarier than strongly believing something that didn't actually happen? It's even more unnerving when a large population of people also remember false facts! Who's right? Where did these untrue memories come from?Also, do you ever get the feeling of dèjá vu so strong that it stops you in your tracks? Have you ever met a stranger and felt an instant connection? We're exploring these concepts in this week's episode!


30 Sep 2020

Rank #7

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Conspiriracy Theories Vol 3

Have you ever wondered if there is truth to the Clinton Body Count hashtag but never found the evidence? Perhaps you thought Jeffrey Epstein was another victim of the Clinton's, but didn't think there was much proof? We investigated both of these and uncovered some crazy and convincing evidence that the mainstream media has tried to bury. Buckle in for our most risky episode yet...hopefully we are still alive after this episode airs. If not, you'll know it wasn't suicide

1hr 16mins

23 Sep 2020

Rank #8

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Unnerving Oddities

Unnerving” is the word that comes to mind after learning about these odd places and cases. Have you ever been somewhere that just felt “off” to you, although you couldn’t explain why? Have you ever come across a story that just doesn’t make logical sense? Rachel and Kaila share some pretty interesting, albeit weird and creepy, true stories in this week’s episode. Enjoy, Spooky Soulmates!


16 Sep 2020

Rank #9

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Scary Stories; an auditory adventure

This episode is unlike any we have done before. Put in your headphones and turn off the lights if you dare. Rachel and Kaila kick off Spooktober's episodes by reading some of the scariest, skin crawling stories to you without laughing or breaking character. And hidden throughout the episode are special sound effects to enhance the storytelling. Can you make it through the episode without jumping? We dare you to try...


9 Sep 2020

Rank #10