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The Virtually Varsity podcast covers all things surrounding the MCLA. In the podcast we we will be discussing polls, rankings, and more. We’ll talk to the players and the coaches that make the league happen. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support

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Episode 5 - Bracketology, I am doing it!

Jordan and Taylor discuss the news about the PNCLL losing their AQ and dive into some bracketology. Who is on the bubble and what do they need to do to snag an At-Large bid? Follow us on Twitter @vvlacrosse--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support


23 Apr 2019

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Episode 4 - Buying or selling?

 We're back. Maybe we never left? Well, we did. But we're back. And we are buying and selling! 1:37 Buying or selling? Liberty a top 2 tournament seed. 9:30 Buying or selling? New Hampshire wins the CLC.  16:20 Buying or selling? Duluth would be a top 20 DI team.  23:55 Buying or selling? The RMLC sends 2 teams to the national tournament. 31:11 Buying or selling? The SLC sends 4 teams to the national tournament. 33:31 Buying or selling? The SELC sends 4 teams to the national tournament.  39:14: Buying or selling? The 1&2 seeds against the field in the tournament. 44:55 Buying or selling? Holding for the last shot.  49:45 Buying or selling? The dive. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support


2 Apr 2019

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Episode 3 - Clear!

It's Episode 3 of the Podcast and Taylor Redd is back to discuss all the happenings in the MCLA this past week. Jordan and Taylor recap some of the most impactful games from the past week and delve into why teams have been struggling clearing the ball this year (and if you are a coach, what to do about it).  Here’s what we cover: 0:44 – The week in review 1:14 – Grand Canyon upsets Concordia 8:15 –Chapman surges in the second half to put away Cal Poly 10:32 - South Carolina beats BYU, BYU beats Arizona 16:00 - Virginia Tech's California swing. 19:58 - Georgia Tech takes down undefeated Buffalo, Colorado State escapes Northeastern in the last second 20:56 - What did we learn from the week?  21:41 - Why are teams struggling so much to clear effectively?  31:04 - Rank 'Em - Cal, GT, Liberty 38:44 - How far does Concordia fall?  41:47 - How far should Michigan State fall?  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support


18 Mar 2019

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Episode 2 - The Wildcat Upset

It's episode 2 of the Virtually Varsity Podcast. Taylor is off this week but will be back (unless we all agree it's just better without him, in which case he is gone).  Here's what we cover: 0:25 - Weekend Recap  2:58 - Interview with Arizona Lacrosse Head Coach Matt Blamey 9:10 - Where do Michigan State and Arizona land in the polls?  11:03 - Should Clemson climb after their Colorado trip?  12:40 - Why the Stanford/Virginia Tech game this week will have a big impact on at-large hopes.  16:40 - Jordan's Top 25 and an apology to Concordia --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support


11 Mar 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 1 - 👋

Welcome to the first Virtually Varsity Podcast!  Get caught up with the latest from the last week of MCLA action.   What's inside: 4:30 - The infamous wave video and if it's a big deal 10:40 - What teams had the best weekend? 17:10 - What teams had the worst weekend? 21:15 - Who was the hardest team to rank this week? 27:55 - MCLA Rankings 1-20, a slew of other teams to consider View the rankings at VirtuallyVarsity.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support


4 Mar 2019

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