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The Cloud Pod is your one-stop-shop for all things Public, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, and private cloud. Cloud providers continue to accelerate with new features, capabilities, and changes to their APIs. Let Justin, Jonathan, Ryan and Peter help navigate you through this changing cloud landscape via our weekly podcast.

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Episode 13 – The Cloud Pod goes all in on AWS, Azure and GCP

Lyft goes all in on AWS and commits big money to AWS in their IPO.  Several new solutions for security from the cloud vendors at RSA this week, and Jeff Barr stops by Reddit to tell us all about cloud formation! Plus the lighting round and cool tools with Jonathan. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod Audible: audibletrial.com/thecloudpod Show Topics: Lyft goes all in on AWS Google Releases csp config management for k8 GCP introduces new KMS client libraries Instantly restore your machines with Azure Backup SuperMicro hardware weakness lets researches backdoor into an ibm cloud server RightScale state of the cloud reports indicates Azure gaining on AWS https://twitter.com/QuinnyPig/status/1100893328348831745 Maria DB ceo accuses hyperscalers of strip mining open source Azure announces preview of sentinel security Azure GA of Lab Services Jeff Barr stops by Reddit to drop a quick cloudformation update Original Thread Azure Security Center new Capabilities

9 Mar 2019

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Episode 9: Redhat Drops support for the cloud pod

Episode 9 Its earnings season and we take a look at both AWS and Googles earnings, plus recap the Azure earnings from last week.  We also talk about AWS Corretto GA, Microsoft DNS outage causes data loss?, Mongo DB SSPL licensing and more. Special Guest Ryan Lucas Sponsors Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod Audible: audibletrial.com/thecloudpod Topics Earnings AWS Earnings – https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/31/aws-earnings-q4-2018.html Alphabet (Google) Earnings   – https://siliconangle.com/2019/02/04/alphabet-beats-earnings-forecast-costs-weigh-shares/ Google Cloud Firestore Nosql Database hits GA – https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/31/googles-cloud-firestore-nosql-database-hits-general-availability/ DNS Outage results in azure database outage – https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/02/01/dns-outage-turns-tables-on-azure-database-users/ MS Launches AMD powered Azure Instances – https://siliconangle.com/2019/02/01/microsoft-launches-amd-powered-azure-instances-analytics-databases/ Oracle AMD instances Outperform AWS – https://blogs.oracle.com/cloud-infrastructure/oracle-amd-instances-outperform-and-outprice-comparable-aws-instances Amazon Corretto 8 is now GA – https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/amazon-corretto-8-generally-available/ Oracle CISO: Are Audits and Certifications enough? – https://blogs.oracle.com/cloud-infrastructure/security-in-the-cloud:-are-audits-and-certifications-really-enough MongoDB SSPL Licenses rejected by RHEL – https://www.zdnet.com/article/m


12 Feb 2019

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Episode 20: The Cloud Pod spends 30 dollars a month on AWS

Google Kubernetes Engine Advanced, Jedi Contract Finalists, Cloud Migrations services and Apple’s 30 million a month spend on AWS this week on The Cloud Pod, plus the lightning round. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – https://fogop.io/thecloudpod Topics: Improve Enterprise IT Procurement with Private Catalog, now in Beta Introducing GKE Advanced – Enhanced reliability, simplicity and scale for enterprise https://medium.com/@tinder.engineering/tinders-move-to-kubernetes-cda2a6372f44  Amazon Cloudfront is now available in mainland China Move your data from AWS S3 to Azure Storage using AzCopy Announcing Azure to AWS Migration support in AWS Server Migration Service Rewrite HTTP headers with Azure Application Gateway Much to Oracles’ chagrin, Pentagon names Microsoft and Amazon as $10B JEDI contract finalists Announcing Azure Government Secret Private preview and Expansion of DOD IL5 AWS Organizations now available in the AWS Govcloud regions for Central Governance and Management of AWS accounts Google Hires 27-year SAP veteran Robert Enslin to boost cloud sales and support

2 May 2019

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Episode 18: It’s a Google Next, Next Level Recap

Google Next has wrapped up in San Francisco and we break down the announcements, talk about Google’s enterprise play, and more. Special guest Ryan Lucas @ryron01  #googlenext19 #thecloudpod #gcp Sponsors Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod Audible: audibletrial.com/thecloudpod (more…)

16 Apr 2019

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The Cloud Pod wins second place for the Jedi contract – Ep 45

The DOD awards the coveted Jedi contract, the MS ignite Draft, Earnings season and more this week on The Cloud Pod. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Topics Pentagon awards controversial $10 billion cloud computing deal to Microsoft, spurning Amazon Even after Microsoft wins, JEDI saga could drag on General News/Topics Earnings Season Microsoft’s cloud shines again as it easily tops earnings targets, but Azure slows Despite AWS cloud growth, Amazon shares sag on lower forecast Google Cloud fails to lift Alphabet enough to please investors AWS 200 Amazon CloudFront Points of Presence + Price Reduction Native Container Image Scanning in Amazon ECR AWS Global Accelerator Now Supports EC2 Instance Endpoints Google Updates make Cloud AI platform faster and more flexible Advancing Customer Control in the Cloud Swipe right for a new guide to PCI on GKE Bring Your Own IP addresses: the secret to Bitly’s shortened cloud migration

4 Nov 2019

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Episode 25: Optimize your Journey with The Cloud Pod Center of Excellence

This week we talk about Cloud Center of Excellence, New Encryption options, open source update on Firecracker and more.  Elise Carmichael (twitter: @uncfleece) from @tricentis joins us to talk about some of their tools. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – https://fogops.io/thecloudpod  Topics: New – Updated Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model for AWS Config Rules Google Says some G-Suite Passwords were stored in Plaintext since 2005 Google Cloud – Optimize your organizations cloud journey with a Cloud Center of Excellence Amazon RDS for SQL Server increases database limit per database instance up to 100 AWS Opt-In to Default Encryption for New EBS Volumes AWS Ground Station – Ready to ingest & process Satellite Data Firecracker Open Source Update May 2019 Application Management made easier with Kubernetes Operators on GCP Marketplace Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports Always On Availability Groups for SQL Server 2017 Github launches Sponsors, lets you pay your favorite open source contributors Manage your cross cloud spend using Azure Cost management Lightning Round (Jonathan 5, Justin 9, Peter 1 and Guest 3): AWS now allows you to enable Hibernations on EC2 instances at

5 Jun 2019

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Google recognizes The Cloud Pod hosts as celebrities – E46

This week we discuss the Microsoft Ignite conference, announcements and new features and how we did on the Azure Draft.  AWS announces a new Spain region and GCP had a lengthy halloween incident.  Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Amazon fails to stop ex-sales staffer winging it to Google Cloud Accused Capital One hacker had as much as 30 terabytes of stolen data, feds say Senators Wyden and Warren sic trade lapdog on AWS over Capital One hack culpability Topics AWS Amazon Web Services to expand into Spain with new cloud region Post-quantum TLS now supported in AWS KMS Google GCP Halloween Outage – 10/31 6:30 PM Pacfic – 10/2 – 10:51 AM Celebrity Recognition now available to approved media & entertainment customers Cloud storage data protection that fits your business Introducing TensorFlow Enterprise: Supported, scalable, and seamless TensorFlow in the cloud Exploring container security: Use your own keys to protect your data on GKE MS Ignite Draft Jonathan Digital Assistant to compete with Alexa or Google Home.

14 Nov 2019

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Twas the night before Re:Invent – Ep 49

AWS is getting ready for the biggest event of the year, Re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas.  Your Co-Hosts do their best to guess what AWS may announce, we cover some preannouncement news, and more! NOTE: This episode was recorded on November 20th, to let the co-hosts enjoy Thanksgiving! This episode is AWS specific, as well as our first show after the Re:Invent conference. If you want to stay up to date on Azure or GCP in the interim, follow our Twitter @thecloudpod1 or join our Slack Channel. Sign up for our Newsletter!!  Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Topics AWS CloudFormation Update – CLI + Third-Party Resource Support + Registry Announcing Firelens – A New Way to Manage Container Logs In The Works – New AMD-Powered, Compute-Optimized EC2 Instances (C5a/C5ad) Amazon EKS adds support for provisioning and managing Kubernetes worker nodes AWS Systems Manager Explorer – A Multi-Account, Multi-Region Operations Dashboard Application Load Balancer Simplifies Deployment with Weighted Target Groups Add defense in depth against open firewalls, reverse proxies, and SSRF vulnerabilities with enhancements to the EC2 Instance Metadata Service Welcome to AWS Storage Day Continuously monitor unused IAM roles with AWS Config Reinvent Draft Jonathan

29 Nov 2019

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Episode 19: Announcing the new Cloud Pod Premium Tier

We are back to our normal show after our GCP Next recap.  This week the new AWS APAC region, Azure premium tiers and the AWS open letter on climate change. Plus the lightning round and cool tools. Sponsors Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod (more…)

23 Apr 2019

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Autonomous Cloud Pod – Ep 40

Justin goes to Oracle World and comes back with a new understanding of OCI customers.  VPC Flow logs get new metadata and we get an update on AWS outposts, but no date or pricing yet. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Investors send Cloudflare’s shares soaring 20% after IPO hauls in $525M Topics AWS Learn From Your VPC Flow Logs With Additional Meta-Data Running AWS Infrastructure On Premises with AWS Outposts What is an AWS Outpost? AWS Service Catalog Announces Budget Visibility Firelens now in Preview Introducing NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB — Now in Preview Google Google teams up with Mayo Clinic on AI-powered medical research Anthos simplifies application modernization with managed service mesh and serverless for your hybrid cloud Azure Microsoft and Disney aim to speed up movie and TV production with new ‘scene-to-screen’ cloud deal Announcing user delegation SAS tokens preview for Azure St

28 Sep 2019

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You had one Job while I was away – Ep 42

Justin is back from vacation and gets the podcast back on track. Justin, Peter and Jonathan talk about their guest spot on roaring elephants and Justin’s AWS lambda fireside chat video. Elasticsearch sues AWS over trademark infringement, AWS gets its IQ raised, Oracle gets fedramp certified cloud regions and Google enhances their github app for cloud build.  Plus the world famous lightning round. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Topics Roaring Elephant https://roaringelephant.org/2019/10/08/episode-161-the-cloudpod-weather-report-part-1/ AWS  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Aq2DIMRIIg&t=1s General News/Topics Oracle Launches FedRAMP-Authorized Government Cloud Regions Oracle will add 2,000 jobs and 20 data centers in cloud infrastructure push AWS faces Elasticsearch lawsuit for trademark infringement Ansible holds the pole position for automation, but is it too good and too small? AWS Now use AWS Systems Manager to execute complex Ansible playbooks AWS DataSync News – S3 Storage Class Support and Much More AWS IQ – Get Help from AWS Certified Third Party Experts on Demand EC2 High Memory Update – New 18 TB and 24 TB Insta

18 Oct 2019

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Import Existing Resources into The Cloud Pod – Ep 48

Docker sells off its enterprise business to Mirantis. Amazon gets upset with the pentagon and launches a data exchange. Azure wins a lucrative contract and GitHub actions.  Google buys cloudsimple complicating things for the VMWare on Azure offerings. Sign up for our new Newsletter!  Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Jonathan – Follows up on Redshift Topics General News/Topics Container shakeup: Docker sells enterprise business to Mirantis, appoints new CEO Amazon protests Pentagon’s cloud contract award, citing ‘unmistakable bias’ AWS Import Existing Resources into a CloudFormation Stack AWS Data Exchange – Find, Subscribe To, and Use Data Products Continuous delivery of container applications to AWS Fargate with GitHub Actions Reinvent Tips & Suggestions Attending Sessions Reinvent Parties Replay Google Google launches new service for monitoring multicloud networks Google makes biggest gains in ThousandEyes’ report on public cloud network performance Google acquires CloudSimple to bring more VMware workloads

26 Nov 2019

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Episode 22: The Cloud Pod Increases listener limit to 1 million

Azure suffers an outage, AWS Snowballs drive block storage at the edge, S3 Batch Operations and Fully Managed Blockchain all this week on the cloud pod! Plus Lightning Round and Cool Tools with Jonathan. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – https://fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up VMWare CEO implies Amazon Partnership is more important than Azure Topics Use AWS Transit Gateway & Direct Connect to Centralize and Streamline Your Network Connectivity AWS Snowball Edge adds block storage for edge computing workloads New — Analyze and debug distributed applications interactively using AWS X-Ray Analytics Migrate your aws site-to-site VPN connection from Virtual Private Gateway to an AWS Transit Gateway Amazon S3 introduces S3 Batch operations for Object Management 5/2 Azure Outage & RCA Azure Fully Managed Blockchain Service Azure Intelligent Edge Innovation across data, IOT and Mixed Reality Azure Making AI real for every developer and every organization AWS Amplify launches an online community for fullstack serverless app developers

16 May 2019

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Episode 7 – The Cloud Pod now 99.9% available

Episode 7 – The Cloud Pod now 99.9% available Jonathan, Justin, and Peter talk about the latest news in AWS, Google and Azure.  This week we talk about the AWS Backup Services, Oracle Cloud launching in Toronto and AWS Re:Mars.  Plus the lightning round and Jonathan’s cool tools. Sponsors Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod Last Week in AWS: lastweekinaws.com Audible: audibletrial.com/thecloudpod News Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU’s now available in beta – https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/ai-machine-learning/nvidia-tesla-t4-gpus-now-available-in-beta AWS Announces AWS Backup and support for multiple services – https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/aws-backup-automate-and-centrally-manage-your-backups/ https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/01/aws-storage-gateway-integrates-with-aws-backup-to-protect-volume/ https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/01/aws-backup-integrates-with-amazon-DynamoDB-for-centralized-and-automated-backup-management/ https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/01/introducing-amazon-elastic-file-system-integration-with-aws-backup/ https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/01/amazon-ebs-integrates-with-aws-backup-to-protect-your-volumes/ Oracle Cloud launches in Toronto region and plans Mumbai region – https://blogs.oracle.com/cloud-infrastructure/oracle-cloud-infrastructure-launches-toronto-region https://inc42.com/buzz/oracle-plans-data-centre-in-india-to-challenge-aws-google-cloud/ Oracle says open source vendors locking down licensing proves they were never really open – https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/17/oracle_exec_opensource_vendors_locking_down_licenses_proves_they_were_never_really_open/ AWS Announces RE:Mars event June 5/6th – https://www.geekwire.com/2019/amazon-launches-remars-event-focusing-ai-second-stage-invite-mars/  AWS Trusted Advisor announces 9 new best practices – 


29 Jan 2019

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Episode 12: Spotinst has yet to announce partnership with the cloud pod

Episode 12 This week we talk about Athena Workgroups,  Spotinst AWS partnership, Spatial Anchors in Azure and Microsoft and Google handle several employee issues. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod Audible: audibletrial.com/thecloudpod Show Topics Athena now supports Workgroups to segment/isolated data Azure has GA’s several new features to create more reliable event driven applications in Azure Spotinst Announces partnership with AWS Google Rethinks Federated Identity with Continuous Access evaluation protocol Next 19 Qwiklabs Challenge Azure Announces Spatial anchors for collaboration and mixed reality apps Microsoft Workers protest army contract Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says company will not walk away from contract Google ends forced Arbitration for Employees – Lightning Round EFS now supports tag on create – https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/02/amazon-efs-now-supports-tag-on-create/ AWS Code commit now supports programmatic creations of commits – https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/02/aws-codecommit-supports-programmatic-creation-of-commits-contain/ Performance Insights now supports counter metrics for RDS Postgres, RDS Mysql and Aurora Mysql –

5 Mar 2019

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The Cloud Pod gets a Savings Plan – Episode 47

AWS releases new RI option called the savings plan, IBM builds a financial services cloud, and @jeffbarr celebrates 15 years of blogging for AWS! Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Halloween Downtime RCA – Google Topics General News/Topics Capital One replaces security chief after data breach Amazon doubles down on Boston as a robotics hub with new $40M facility IBM: Bank of America Know-How Will Differentiate Financial Services Cloud AWS 15 Years of AWS Blogging! New – Savings Plans for AWS Compute Services Cross-Account Cross-Region Dashboards with Amazon CloudWatch An outsider’s inside view on open source at AWS AWS supports Automated Draining for Spot Instance Nodes on Kubernetes Amazon QuickSight goes Mobile, launches Cross Source Join and More PostgreSQL 12.0 Now Available in Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment Reinvent Tips & Suggestions Google

1hr 8mins

21 Nov 2019

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The Cloud Pod now with Dynamic Parallelism – Ep 41

Chef finds a bad recipe for success, AWS rolls out Step Functions, Google launches its native load balancer for Kubernetes and Microsoft confuses us further with premium tier storage offerings. Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Topics General News/Topics A CIO’s guide to cloud success: decouple to shift your business into high gear What’s Going on with GKE and Anthos? Chef Saga DevOps biz Chef roasted for tech contract with family-separating US immigration, forks up attempt to quash protest – 9/19 Chef’s Position on Customer Engagement in the Public and Private Sectors 9/19 An Update to the Chef Community Regarding Current Events 9/20 A Personal Message From the CTO 9/20 An Important Update from Chef 9/23 A ‘Grass Roots’ Campaign to Take Down Amazon Is Funded by Amazon’s Biggest Rivals AWS Now Available – EC2 Instances (G4) with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs New – Step Functions Support for Dynamic Parallelism Amazon S3 introduces same region replication

13 Oct 2019

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Episode 21: The Cloud Pod exceeds quarterly listener expectations

A New Cost Management blog, APAC gets a new AWS region and Docker Hub gets hacked. Plus Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon all release earnings and we break out the highs and lows. With special guest, Ian Mckay @iann0036 talks about his new AWS tool www.former2.com Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – https://fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up Apple actually reducing dependence on Amazon Cloud services Topics Ford Partners with Amazon to build cloud service connected cars New AWS cost management blog launches New Query for AWS Regions, Endpoints, and More using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store Earnings Season Microsoft beats Wall street expectations, posting $30.6B in revenue, powered by cloud division AWS revenue approaches $8 Billion in Q1, up 41% compared to last year Despite Cloud growth, slowing revenue at Alphabet sends investors fleeing AMD EPYC-Powered Amazon EC2 T3a instances Now Open – AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region Slack renegotiated its deal with AWS in 2018, will spend 212 million more through 2023 190,000 user accounts exposed in hack of Docker Hub Database

6 May 2019

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US East 1’s on Fire,  The Cloud Pod says let the !#*&@ burn – Ep 38

US-East-1 has a hiccup in a single AZ, Lambda fixes cold start launches inside a VPC, Google gets an AD service and Microsoft goes cloud neutral in Switzerland. Plus special guest @ryron01 Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting – fogops.io/thecloudpod Follow Up In updated IPO filing, Cloudflare seeks up to $483M at $3.5B valuation Topics AWS US-Tire-Fire-1 had an outage Operational Insights for Containers and Containerized Applications Port Forwarding Using AWS System Manager Session Manager Now use Session Manager to interactively run individual commands on instances Client IP Address Preservation for AWS Global Accelerator 64 AWS services achieve HITRUST certification Take the AWS certified cloud practitioner exam in your home or office 24/7 AWS Chatbot Now Supports Notifications from AWS Systems Manager Amazon ECS now exposes runtime ContainerIds to APIs and ECS Console Announcing improved VPC networking for AWS Lambda functions

14 Sep 2019

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Episode 8 – Now with Insane Magic

Episode 8  – Now With Insane Magic This week we talk about TLS support for NLB, AWS Worklink, Kubernetes Metering and retailers pushing back on AWS. Plus the lightning round and cool tools with Jonathan. #thecloudpod Thanks to our Sponsors: Foghorn Consulting: fogops.io/thecloudpod Audible: audibletrial.com/thecloudpod News Microsoft Earnings – http://fortune.com/2019/01/30/microsoft-stock-down-slowdown-azure-cloud/ Idera acquires Travis CI – https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/23/idera-acquires-travis-ci/ Google Gives Wikipedia Millions – https://www.wired.com/story/google-wikipedia-machine-learning-glow-languages/ NLB now supports TLS Termination – https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-tls-termination-for-network-load-balancers Microsoft Acquires Citus Data – https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2019/01/24/microsoft-acquires-citus-data-re-affirming-its-commitment-to-open-source-and-accelerating-azure-postgresql-performance-and-scale/ AWS Worklink secures on premise website and apps – https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/amazon-worklink-secure-one-click-mobile-access-to-internal-websites-and-applications/ GKE Usage Metering https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/containers-kubernetes/gke-usage-metering-whose-line-item-is-it-anyway Albertsons picks Azure to run cloud workloads due to Amazon being a competitor – https://www.fool.com/investing/2019/01/28/amazon-fear-is-driving-retailers-to-microsofts-clo.aspx Lightning Round Python Shell for AWS Glue – https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/01/introducing-python-shell-jobs-in-aws-


1 Feb 2019

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