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Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Law as a Product (LMU)

The law sets a framework for market transactions and competition. However, in recent years, the law itself has become a commodity in many regions of the world and in various fields: especially corporate, bankruptcy and contract law, not to mention the settlement of disputes. Individuals and companies search for the most attractive rules of law and states compete for the favour of demanders through their offers.Since legal competition has been the object of preliminary empirical explorations in the past years, the CAS research focus now aims to focus on its normative implications. How should one assess the fact that law can be "traded" on markets – just like any other good? Besides jurisprudence, various disciplines – such as economics, philosophy, political science and sociology – will apply different evaluation criteria and provide different answers to this question.

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Can Living Will Regulations Revive Contractual Approaches to Bankruptcy?

This International Conference on Regulatory Competition in Contract Law and Dispute Resolution will bring together leading scholars in the field of contract law and dispute resolution both from the US and Europe. Important research papers on the law market in these fields will be presented and commented upon by at least one discussant. The results of the conference should be of high interest not only for academics, but also for practitioners and lawmakers. | Speakers: Adam Feibelman, Christoph Thole


14 Feb 2012

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