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The Thiagi Group Business Intelligence Podcast

Each month, Matthew Richter, President of The Thiagi Group, will have special guests from various industries and markets to explore management and leadership topics.

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Episode 5: Tad Henderson-- Financial Acumen in the Sales Process

Today, we talk with Tad Henderson, President of LTP Sales about how a good understanding of finance can become a competitive advantage for sales professionals. Tad talks about the three financial markers that help close the sale. He also discusses how financial acumen fits into the overall sales process. And, finally, Tad explores the risks for not integrating a financial analysis into the process and the flip side of actually doing so.


5 Apr 2010

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Episode 4: Rick Nelson- Recruiting and the Job Market

In our fourth episode, recruiting expert Rick Nelson joins Matt for a conversation about how the recession really affected the job markets (hint-- you already know the answer, but here are some details), the recovery and when it will hit employment, how companies look at prospective candidates, and how a candidate should approach getting a job.


25 Mar 2010

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Episode 3: Laurie Orlov- Aging in Place and Why Businesses Should Care

In our third episode, Founder and Principle Analyst Laurie Orlov of the Aging in Place Watch is our guest. Laurie explains how we are approaching a $20 Billion market for products and services that help seniors stay in their homes as they age. She discusses why companies should pay attention to the risks of employees having to manage the impact of elder care. And, she highlights other aging issues beyond the technological that affect businesses.


5 Mar 2010

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Episode 2: Guy Wallace

In our second episode, Matt interviews Guy Wallace, long-time performance consultant about work process analysis and process improvement. Guy walks Matt through a detailed explanation of his Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD) system.


10 Feb 2010

Rank #4

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Episode 1: $6MM Game

In our first episode, Thiagi and Matt discuss the $6MM Game, a leadership program that has generated millions of dollars for our clients.


29 Dec 2009

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