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At the beginning of the 21st century, more than half the world’s population live in cities. Issues about governance, intensification of social relationships, the impact of globalisation, and the way green spaces are utilised become ever more pressing concerns. The tracks on this album explore some of the challenges faced across the world as citizens and administrators adapt to ever increasing pressures on city spaces and resources. The material forms part of the course DD304, Understanding Cities.

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The effects of globalization trends on cities and the relevance and position of entrepreneurship. What do cities have to do to survive?


23 Nov 2008

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Encounter or Containment?

The city as a non-corporate entity - the political possibilities inherent in city spaces. The city can be a politically strategic space, and how otherwise powerless groups can gain attention.


23 Nov 2008

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Unruliness and cities

The relationship of order and disorder in the city, and the intensification of social relationships in cities. Is such disorder positive or negative?


23 Nov 2008

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Power Relations

Is the spacial order of cities a reaction against disorder? The suburbs as a social response to the city environment, the importance of connections in the city.


23 Nov 2008

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Order and Disorder

The problem of segregated spaces and exclusional development in relation to power structures in cities.


23 Nov 2008

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