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What’s Social Selling? It's a podcast that will cover the latest trends when it comes to marketing on various social media platforms. Being a Facebook advertising agency ourselves, we’ll often discuss the latest tips and tricks that we’ve learned on this platform. However, we won't limit ourselves to Facebook! Experts will be invited on the podcast to talk about advertising on LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Amazon and so on.

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Facebook Ads : The 100 million dollars ad creative study

Ad world is considered as the biggest advertising conference in the world. Every years, hundred of experts share their latest findings related to the marketing industry. For the 2021 edition, our colleague Louis-Daniel Binette was there and one of the presentation caught his attention more than the others. Travis Chamber, founder of Chamber media shared his best secrets to create video ads that perform and Louis-Daniel took a lot of notes during this presentation.


10 Jun 2021

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Cohort Attribution: A Complete Guide

Mentioned time and time again in our discussions, we've decided to dedicate this week's episode to a strategy that will become increasingly important for advertisers throughout the next year: cohort attribution. Examples, platforms, prerequisites: we go over everything you have to know! Enjoy! Facebook Diagnosis


3 Jun 2021

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Digital Ads Summit (LIVE Event)

J7 Media was recently invited to the Digital Ads Summit to talk about our optimizing strategy, PACSO. To listen to the entire conference, click here. Enjoy!


26 May 2021

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Zach Rego: Advice from a Digital Marketing Expert (Re-aired)

In our last episode, we received Zach Rego, VP of Sales & Marketing at Unstack and host of the "0 to a Million" podcast. Zach is a digital marketing, content creation, and personal branding expert. In this episode, he gives us his opinion on how to use groups on various social networking platforms, as well as tips on how to consistently create content to advertise your services or brand.  Enjoy! J7 Media 


20 May 2021

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The Most Frequently Asked Facebook Questions (Pt.2)

Part 2 of our question-and-answer episode! To ask your own questions on Facebook advertising for our team to answer, join our Facebook group: Facebook Advertising for Francophones. Enjoy! J7 Media Facebook Diagnosis


11 May 2021

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The Most Frequently Asked Facebook Questions (Pt.1)

Facebook advertising solicits a lot of questions on the Internet. In this fun episode, we've selected a handful of questions we found online and in our Facebook group to answer in as much detail as possible. Enjoy! J7 Media Facebook Diagnosis


6 May 2021

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How to manage a digital marketing agency in Brooklyn (Re-aired)

On today's episode of Social Selling, we're chatting with Eliot Walden, partner at Electric Orange Creative, a performance marketing agency based in Brooklyn, New York. Our discussion with Eliot is focused on one topic; Workplace culture in New York City marketing agencies. We learn that work schedules are atypical, competition is fiercer and opportunities are much bigger. The episode includes nearly forty minutes of discussion where we delve into the day-to-day of a digital marketing agency in Brooklyn. We hope you enjoy this episode!


29 Apr 2021

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Facebook Ads: How to Diversify Your Ads in 3 Steps

For this week's episode, we'll be unveiling a workshop that the J7 Media team recently held internally. We reveal our secrets on how to diversify your advertising content and how to intelligently and effectively produce campaigns. J7 Media Facebook Diagnosis


22 Apr 2021

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Facebook Ads: The End of Analytics?

Facebook recently announced that they would be removing their Analytics tab and bringing about major changes to the Attribution tab. In this episode, we discuss and react to this important news. J7 Media Facebook Diagnosis


15 Apr 2021

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Facebook: News You Needed to Know in March 2021

Facebook is a rapidly growing company that is forever evolving and making changes. In this episode, we've compiled a list of the top Facebook news from March 2021 that you just had to (and should now) know. Enjoy! J7 Media Facebook Diagnosis


8 Apr 2021

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