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Charles Duan on Blurred Lines and Patterns in Music

In light of the lawsuit between Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. vs. Marvin Gaye regarding whether “Blurred Lines” infringes the copyrights to “Got to Give It Up,” Meredith Whipple interviews Charles Duan as he takes us through music history to demonstrate common patterns in songs, why these exist, and how that’s a good thing for music. Source

25 Feb 2017

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Learn More About Our Online Open Internet Course

Melanie Penagos, International Policy Associate at Public Knowledge, discusses PK’s online Spanish-language Open Internet advocacy training course. The call for applications for the third round of the course will begin on January 3 and run through January 20. Learn more at publicknowledge.org/open-internet-course. Source

23 Dec 2016

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Dallas Harris Returns to Talk Spectrum, DSRC, and the Auto Industry

We’re back from our summer break! Dallas Harris returns to the podcast to discuss plans by the auto industry plans to use spectrum for Dedicated Short Range Communication between cars, what this means for public safety, and what we expect from the FCC. Source

4 Aug 2016

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PK in the Know Podcast: Raza Returns to Dig Into the Google Books Decision

Raza Panjwani, copyright law expert at PK and the podcast guest who has received the most fan mail, returns to PKitK to tell Meredith Whipple everything there is to know and more about the 12-year Google Books lawsuit, in light of the recent Supreme Court rejection. Source

26 Apr 2016

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PK in the Know Podcast: 3D Printing and #3DDC2016

Courtney Duffy and Meredith Whipple can barely contain their excitement about the 5th annual 3D/DC conference and exhibition. The nation’s premiere 3D printing event is only two weeks away. Courtney, the Fractured Atlas Arts and Technology Fellow and Public Knowledge, is organizing 3D/DC this year, and gives listeners a preview of what public policy hot topics will be the focus of #3DDC2016. Source

28 Mar 2016

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PK In The Know Podcast: Chris Lewis on Unlocking the Box

PK Vice President of Government Affairs Chris Lewis joins Meredith Whipple to talk about the #UnlockTheBox campaign and what we can expect ahead for the set-top box marketplace from the Federal Communications Commission. Source

8 Mar 2016

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PK In The Know Podcast: Cosplay Goes to the Supreme Court

Meredith Rose returns to the podcast to address the enormous response to her blog post, “Cosplay Goes to the Supreme Court,” and gives PKitK host Meredith Whipple more details about Star Athletica and Varsity Brands taking their case to the Supreme Court. Source

9 Feb 2016

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PK In The Know Podcast: Spotify, Licensing, and the Future of the Music Industry

What do player piano rolls from 100 years ago have to do with modern streaming services? How do musicians get the rights to record a cover song? Why is Spotify getting sued? How is it different from AM/FM radio? What is the future of the music industry? Raza Panjwani answers all of Meredith Whipple’s questions and more in this week’s episode. Source

12 Jan 2016

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PK In The Know Podcast: Legalities and Realities of Net Neutrality

On today’s episode, Kate Forscey and Courtney Duffy step in as hosts! They discuss what’s happening with net neutrality and the real-world impacts of the court’s upcoming decision, including what it means for the arts community. Source

15 Dec 2015

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PK In The Know Podcast: Charter/Time Warner Cable Merger and Blizzard World of Warcraft Lawsuit

Meredith Filak Rose joins Meredith Whipple to discuss how the proposed Charter/Time Warner Cable merger with impact broadband consumers and competition and how it fits in to this year’s “merger mania.” She also chats about a new lawsuit involving World of Warcraft. Source

17 Nov 2015

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