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Exploring the Mystical Side of Life

Come explore the mystical side of life with Linda Lang, an intuitive healer, mentor and guide, with over 35 years experience. Enjoy the conversation on a wide variety of metaphysical topics including spirituality, mysticism, mind-body-spirit, personal transformation and more... Join Linda & some fascinating guests as they share wisdom, insights and experiences to help open your mind to new possibilities...

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Gene Keys: Unraveling Spirit in Your DNA

What's hiding in your DNA? The Gene Keys system offers the Map and Compass to decode your purpose and highest spiritual potential. Discover the 64 shadows of humanity, the roles they play that drive evolution, and our ability to unlock the shadow patterns in our life to bring the higher nature of humanity into the world, How to work with your personal Gene Keys.  My guest is Gene Key ambassador Mark Bentley from https://markbentley.com.au  Get your free profile at https://genekeys.com/free-profile/  Your personal Gene Keys explain your life purpose, your life's work, what you need to learn & what you need to be healthy, and more.  Thanks for Exploring the Mystical Side of Life with us. Please support us by following and spreading the word!  You’ll also find us on Youtube and Facebook. Our mission is to encourage you to think outside the box, to expand your horizons and open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities. We delve into spirituality, the world of energy thought, intuition, manifestation, consciousness, alternative healing, and more. If you enjoyed this conversation and wish to support our podcast, contributions (any amount) can be made to https://paypal.me/thoughtchange. Thank you! We appreciate all donations.  Visit Linda at https://thoughtchange.com and pick up your free copy of Learning to Listen.


3 Jan 2020

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