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People Downtown Silver Spring Podcast

A community podcast about people and events Downtown Silver Spring; exploring its rich multicultural constituents and deepening the bonds of her community through empathetic storytelling.

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Shepherd's Table

From 1500 meals served in 1983 to over 117,000 meals in 2018 as well as clothing, eye care, and other critical services, Shepherd's Table is making a difference in the lives of the homeless population in the area. Learn more about what they do, their history and find out how you too can be part of this cause as you listen to my conversation with Shepherd's Table's Deputy Executive Director, Scott Davison.  Don't forget to subscribe. 


12 Jun 2019

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Astro Lab Brewing

How did the IPA come about? What types of beer does Astro Lab make? How did they get started? Learn the answers to these questions and more in my conversation with Emma Whelan, Co-founder Astro Lab. 


10 Sep 2019

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Elizarov Consulting Group

This episode we meet Yakov Elizarov, Chairman and CEO of Elizarov Consulting Group. They help local small businesses grow and connect them to EuroAsian markets. He tells his story and shares his list of favorite businesses Downtown Silver Spring. Yakov is an avid reefer. Don't forget to subscribe


12 Jun 2019

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Silver Spring Jazz Festival - Backstage Pass

In this special episode, I spoke with performers at the Silver Spring Jazz Festival 2019 headlined by 4-time Grammy award winning multi-instrumentalist, Arturo Sandoval. In the course of my conversations with them, in between performances, I asked each of them this one question, "What's your advice to parents whose kids are interested in pursing a career in music?" I got great responses. 


26 Aug 2019

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Civic Center Roundup (July 21-27, 2019)

Meet two summer rise interns who just concluded their internship at the Civic Center. Meet Kate one of your neighbors downtown Silver Spring. Of course, find out about upcoming events this week at the Civic Center.


29 Jul 2019

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McGinty's - Silver Spring's Irish Pub

What do a Japanese Chef and craft beer have in common? Listen to this conversation with Greg Whelan, one of the owners of McGinty's to find out. 


10 Oct 2019

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Civic Center Roundup (June 30 - July 7)

On this Civic Center Roundup find out how to take advantage of the Community Access Program Grant, and also meet Mindy the Logistics Support Specialist at the Civic Center. Eric and I, as usual, discuss extensively upcoming events at the Civic Center and the Veteran’s Plaza. Senegal Day 2019 on the plaza was a flamboyant cultural event and I was able to grab a quick interview with executives of the Senegalese Association of the DMV just before the event kicked off.


8 Jul 2019

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Civic Center Roundup (June 9-15, 2019)

I had an interesting conversation with two young Montgomery County black men whose story recently went national because they were called the n-word by a white police officer. We talked about the negative stereotyping of young black men with tattoos, the impact of the arrest on their employment and more. Also, find out about events happening at the Civic Center from June 15-23, 2019 and get a recap of events that happened the week of June 9 - 14.


18 Jun 2019

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Howard Ross - Udarta Consulting

On this episode, I had a fascinating conversation with Howard Ross, the founder of Cook Ross Inc and Co-founder Udarta Consulting. A former educator turned organizational consultant. He's an expert on diversity and inclusion and shares some cool nuggets on the subject. Listen!


11 Sep 2019

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Community Bridges

Shannon Babe-Thomas, Executive Director, Community Bridges,  explains the work they do with girls from 4th to 12th grade. Find out how you can support their efforts. 


25 Jun 2019

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