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Have Heart is a podcast that makes it cool to care. From affordable wellness hacks to political debates - hosts Kaia and Kelly navigate their way through both fun and weighty topics with humor and eagerness to learn more. Have Heart shares actionable insights to make a difference today, exploring the themes of identity, creativity and legacy through conversations with inspiring changemakers.

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Heart Snack: Social Justice and Primary Season

In case you forgot it is primary season in the US. Timely, yesterday was World Day of Social Justice! A big issue to unpack in an election year. In honor of World Day of Social Justice we’re talking about using your voice for good and highlighting some of the biggest social movements in US history. From MLK’s famous “I have a Dream” speech to the March for our Lives, using your voice for good never goes out of style. Want more cause and activist inspiration? Tune in for our favorite influencers and social justice accounts to follow!


22 Feb 2020

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Sexuality & Consent with Sierra Dowd

Meet Sierra Dowd, an entrepreneur, changemaker and founder of 98society, for a compelling discussion on sexuality, consent and how we can move towards a zero tolerance culture. 98society is a social enterprise brand dedicated to supporting sexual assault survivors and allies. With positive hidden messages (e.g. You are Worthy) found in each clothing item and 10% of each purchase donated to Darkness to Light, Sierra is supporting preventive programs and victim services.


28 Feb 2020

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Heart Snack: Just One Day For Women

We discuss today: International Women’s Day, and the history of women's month during this weeks Heart Snack. From the strides we’ve made in educational and professional achievement, to the strains of traditional gender roles at home...we’ve made great progress but there’s more work to be done! Especially in the inclusion of our transgender and non-binary friends. 


9 Mar 2020

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Heart Snack: Valentines Day Baby

An extra bonus episode! All about Valentines Day - This Hallmark Holiday is an awesome opportunity to celebrate any important relationship in your life, romantic or otherwise! But it can also bring expectations, societal pressure or feelings of loneliness. In this Heart Snack we share some ways to bring a little love into your day no matter your relationship status.


13 Feb 2020

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Heart Snack: Escapism

Have Heart is back with your first Heart Snack! In addition to the OG podcast, we’re introducing shorter form content. A little snack to wet your appetite between our meatier interview episodes! Whether it’s what’s going on with our wellness routines or what’s happening in the world, we’re exploring what’s relevant to us now. In this episode we’re talking escapism. After two months exploring our own corners of the globe, from snowy mountains to the coast of far off lands - we’re reunited and diving in on the benefits of taking a step back for fresh perspective and how to do so at home.


12 Feb 2020

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