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Welcome to the Curvy Way of life. This is a podcast started to highlight curvy women who are impacting the industry embraces their body and curves. Supporting Black Excellence and empowerment of BBW. Joined by my fellow Eastside of Detroit Native @tommiebiggs and you favorite Cool ass chick fro the Westside @blessmycurvez._. Stay tuned every week for our random topics and insightful discussions about Plus Size living, pro's and con's of plus size dating and stigma's we face through out life.

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Gummy Bears and Velveteen Rubs

In this weeks episode, we're joined by author, writer and director of Epiphany chronicles Andrea Robinson. @andreatrobinson we discussed her upcoming projects with writing her 3rd book, and her first experience squirting during s** and Tommie confesses what his sex tape would be called, while Angelice tells you the time she got a veleveteen rub. Want to be out *Drip of the Week* email drippincurvez313@gmail.com Follow our Instagram @drippincurvespodcast and Twitter @drippin_curvz @blessmycurvez Angelice | @tommiebiggs Tommie FOLLOW, LIKE, SUBCRIBE AND REVIEW !


13 Sep 2018

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Damn, You Just Gone Stone Him? Ft. @2unique87 & @callherhunnymustard

This week we got to sit down with some funny ladies hunny mustard and 2unique. We discuss being plus size woman doesn't always mean you have confidence, some people are just doing it for the Gram'. DripOftheWeek goes to indie artist Lizzo (@lizzobeeating),she will be featured at this year's Coachella festival.To be featured email us at drippincurvez313@gmail.com or Twitter @drippin_curvz @callherhunnymustard |@2unique87 | Angelice @blessmycurvez._ |Tommie @tommiebiggs

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17 Jan 2019

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I Like a Honest Runner... Ft. @izzydre

We're BAAACCCCKKKKK! We missed you guys in our absence so we had to come back with some litness. IzzyDre sat down with us to discuss what a comedic actor is vs instagram comedian. He has some upcoming projects and movie dropping soon. We discuss Morbid obesity and the kinks behind loving women to that capacity. Since it's Women's Month free for all #dripoftheweek. Follow @IzzyDre on IG & Twitter.  IG: @drippincurvezpodcast |Donnie @gocrazy_then |Tommie @tommiebiggs |Angelice @blessmycurvez._

1hr 10mins

14 Mar 2019

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Save Me a Baby Father, Please ! Ft @jjohnson313

This week Tommie and I are joined by J.Johnson 1/2 of ShopTAlk Podcast. We have a great time playing Fck,Marry, Kill. We discuss dating people with kids, how do you go about offending a parent when you don't have any. Do I know how to actually date or curve guys? Follow us on IG @drippincurvezpodcast | Twitter @drippin_curvz J.Johnson @jjohnson313 | Angelice @blesmycurvez._ | Tommie @tommiebiggs

1hr 14mins

13 Dec 2018

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Curvy Women Stand Up ! @cclassave

We get a chance to know CClass, an actor, artist, producer, writer and many more titles. New York native from Tilden tells us about his ventures in his hit Youtube series Let's Go: A New Vintage Story, Let's Go Christmas 1 &2. Great time discussing how music influences your dating life. Why is Lizzo the only Plus Size woman putting on for us. #DripOfTheWeek  goes to @laurenlondon with all that's been going on it's great see her in good spirits. Actress, model and mother we love. Follow us on twitter @drippin_curvz IG: @drippincurvezpodcast | CClass @cclassave |Don @gocrazy_then| Tommie @tommiebiggs | Angelice @blessmycurvez._


12 Apr 2019

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The Curvy Way All 2019 !

Happy New Year Drip Kings and Queens so happy to say we made it to the new year. New opportunities and experiences ahead of us. Thanks for staying for the ride. #DripOfTheWeek Is my friend Katherine,(@Katherine_Renee) she went on her weight loss journey last year and has managed to lose 70+ pounds, curvy fitness is important. It's okay to love yourself but always ensure that you are healthy as well. if you want to be featured email us at drippincurvez313@gmail.com or DM us on IG @drippincurvezpodcast |Twitter @drippin_curvz Angelice @blessmycurvez._ | Tommie @tommiebiggs


4 Jan 2019

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Welcome To Drippin Curvez

“Welcome to Drippin Curvez” podcast catered to curvy who are impacting the industry in positive ways. Supporting Black Excellence and empowerment of BBW. Join us as we discuss dating while plus pros and cons, why some men are insecure to date a curvy woman. Hosted by two Detroit natives Angelice @blessmycurvez._ & Tommie @tommiebiggs  Know a curvy girl who needs to be highlighted for killing it, email your “Drip of the Week” pics and three fun facts about yourself to drippincurvez313@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @drippincurvezpodcast


20 Sep 2018

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Me & My Suga Got Real Nasty Last Night ft. @the_risque_experience & @problemchildpc

This week we are full of guests and other things.... We sit down with Brittany Patrice owner of The Risque Experience sex toys, events, and much more. She tells us her progressive 5 year plan dating. Booman aka Problem Child also, weighs in on his life as an up and coming rapper in Detroit. #DripOfTheWeek goes to Stacey Abrams first African American woman to be elected as Governor of Georgia.  Brittany Patrice @the_risqe_experience| Boo-man @problemchildpc | Don @gocrazy_then | Tommie @tommiebiggs | Angelice @blessmycurvez._ email us a drippincurvez313@gmail.com or twitter @drippin_curvz


8 Nov 2018

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Friends of Friends FT. @damegonewild

This week we have full house with guest @damegonewild from "ShopTalk Podcast", Don Waun @gocrazy_then and Drea @youfavmilf._  We touch on relationships, what qualities men bring to relationships, can your friend date your ex? and much more. Drip Of The Week @bigjazz2live, if you want to be our drip of the week email us at drippincurvez313@gmail.com | IG:@drippincurvezpodcast Angelice @blessmycurvez._ |Tommie @tommiebiggs


20 Sep 2018

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You and Us Drip !

This Angelice holds down the show while Tommie is away. I had a chance to sit down with my old radio family You and Us Radio Show and catch up on life. Find out what type of thieves we are and some of their curvy women experiences.  Taz @tazbailey_ | Sam Laymar @iamlaymar | Tez @lord.tez  Angelice @blessmycurvez | Tommie @tommiebiggs #DripOfTheWeek is Tocarra Jones (1st +Size ANTM). Want to be our feature Drip email or hit us on IG. IG: @drippincurvezpodcast Email:drippincurvez212@gmail.com

1hr 8mins

11 Oct 2018

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I'm Humbly Speaking ft @Ms.Maxamillion

We have a beautiful Curvy Queen joining us this week Max. Plus size model and oh so stylish came through to show us a little Drip. We got a chance to talk about a little sex lol. Of course we have to include Black History and Black Excellence. Always we had a good time. #DripOftheWeek Chenese Lewis,@cheneselewis plus size model, actress, host, First woman crowned Miss Plus America. | #DripOfTheWeek @thecochrane313 Two sisters that opened a Bed & Breakfast in Downtown Detroit. Francina & Roderica James have been featured in major articles such as, Essence, Rolling Out,Black Enterprise and more.Check it out. @drippincurvezpodcast Max @ms.maxamillion | Don @gocrazy_then |Tommie @tommiebiggs| Angelice @blessmycurvez._


7 Feb 2019

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I Need All The Ocean Views (R.I.H. Nipsey Hussle) ft. Taz Bailey & @Thedinnerplate_

We stepped back in #TheCurvyWay per usual, we had to bring back some favs to the show. Taz & Breonna.  We had to discuss the passing of Nipsey Hussle a leader, philanthropist, entrepreneur and these theories people have come up with. How important are step parents to you? Check out a Plus size dating app (chubbysoulmates.com). #DripOfTheWeek is @lizzobeeating just really showing out for the Drip Queenz with her spread in Play Boy Magazine. Love her follow us on Twitter @drippin_curvz |Instagram @drippincurvezpodcast |Taz @tazbailey_ | Breonna @Thedinnerplatee| Tommie @tommiebiggs | Angelice @blessmycurvez._

1hr 2mins

5 Apr 2019

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Sometimes I Feel... Vegan?!

Just the Two of us back a it again.. this week Tommie and I discuss how well we know our parents, New Plus Size cast TV show "Shrill" on Hulu. As always he wants know about my dating life, what music got you through a breakup. Ever had a breakup CD? #DripOfTheWeek @miatheboss Plus size model and blogger, also has a lash line. Follow us on IG @drippincurvezpodcast & Twitter @drippn_curvz Tommie @tommiebiggs| Angelice @blessmycurvez._


21 Mar 2019

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I Still Knock Em Down Ft. @TheRealKdeezy

I know ya'll missed us, we had to come back with a real Detroit Legend, K.Deezy if you really were raised in Detroit and know the culture he doesn't need an intro. We had a great time catching up with him and what hes doing now. He has an upcoming role in the independent film sequel of First Lady 2. He tell us what he thinks about BBW women and how we're a the forefront of everything and more. #DripOfTheWeek goes to @tracey_mua, funny, quirky, voluptuous woman who beats her face. With great comedic commentary. Want to be featured email us at drippincurvez313@gmail.com | Twitter @drippin_curvz |IG @drippincurvezpodcast K-Deezy @TheRealKdeezy |Tommie @tommiebiggs| Angelice @blessmycurvez._


9 May 2019

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I Gotta Put The Hammer Down ?!

Time to wrap up the year, Drippin Curvez is very grateful for anyone who has taken the time to listen and review us . Peace and love, we discuss our goals and what we have in store for our Drip Kingz & Queenz for 2019. #DripOfTheWeek goes to our forever First Lady Michelle Obama, make sure you purchase her book Becoming! To be featured email us drippincurvez313@gmail.com or IG @drippincurvezpodcast, Twitter @drippin_curvz  Angelice @blessmycurvez._ | Tommie @tommiebiggs


27 Dec 2018

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