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Paul and Andrew break down the art and science of governance to help increase your expertise as a Board Director and to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to join a Board. We believe that when Boards are informed by good governance principles, they are invaluable vehicles for citizens to engage in meaningful ways that make a positive difference for our communities. Most of all, we really love governance and we can't wait to interview experts, tell some great governance stories from organizations around the world, hash out our own ideas, and hear from you throughout this little adventure. Come join us!

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Episode 17: Why Term Limits are so important (and why Paul is so passionate about them)

It is widely accepted that Board members should have a term limit and in this episode Paul convinces Andrew that this topic is not only important but actually pretty exciting. Term limits offer an opportunity for Boards to develop leaders within the Board, plan out skill development, and help Board members focus on making an impact that outlasts their years of service. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat for a solid half hour and thank you for listening.


26 Mar 2021

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Episode 16: Why – and how – to develop the skillset of your Board

Are you wondering about how to put together a plan to develop the governance skills of your Board members? Are you wondering about how you might increase your competency as a Board Director? Paul and Andrew discuss their experiences and some strategies to consider in your Board development plan. What skills are you hoping to develop? How should you provide education/formation to your Board members? Who should lead the planning and the sessions?Some resources mentioned include:Capacity CanadaThe Directors CollegeInstitute for Corporate DirectorsGovernance Solutions by Debra Brown and David BrownThe Imperfect Board Member by Jim BrownHigh Performance Boards by Dider Cosin


9 Feb 2021

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Episode 15: Board Orientations, Meeting Packages, and Governance in the News

Paul and Andrew chat about some important lessons to be learned regarding a recent governance issue that was reported in the news. Plus we respond to two listener questions about Board Orientations and what to expect in your Board meeting package. Email in your questions to governanceguys@gmail.com


30 Jan 2021

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Episode 14: Understanding Board Governance Models with Marion Thomson Howell

If you were joining a dance group then you would want to know what kind of dance the group practices. If you were joining a football team then you would need to know the type of offence and defence the team uses. When you join a Board you need to understand its governance model. Boards have different ways of broadly looking at their role in their organization. There are many different models of Board governance and it is important to know which one your Board uses so that you can understand more clearly your role as a Director. Marion Thomson Howell, President of Shaugnessy Howell Inc., Executive-in-Residence at Capacity Canada, and Vice-Chair of the Board of St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario, sits down with us to review 4 general categories of Board governance models and what Board members need to know about the implications for each model. Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Eb0OM5ZULc2bmxmQLT3HJ?si=cbvN5WrwSsmTLlBvmajPAwListen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-governance-guys/id1506642067#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fthegovernanceguys.com%2F%3Fp%3D405

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11 Jan 2021

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Episode 13: How your Board can measure progress with Valerie Sluth

So you’ve sorted out your organization’s purpose, mission, vision, and values. Then you wrote a magnificent strategic plan that clearly aligns these elements and considers the challenges of your external environment. Now what? Well now you get to track your progress – a step all too often missed for many organizations and Boards. Enter Valerie Sluth, CEO and founder of Praxis Consulting, Board member on multiple Boards, and management consultant extraordinaire. Val speaks with us about the balanced scorecard and how you can properly oversee and measure the progress you are making on your strategic plan and initiatives.


23 Nov 2020

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Episode 12: Strategy and the Board of Directors with Merv Hillier

A key document for many Boards is the Strategic Plan for their organization. But what is strategy and how should the Board engage in setting strategy and overseeing its implementation? Merv Hillier is the founder of consulting firm Nuvision. He is an educator, CEO, and Board member and he sat down with us to talk strategy. If you are wondering how involved the Board should be in both the planning and execution stages of strategy then this is the episode for you!

5 Oct 2020

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Episode 11: Defining Values with Dr. David Malloy

Organizations use the term “values” in strategic plans, policies, annual reports, and any number of other places. But what is a “value” and how should values play a role in conversations and decision-making at the Board table? Dr. David Malloy, Principal of King’s University College, is a philosopher and an expert on values & leadership. He sat down with us to define the concept of a value and to offer some advice as to how values should be intentional, explicit, and put into action throughout the organization – starting with the Board.

26 Aug 2020

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Episode 10: 5 Experts tell us 5 Questions that every Board member should ask

We asked 5 governance experts what question every Board member should ask or be prepared to ask at a Board meeting. Check out what each expert had to offer:Fred Galloway, President of F.J. Galloway & Associates;Jim Brown, author of The Imperfect Board Member and Principal Consultant with Strive;Gillian Kernaghan, CEO and President of St. Joseph’s Health Care London;Cathy Brothers, CEO of Capacity Canada; andChris Makuch, Vice-President MaisonBrison.During the podcast, we mentioned a helpful book that speaks to the power of great questions – A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry To Spark Breakthrough Ideas

18 Aug 2020

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Episode 9: The Importance of Shareholder Engagement with Chris Makuch, Vice President – MaisonBrison

This week we are joined by Chris Makuch, Vice-President of MaisonBrison, to talk about the importance of shareholder engagement and Boards under stressful situations. This was a great learning experience for us. Chris opened our eyes to the complex issues that arise for Boards related to this topic and it is a fascinating area to unpack. The questions we asked Chris included:– What are proxy contests, why are they important, and why should Boards care?– What should Boards be worried about when viewing activist investors? Do activist investors present opportunities for the Board? How can Boards stay informed about who owns the company?– How do you recruit Board members in light of possible proxy battles? How do you make sure you have diversity of opinion around the Board table?– How does the Board stay focused on key strategic and industry measures while there is added pressure from activist investors or powerful shareholders with different viewpoints?– What are some common red flags you have seen around Board tables?– How can Board members think like activist investors?– How much of an impact might the proposed changes to form 13f make on Canadian corporations?

11 Aug 2020

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Episode 8: What makes a Board great and how to avoid some common pitfalls with Cathy Brothers, CEO of Capacity Canada

How does Cathy Brothers, CEO of Capacity Canada and “Governance Queen”, describe what makes Boards work well and what to avoid? Find out in this episode and listen as we glean some of her wisdom gained from decades of experience advising, supporting, and participating on Boards across the country. Capacity Canada is also our resource of the week. Find more information about this great organization at www.capacitycanada.ca

5 Aug 2020

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