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Episode 5 : I Dont Know How But They Found Me

Formed in 2016 by Bassist/Vocalist Dallon Weekes and Drummer Ryan Seaman, IDKHOW has become a massive hit in the alternative community and rock in general. They are always pushing boundaries and going away from that terrible pesky formula of the basic verse chorus verse chorus. Some of you may know Dallon as the bassist for Panic! At the Disco, but after giving this band a chance you will forget all about that.


31 Oct 2020

Rank #1

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Episode 4 : Radiohead

In this extended & VERY special episode, Jared sits down with super fan, and friend Brett Schwagger to dig into the massive rock band, Radiohead. Radiohead has been at the forefront of electronic advancements in music since the late 90's. With 22 music awards under their belt, and any more achievements, Radiohead hasn't stopped since their debut in 93.

1hr 28mins

18 Jul 2020

Rank #2

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Talk With a Talent #1 : Mike Neal

In the first episode of Talk With a Talent, I sit down with my Uncle, Mike Neal. We talk everything from his early years playing the drums and how they possibly saved his life, memories of my Grandfather and his influence on our whole family, and much more! You won't want to miss this story.

1hr 1min

3 Jul 2020

Rank #3

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Episode 3 : Pink Floyd

Today, Jared and Guest (Tyler Durling) have a candid & raw "in-room" conversation about the genius of Pink Floyd. From the Syd Barrett days all the way to the Division Bell, and much more!

1hr 8mins

1 Jul 2020

Rank #4

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Episode 2 : New Politics

Jared and his guests, Chad Johnson and Summer Schonely, dive into the incredibly underrated alternative rock band, New Politics. New Politics is a danish rock band that consists of David Boyd (Vocals,) Soren Hansen (Vocals, Guitar, Piano,) and Louis Vecchio (Drums.) They have created big alternative radio hits such as "Harlem" and "Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens)."Permission to use songs by New Politics themselves, Soren Hansen, David Boyd, and Louis Vecchio. And band manager , Robert Roig of Keter Management.

1hr 5mins

1 Jun 2020

Rank #5

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Album Review #1 : "Petals For Armor"

Jared dives into the incredible debut solo album "Petals For Armor" by Paramore Front-woman Hayley Williams! Track By Track Jared gives his opinion & thoughts!


13 May 2020

Rank #6

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Episode 1 : Hans Zimmer

In this SUPER SIZED series premiere, Jared and his guest Josh Tardy take a stroll through the career of one of the most successful composers of all time, Hans Zimmer. Hans has scored music for beloved movies and franchises such as The Dark Knight franchise, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Inception, Lion King, and many many more. Please enjoy, and thank you for listening.

1hr 45mins

11 May 2020

Rank #7