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In this new content offering from the World LNG & Gas Series, Pat Roberts rounds up key LNG & Gas moments from the week and discusses what they mean for the industry.

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The Long & The Short Of It | An Interview With Vincent Demoury Of GIIGNL

This week we are lucky enough to have Vincent, Secretary General of GIIGNL to discuss the growth in spot and short term LNG sales in 2020 and what his views are on upcoming trends. We also hear first hand about the new framework GIIGNL are introducing on carbon emissions.  


4 Jun 2021

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The Energy Heptathlon

Running a large energy business today is not dissimilar to having to be good at lots of different skills, all at once - just like heptathletes. Most energy companies who own or manage an LNG portfolio, regard LNG as an investible fuel with long legs. But, energy transition is going to create challenges for several companies. Is LNG going to be the high jump discipline, or the hurdles?


28 May 2021

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Ups And Downs

How many LNG players were really prepared a year ago for the huge changes which were coming to our business as a result of COVID-19 and the acceleration of energy transitions? In this week's episode, Pat looks at the ups and down that the global LNG business is facing when coming out of the pandemic.


21 May 2021

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Inform and Reform

This week, Pat chats to Saima Yarrow of MiQ (Methane Intelligence) about the current challenge to inform suppliers and buyers of methane emissions associated with their LNG supply chains and also how to reform these through methane abatament activities. It's a big topic, but it helps to understand how much work is going on to bring consistency and transparency to recording methane emissions from an independent organisation.


14 May 2021

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Heartbeat | One Year of the LNG Wrap

This week's episode is our 52nd, meaning we've been running the LNG Wrap for one whole year! To celebrate, in this special episode, Pat summarises the 4 biggest themes in Global LNG today and takes a look back at what she's learnt over the past year of podcasting. Happy First Birthday #LNGWrap


7 May 2021

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Performing Whilst Transforming

This week, Pat looks at what it means to work in global energy businesses that have to deliver results year in and year out in order to remain viable and attractive to investment, but at the same time changing direction much faster than we imagined. Pat believes if you're up for the challenge, the global LNG sector will be a very positive sector to work in.


30 Apr 2021

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IEA Global Energy Review 2021

This week we are delighted to welcome back Akos Losz, Energy Analyst at the International Energy Agency, to discuss their new Global Energy Review. As the world enters a second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual Global Energy Review assesses the direction energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions are taking in 2021. 


23 Apr 2021

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Mutual Interests

Gone are the days of "me and my company". It's now all about collaboration, sharing talent and skills and redrawing investment criteria as we take up the challenge to move to low carbon affordable energy. Hear Pat's thoughts on how the global LNG business is moving towards a mutual interests approach in this weeks LNG Wrap.


16 Apr 2021

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Filling The Gap

This week, Pat reflects on how complex the past year has been for the global LNG business. Pat believes it is the enormity of energy transitions providing challenges, rather than just the ongoing affects of COVID-19. It's clear that whatever low carbon energy you back, global demand will increase more than ever over the next 10 years. Logically, gas & LNG should be the fuel that will fill the gap.


9 Apr 2021

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Stuck In The Middle

As you can guess, there are a few associations within the global LNG business right now that suit this week's theme - stuck in the middle. Pat brings you news this week from QP, Next Decade and of course, we couldn't not mention the recent Suez Canal disruption!


1 Apr 2021

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