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Pixelish — with Wolfgang Bremer

Wolfgang Bremer and friends are discussing design, products, technology and more. Subscribe now and follow us for updates: twitter.com/Pixelish_HQ · instagram.com/Pixelish_HQ · facebook.com/Pixelish.HQ 🎧

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Pixelish — with Wolfgang Bremer (Trailer)

Thanks for tuning in to Pixelish but as the title suggests this is only a trailer… but I’m working on it. Promise.I’m already now looking forward to hosting guests - friends really - from various backgrounds and we’ll be talking about all sorts of things design, product, technology and more.In the meantime it would be great, if you would subscribe and follow twitter.com/Pixelish_HQ and instagram.com/Pixelish_HQ - it really helps.Thank you so much. You’ll hear from us soon. Literally.

31 Mar 2021

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