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Hearts Unleashed is a personal and professional development podcast committed to empowering YOU to operate with full freedom, power, and self-expression in every area of life. Life Coach, Speaker, and Author, Abigail Gazda shares hers and other’s journeys and insights to shine a light on the path you are walking towards your fullest life. Having made her own “hot mess” of transformation, Abigail will invite you to get your hands dirty listening to this podcast! After leaving her full time corporate position to start her own business, Gazda shares that entrepreneurship and bravery in life is much like jumping off a cliff and building your plane on the way down! It is as scary as it is thrilling! You will find most of this podcast is about that crazy free fall we all feel some times and you’ll get tips, tricks, and tools, for assembling YOUR aircraft so you can soar. In this podcast, you will from men, women, and young people. You’ll hear from people from all industries, with different ideas, contributing to different causes or movements. The purpose of this podcast is to interview and celebrate those living their hearts unleashed and inspire those of you hungry to do so! As you listen to this podcast, our hope is that you hear that one thing from that one person that really flips the switch in your heart that inspires you to take action on your dreams. Because here in the Hearts Unleashed Podcast, we are turning dreamers into doers.

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078: 15 Min Fill Up: 4 Benefits and 5 Keys To Effective Journaling

Alight you guys! Have you noticed the wave of popularity in journaling (and even meditation?)Well in today's #15minfillup, I am going to share 4 major benefits and 5 tips to get you started on your journaling journey!First off, notice that the title of this episode say EFFECTIVE journaling!That is because when people first start a journaling or meditation practice, they normally have NO IDEA what they are doing or trying to produce!This causes frustration, inconsistency, lack of results, and eventual quitting. No beuno.Especially if you are seriously interested and do not know where or how to get started.Today's episode will help with anyone wanting to get started or shift into a more meaningful experience doing introspective work, which is absolutely essential to transformation. Start here and start journaling effectively today! and if you are just getting into meditation as well, feel free to download this PDF to get started today!


10 Jun 2019

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