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Where's The Grief?

Death is an inevitable part of life, and yet it can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about the process of grief amongst one's peers. In this podcast, comedian Jordon Ferber helps shine some light into the darkest parts of our own existence and encourage a more open discussion about the effects of grief, and offers coping mechanisms to those suffering.

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Ep 87 - Author Shelby Forsythia

In this episode, Jordon interviews author Shelby Forsythia, author of Permission to Grieve and host of her own podcast, Coming Back: Conversations on Life After Loss. After the unexpected death of her mother in 2013, Shelby became what she calls a “student of grief” as she helps others on the path back into the light.

1hr 13mins

25 Nov 2019

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Ep. 90 - Sharon Spell

In this episode, I talk to comedian and storyteller Sharon Spell! Sharon's parents died just 18 days apart in 2011. As a comedian Sharon almost immediately began talking about her loss onstage, and has since gone on to share stories on the RISK podcast, on her own show Gens Stories, and is a Moth StorySLAM winner. We talk about the importance of community, and of the difficulty in doing jokes about hard topics.  Follow Sharon at SharonSpell.com!

1hr 12mins

21 Jan 2020

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Episode 65 - Mitch Carmody

In this episode recorded at the 2018 Compassionate Friends National Conference in St. Louis, MO, Jordon sits down with Mitch Carmody,  a writer, artist, grief educator and a nationally recognized motivational speaker. He is the author of several books, and hosts his own Radio Show “Grief Chat”. He is a Grief Facilitator for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (T.A.P.S) of military loss, member of The Association of Death Education and Counseling (A.D.E.C.) and has served on the National Board of Directors for The Compassionate Friends, the largest grief support organization in the world. After losing his twin sister in an accident in 1985 and then his son to cancer in 1987 Mitch has dedicated his life to serving the bereaved in any way he can. His is truly a story of hope and perseverance. Follow all the good that he does at http://heartlightstudios.net


27 Aug 2018

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Episode 76 - Bobby Lockwood

In this episode I sat down with comedian Bobby Lockwood to talk about life after the death of his father to pancreatic cancer. We talk about how men are taught to grieve, and how using distractions for your grief as a coping mechanism can only work for so long. Bobby has his own podcast called Mooncamp - Check it out here! Follow him on Instagram at @BobbyDankwood and @WelcomeToMoonCamp

1hr 1min

9 Apr 2019

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Episode 79 - Tom Nemec

In this episode, Jordon welcomes comedian and author Tom Nemic. Tom's father died when he was in High School, and his mother in 2000, but the biggest loss we focus on his that of his childhood, and the adulthood of a girlfriends son. We talk about the importance of having a community, and the difficulty we all have in being honest with ourselves.

1hr 13mins

4 Jun 2019

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Episode 80 - Kelly Carlin

In this episode, Jordon talks to author Kelly Carlin, about the ups and downs of dealing with life and loss. Her book, "A Carlin Home Companion; Growing up with George," details her upbringing and the ever evolving relationship we have with our parents and ourselves. After losing her mother rather privately, and then her father so publicly, Kelly has found a refreshing and honest outlook on how to move forward despite adversity. We also talk about the importance of community and how much it matters that we give ourselves permission to go through it however we go through it. Follow all things Kelly at http://thekellycarlinsite.com

1hr 4mins

19 Jun 2019

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Jason Wendroff-Rawnicki

In this episode, I sat down with Yogi and Essential Oils specialist Jason Wendroff to talk about sibling grief! I met Jason on an episode of Open to Hope and subsequently got to hang out with him at this years TCF conference in Philadelphia. It's been 21 years since the death of his sister Lauren, and its taken time for Jason to find the right balance to help others along with himself. We talk about the importance of having peer support, gratitude, and the understanding that we all need to find our own path back into the light. Follow Jason on FB (and make sure to tell him you heard him on WTG!) Check out Jason's Essential Oils page: http://my.doterra.com//shineyogacenter

1hr 17mins

17 Sep 2019

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Episode 74 - Anne Brener

In this episode, I sat down with Rabbi Anne Brener to discuss the new updated and expanded version of her book, "Mourning and Mitzvah," now celebrating its 25th year in publication. Anne became a Rabbi who deals with mourning after her mother and sister both died within a few months of each other. She continues to be a source of hope, enriched by her own experiences with loss and personal growth and her belief in the healing power of ritual, communication, and community organization. We discuss the importance of having a community to grieve with, as well as how we interpret the many signs that our lost loved ones send us. Follow her on Facebook for more info on what she does. BUY HER BOOK! Check out "Mourning and Mitzvah" on Amazon! As always, feel free to Email Me at WheresTheGrief@gmail.com Follow me on Twitter @WheresThe Grief


11 Mar 2019

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Episode 66 - Lori Sommer

In this episode, I sat down with comedian Lori Sommer! Lori initially reached out to me to talk about the loss of the love of her life, and as life would have it, just two weeks prior to our interview the comedy world lost one of our own -- Poppi Kramer died unexpectedly and left so many of us wondering how to move forward. Lori and I talk about the importance of community, of looking for silver linings, and how much it means to be able to have a place to express one's feelings. Lori performs regularly all over the city, but can often be found at the new Westside Comedy Club - Check out their upcoming events to see her. She also performs regularly with Bon Bon Burlesque! Follow them on FB to find out more!

1hr 10mins

11 Sep 2018

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