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The show where we talk about nothing but Butler basketball - giving you the inside sources, hotly-debated discussions, and everything in between!

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HOOPCAST Episode 14 (03/01/2014)

Hoopcast Episode 14 is our senior tribute episode. Includes Ari and Kevin's fondest memories of Khyle Marshall and Erik Fromm at Butler, plus a preview of the last 2 regular season games.


5 Mar 2014

Rank #1

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HOOPCAST Episode 13 (02/19/2014)

Episode 13 includes quick recaps of the Xavier, Creighton, and St. John's games, discussion about Rene's decision to transfer, and whether or not Coach Miller is on the hot seat after this season.


23 Feb 2014

Rank #2

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HOOPCAST Episode 12 (02/08/2014)

Episode 12 includes our thoughts on the previous four Butler games, discussion about when it's time to look ahead to next season, and predictions on whether or not an above-.500 finish for the team is realistic.


10 Feb 2014

Rank #3

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HOOPCAST Episode 11 (01/22/2014)

Episode 11 topics include a recap of the week's 2 games, the team's 7-man rotation, and a look forward to Stay Positive Night at Hinkle vs. St. John's.


27 Jan 2014

Rank #4

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HOOPCAST Episode 10 (01/15/2014)

We're back! In Episode 10 of Front Row Hoopcast, we try to make sense of Butler's 5-game skid, discuss some bright spots from Big East play, and look forward to upcoming games.


21 Jan 2014

Rank #5

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HOOPCAST Episode 9 (12/15/2013)

In the Hoopcast's mid-season finale, the Front Row Crew gets down to business to bring you topics including a Crossroads Classic recap, what's been the biggest surprise so far in Butler's young season, and a Big East preview.


21 Jan 2014

Rank #6

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HOOPCAST Episode 8 (12/03/2013)

In Episode 8, the panel discusses key players' "freshness levels" at the old Spice Classic, recap the tournament as a building block going forward, and analyze Hoopcast Tomich's abysmal half-court attempt in Orlando.


7 Dec 2013

Rank #7

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HOOPCAST Episode 7 (11/20/2013)

Episode 7 includes a Vandy game recap, progress updates for key players, Old Spice Classic preview, and an out-of-left-field prediction that you don't want to miss!


25 Nov 2013

Rank #8

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HOOPCAST Episode 6 (11/17/2013)

In Episode 6, we discuss Kellen's big game vs. Princeton, what we think of Butler's two 2014 recruits, and answer Keefer's Question about long-term changes to the program.


19 Nov 2013

Rank #9

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HOOPCAST Episode 5 (11/10/2013)

The fifth episode of the Front Row Hoopcast covers topics including Khyle Marshall's big game against Lamar, which guy is winning the backup point guard battle, and Butler's (slightly) improved defense.


12 Nov 2013

Rank #10