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Being Your Best with Trey Johnson

Being Your Best with Trey Johnson. Listen and take notes while Trey teaches you how to be the Best You, You Possibly can be.

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Authority Over Demons And Disease

As you track Jesus through the gospels you see that He had authority over demons and disease and He gave us that same power.


27 Mar 2019

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In order for our lives to be transformed we must change the way we think. When we change our thinking we will change out life.


6 Feb 2019

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Fed Up!

We must get fed up with what the enemy has stolen from us in order to take back what is ours. Are you fed up with defeat?


5 Jun 2019

Rank #3

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Three Shaking Desires

You live your life with passion and desire. DESIRE is a gift that God gives each of us to help fuel our dreams, vision, goals, and plans.


30 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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Seek And You Will Find

This is a spiritual law. Whatever you seek, good or bad, you will find.


18 Dec 2019

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Change The Way You Think

Every person thinks of themselves a certain way. Learn to think about yourself the way that God does in order to be who you were created to be.


25 Sep 2019

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Renewing Your Mind

If we want to change our lives in any area, we must learn to change the way we think. When we change our thinking, we change our life!


18 Sep 2019

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Having Confidence

Gaining knowledge of who you are in Christ and how He has made you, will give you confidence to fulfill your purpose and be everything He has created you to be!


5 Feb 2020

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Fight The Good Fight With Words

We have a part to play in winning the fight of faith and in this teaching learn how speaking God's word will help you gain the victory.


11 May 2019

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Healing Is Part Of Redemption

Jesus paid for our healing just like He did our sins. Redemption covers every area of life!


8 Jan 2020

Rank #10

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Work Of The Diligent

God has created each of us to discover what our work is then be diligent in doing it!


16 Oct 2019

Rank #11

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Passion is something we all need in order to fulfill our purpose. In this teaching, discover how to ignite your passion to help fulfill the purpose God has for you.


24 Apr 2019

Rank #12

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A Strong Spirit

In this teaching you will discover the importance of a strong spirit that will help you get through any of life's storms.


13 Mar 2019

Rank #13

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Faith and Understanding

Understanding gives us great strength in facing life's challenges and growing in our relationship with God!


25 Jul 2019

Rank #14

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Freedom From Bondages

This is the season that God wants us to be free from bondages in every area of life. It is a time of new beginnings.


2 Jul 2019

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He's A Good Shepard

God is good, He wants us to have a good life and He's leading us in a good plan.


25 Dec 2019

Rank #16

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Walking with God

Learn how to develop confidence in your relationship with God. God wants us confident as we walk with Him.


29 Jan 2020

Rank #17

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Developing Confidence

Learn how to develop your confidence, no matter what circumstances you are facing in life!


12 Feb 2020

Rank #18

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The Power of Offense

Every one of us has opportunities to be offended but the Lord wants us to live free from being offended. In this teaching learn how to stay free from the trap of offense.


18 Mar 2020

Rank #19

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Rekindle And Recapture

Learn to rekindle your relationship with God and to recapture your purpose, vision and the plans that God has for your life!


25 Jun 2019

Rank #20