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Welcome to the Planting Seeds community! Our aim is to give our audience a greater idea of the range of diversity that exists in careers within the science, technology, engineering and maths fields (STEM).We look to link our audience with BAME professionals that are in successful careers and ask the key questions... How are you able to thive in your choosen career path? How easy/difficult is it to get into your field and even excel? Any advice for people coming into STEM related careers? So whether you are in Secondary School, undergoing A-levels/ college courses, at University and not sure what to do after graduation - or just looking to try something new - this podcast will help to equip you with the right information to make that leap into a STEM career, that little bit easier.

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E03: Stephanie Alexander | Powertrain Engineer, Bosch

Stephanie Alexander joins us for our third episode, where she talks about her journey as a black female professional in the world of powertrain and automotive engineering at Bosch. In this episode, Stephanie runs us through her thought process behind taking her course at university and the motivations behind it. We also discuss her current projects, the challenges she’s faced and combatting ‘imposter syndrome’. We also touch on her recent work as a ‘hydrogen ambassador’ at Bosch Engineering - tapped as the industry’s most interesting new potential fuel source.  Stephanie's passion for her work, and specifically her goals to reach the F1 is clear and by doing so - she hopes to inspire future generations, and women of colour especially, to take up engineering.


1 Jan 2022

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E02: Davendra Dabasia | Managing Director, Mace International

Davendra Dabasia, the Managing Director for International Consultancy at Mace joins us in our second episode.  In this episode, Davendra talks about his professional journey and his current role - leading one of the world's largest consultancy and construction operations for the built environment. Davendra notes, that in his Kenyan-Indian community, construction is often viewed as a 'dirty' industry but wants to dispel any myths and offer construction as a vast industry with a plethora of career options, unlike many may think. We explore his proudest moments, like his role in the delivery of the London 2012 Olympics, and his greatest lessons. Davendra imparts wisdom for anyone looking to get into construction. 


24 Sep 2021

Rank #2

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E01: Dr. Nola Pickard | Senior Project Sponsor, Ministry of Justice

Welcome to Planting Seeds! We are so excited to invite you to our podcast and what a way to start with Dr. Nola Pickard.  Nola is a Senior Project sponsor with the Ministry of Justice and has been responsible for multiple pieces of legislation, throughout the course of her career.  After taking time to find herself via travelling, Nola studied Chemistry all the way to PhD level. During the episode, we discuss how she got into the civil service, what she loves about her role, her Nigerian heritage and the effect this has had on her career.


23 Aug 2021

Rank #3

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Welcome to Planting Seeds! We can't wait to share the stories of senior BAME professionals and give you exposure to all types of jobs/ careers that exist in this crazy world of STEM. 


3 Aug 2021

Rank #4

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