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This podcast includes interviews from leading sources in business, both from inside and outside of the physiotherapy world, aimed to give you a better insight into what is possible within your business and how to achieve it.

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007. Edmund Pelgan SEO and Digital Marketing

Edmund Pelgan discusses the mysteries of SEO and digital marketing and brings clarity to this ever changing and vastly important issue for private practices around the world. To contact Edmund directly email at edmund@onlinekickstart.com 


28 Jan 2020

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005. Grant Difford - Leadership Mindset

Grant Difford, an international authority on shifting people’s mindsets from being a technician (clinician) to being a leader in their business.Grant is the co-founder of Waking Giants and will share his extraordinary insights in helping business leaders rediscover WHY they are in business, how to develop the cultural changes and business strategies to enable people to live their lives to fulfilment of their potential.Grant will discuss his 3-pillars: leadership, strategy and brand, supported by the right mindset. 


5 Nov 2019

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004. Wayne Hutchinson | Business Coach

Wayne Hutchinson, from GrowBusinessGrow, is a leader in the field of business consultancy and business growth. Wayne discusses how to transition yourself out of being a clinician/technician into being a business owner. He discusses how great businesses are built by great strategists and not technicians. This transition requires a proactive strategy to ensure businesses grow, while the key revenue generator switches themselves to work on-the-business rather than in-the-business. We’ll discuss the 2-days in-the-business, 2-days on-the-business and 3-days out-of-the-business philosophy. The end point is to create a business that delivers outstanding service at every touch point, produces a growing profit each quarter without the owner or principal being physically present. 

1hr 17mins

30 Oct 2019

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003. Alex Engar and Will Boyd from Healthy Funnels

Alex Engar and Will Boyd, two of the world’s leading social media marketing authorities for health professions discuss the latest relevant methodologies and strategies for Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists to maximise their digital market presence in today’s fast changing environment. Additionally, they bring practicality, cutting-edge leadership and common sense rarely seen.


25 Oct 2019

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001. Darren Rieck from Nookal Practice Management

Darren Rieck, the founder and CEO of Nookal Practice Management Software, discusses his unique understanding of the physiotherapy profession from his perspective as being a leader in software development while also being a physiotherapist. Darren shows his passion for providing solutions using technology to make our lives easier as busy practitioners and discusses his thoughts on the future of our profession. 


22 Oct 2019

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