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We’re hosting a killer party, and you’re invited. Cocktail Party Massacre is Earth's favorite horror movie game show…because it's Earth’s ONLY horror movie game show. Contestants have a chance to win the coveted title of Final Girl -- but ONLY by outsmarting our slasher in three rounds of horror movie trivia.

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GAME ON: SLEEPAWAY CAMP with Final Girl contestant Colleen

This episode is major because our love for Sleepaway Camp is major. We introduce a new cocktail called the Water Snake, we interview new and old Sleepaway Camp fans at the Splatterflix Film Festival, and we challenge Final Girl contestant Colleen to three rounds of Camp Arawak trivia. Will she defeat our brutal slasher? Or will she end up with a curling iron in her you-know-what? OUCH! You'll have to tune in to find out, kiddies. (Plus, after our goodbyes, we place a late-night call to a surprise guest who gives her impression of the movie.) Wanna be a Final Girl contestant? Visit: www.cocktailpartymassacre.com/contact.

1hr 28mins

19 Oct 2018

Rank #1