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A frequently rotating cast of friends discuss whatever comes to mind with no particular goal in sight.

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From The Vault Part 2

Prior to the quarantine, we had recorded a couple episodes, but never released them. Well, here’s another… enjoy! More episodes coming soon. Contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com Closing song: Evaporate by Dance Gavin Dance

1hr 51mins

21 Apr 2020

Rank #1

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Death is Inevitable

This Week, Josh and Jared are joined by two special guests for a late night recording before Mike’s wedding, while under the influence of Long Island Iced Teas. Luke from Lock Haven returns and Logan makes his debut on the podcast! They talk about what occurred prior to the recording at a gathering in the basement. Jared brings up the X Games, and they talk about things they thought they could do when they were kids. Logan and Josh reminisce on the summers they worked together as camp counselors and some of the shenanigans that took place. Afterwards, they each pick something they would bring into the world that doesn’t currently exist. Later, they play a new game called ‘Ask a Teacher’ and pepper Luke with some real questions. They close the episode with a debate on the soul’s weight and how to eat a burger. This was a great time and we hope you enjoy it! closing song: Elephant by Tame Impala contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

2hr 1min

6 Aug 2019

Rank #2

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Edit That Out

This week, Josh and Jared are joined by Mike and Tyler, who makes his debut on the podcast. They begin their discussion with hair styles that were popular when they were in high school. Logically, the conversation shifts into a discussion about the Fyre Festival Documentary, Jersey Shore, and Sea World. The group discusses classic Disney movies and which they consider to be the best. Later, they talk about the issues with the Oscars and Tyler goes on a rant about movies that are “complex”, leading to a discussion about movies they went to see back in day. The group talks about Tyler’s fake social media accounts he used back in the day to do some shenanigans. Other topics include dumpster diving, lies they were told/told others, movies that make you feel miserable, Mack and Me, potential podcast topics/segments, and working at a nursing home. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 42mins

18 Mar 2019

Rank #3

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Dead Animals in the Library

Editors Note: Jared’s computer deleted 2 unaired episodes that were suppose to go up before this one. So there may be one or two references made that will not make perfect sense. It’s impossible to be more disspointed in us than we are in ourselves though. Do it is what it is This week, Luke joins the podcast as they begin with a discussion about weird dreams they’ve had. They then talk about a drunk substitute teacher and the difficulties of that particular job. During the social media update, they emphasize their concern for Bernie Sanders and his signs of dementia (#helpbernie). Jared talks about his new pair of glasses and his discovery of how the world is supposed to look. There may be a new emerging character (Condescending Jared). Later they get into a discussion about their old elementary school and the oddities of the school library. Other topics include, the perfect first date, bananas are berries, luck, and random question generator. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 33mins

22 Apr 2019

Rank #4

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This is a first for Table In A Basement, we recorded over the phone due to social distancing policies. We talk about what it’s been like so far and why professional wrestling is the greatest sport. other topics include Tiger King, things we watched on Netflix so far, and who is really responsible for what’s going on. Enjoy and stay safe! Contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 28mins

28 Apr 2020

Rank #5

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# Above PETA

This week, Josh and Jared begin the episode with a conversation about the upcoming cold weather and talk about where their favorite place to have an itch is. Logically, this leads to the stress of haircuts and people buying drones. Other topics include checking the spam, extremely heavy music, disdain for PETA, and Buzzfeed quizzes. Closing song: The Excavator Song by Blippi Contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 35mins

20 Nov 2019

Rank #6

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From the Vault

Prior to the quarantine, we had recorded a couple episodes, but never released them. Well, here’s one of them… enjoy! More episodes coming soon. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com Closing song: Hidden Place by Björk

2hr 4mins

14 Apr 2020

Rank #7

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Julian Assange-Skate or Die

Editor’s Note: so this week’s episode is one that we claimed we lost last week. Due to some technical magic from Jared, it has been saved. The original episode 13 is still gone, but this one actually ends up being the same episode number it was originally meant to be. Very confusing and convoluted sounding, and we would have it no other way This week, Josh and Jared are joined by themselves. Together, they come up with a name to describe the listeners of the podcast (Captives… by Consent). Josh describes a bad day at his job and how he handled the situation. Next, they discuss the Julian Assange situation and their personal opinions on his arrest. Other topics include inside jokes, the French Foreign Legion, group projects, future news, and matching track suits. We are so glad we were able to recover this lost episode. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 42mins

29 Apr 2019

Rank #8

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I Think I’m Okay With Being Put Down

I Think I’m Okay With Being Put Down This week, Josh and Jared are joined by college Luke on a late Friday night. They start out with an email check and a shoutout to Ty and his band Heelers. There was another scam attempt on the podcast email, but we resisted the tempting offer. This leads into a brief conversation about scams and what kinds they have experienced. The group talks about possible solutions for people like themselves that are not enjoying the process of growing up. They feel being put down might be a decent solution. Later, they get into a conversation about Friday the 13th and the phases of horror movies recently. Josh shares his horror movie idea and we think it’s a winner. To close out the episode, they name some bands/artists they listened to in their youth, dollar hotdogs at Sheetz, and they each name some things they lived without for a long time that they never want to give up. closing song: Drive by Incubus contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 31mins

22 Sep 2019

Rank #9

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Carrot Cake Belongs on the Ground

This Week Josh and Jared are joined by first time guest, Nikki the baker. After a quick introduction they go into the Twitter update with a unique spin this week. Next, they take a BuzzFeed quiz that deals with the topic of baking, inspired by the guest host. They talk about the heatwave that was taking place and Jared going into heat coma (taking a nap) for three hours.Other topics include peeing in pools, wars, penis cakes, kids, and more. closing song: Wheels by Cake contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 35mins

24 Jul 2019

Rank #10

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It’s Fine

This week, Josh and Jared ride solo as they discuss the hard-hitting issues. They begin with a discussion about Josh breaking Jared’s coffee maker literally minutes before the recording. After the Twitter update, Josh talks about a frustrating experience on the highway and expresses his disdain for aggressive drivers. this leads into a Facebook rabbit hole about offensive people, memes, and posts. To ease the tensions, they take a BuzzFeed quiz to determine what high school clique they should have been a part of. Other topics covered include dumb world records, new slang terms, space travel, and ground rules for texting. To close the episode, they play a little game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with a question inspired by the podcast Your Mom’s House. Josh’s book Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Titles-Hard-College-Doesnt-Have/dp/164492949X/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=titles+are+hard&qid=1558347025&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Closing song: “Black Out Days” by Phantogram Contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 55mins

20 May 2019

Rank #11

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Jamaica Recap (We Miss You Omar)

This week Josh and Jared record another solo episode, the first one back from Tyler’s wedding. They begin the episode with an exciting Twitter update, someone actually replied back! After the update, they describe some events in the airport that they both found irritating during a layover in Charlotte. They then go into a recap of the entire trip to Jamaica and the experience of an all inclusive resort. As usual, they derail into multiple rants and side conversations based on what they observed while on vacation. Later, they catch up on some news they missed while away, including updates on Jussie Smollett, Julian Assange, and Aunt Becky. To close out the episode, they do another BuzzFeed quiz, talk about Mt. Everest, and give a couple music recommendations. Closing song: “Yellow Brick Road” by Angus & Julia Stone Contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 49mins

17 Jun 2019

Rank #12

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We’re Back!

This week, Josh and Jared are joined by high school Luke after a week off from recording. After a Twitter update, they talk about attending a show Jared’s band played. This leads into a conversation about the confusion of dubstep. To get back on track, they discuss some topics josh had found through Instagram. Later, Josh and Luke continue with a deep and thoughtful topic while Jared sat in silence, cause he was sick. They close out the episode with a quick conversation about pep rallies and how Penn State is a cult. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 30mins

14 Sep 2019

Rank #13

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Josh is 100% Trash

Josh is 100% Trash This week, Josh and Jared are joined by Colin. After the Twitter banter, Colin explains his theory on why the Shwing disappeared from the Sheets menu. This leads into a discussion about Josh’s latest dream and what it might mean. Later they talk about their ad interests from Instagram and try to figure out how each apply to themselves. They also take a BuzzFeed quiz which leads to an interesting realization about Josh. The conversation diverts into various topics throughout the entire episode, as usual. closing song: System Blower by Death Grips

2hr 12mins

29 Jul 2019

Rank #14

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High School-The Movie

This Week, Josh and Jared are joined by Tyler for a Monday night recording. They begin the night with a shoutout to Ty and his band Heelers. They then go into a quick discussion about how pointless birthdays are as an adult and Josh’s latest dream journal. This is a special episode as Tyler and Josh reveal the script they had written while in college for a high school movie. It’s a live, Table in a Basement exclusive. This episode wouldn’t be complete without Tyler stirring up some controversy. He goes on a rant about Baby Boomers and how they frustrate him at work and in general. closing song: Poopy In My Pants by Bellefonte Express contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 30mins

17 Oct 2019

Rank #15

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Stop Saying He, It’s She

This week, Josh and Jared begin by addressing the technical issues experienced in the previous episodes. They then go into an in depth review of the movie Captain Marvel, which Josh went to see to celebrate International Women’s Day. Next, they mention the podcast’s new social media handles and share a few posts they have made so far. Other topics include box tops, Warped Tour, and the debut of a brand new segment called “Make Josh Uncomfortable.” Finally, the guys get political as they determine the best Democratic presidential candidate, displaying their lack of knowledge and understanding of politics. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 35mins

25 Mar 2019

Rank #16

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Is That A Ghost?

This week, Josh and Jared are joined by their good friends Mike and Luke. During the recording, they experience some static interference from some kind of ghost and/or alien in the basement. Despite this, they power through to give a taste test of a particular cereal, discuss the difference between podcast and radio, and answer some potential job interview questions. Mike tries to explain what was so funny about a Stephen Hawking documentary as they reflect on some high school memories. Meanwhile, Josh hiccups in the background contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 23mins

11 Feb 2019

Rank #17

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Welcome Back (The End of a Decade?)

The podcast is back after a holiday break and includes Nikki, Logan, and Mike. The Gang gives a little Bellefonte Express update and hint at new music in the works. There is also a heated debate about whether or not 2020 marks the end of the decade. There’s new topics explored and quite a bit of banter in this episode. It feels great to be back. closing song: Alright by Kendrick Lamar contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 43mins

12 Jan 2020

Rank #18

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Eight Sweaty Guys in an Attic

This week, Mike and Luke join the podcast as they discuss the results of the Mom Jeans poll on Instagram. Jared is highly disappointed with the results and gives his blunt opinion on them. He channeled some inner Tyler on that one. Next they talk about the downsides of getting older and trying to become an adult. During a brief conversation about March Madness, Josh brings up an old story about his little brother as they reflect on some classic moments. Luke asks the group to share some unrealistic fears they had or currently have. Later they go into an in depth conversation about the music group they created during Physics Day at an amusement park. To conclude, they share the top albums each person would try to rescue from a fire, give some shameless plugs, and as usual, derail into some random topics. contact:tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 35mins

15 Apr 2019

Rank #19

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Bring Back The Shwing

This week Josh and Jared are joined by a very special guest. Ty from Utah joins the podcast to reminisce on the good old days. contact: tableinabasement@yahoo.com

1hr 47mins

10 Jun 2019

Rank #20