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D.I.Y. Old-Time Radio

Sound and sound effects can help bring stories to life. Things are about to get seriously spooky. While learning about the “Golden Age of Radio,” we’ll explore why the medium seemed to specialize in suspense and horror. And we’ll find out how old-time radio’s sound effects wizards came up with all of those cool (and super creepy) sounds. Finally, we’ll produce our own spooky mini-drama inspired by old-time radio; and we have tips on how to record your own old-time radio sound effects at home! For more spooky sounds and scary tales, visit http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/multimedia/series/AudioStories/telling-stories-with-sound

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Make Your Own Spooky Radio Show

Kitchen cabinets? A plastic bag? A baking sheet? Using everyday objects found around your house, learn how to make spooky sound effects for your very own Halloween radio show!


24 Oct 2011

Rank #1

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The Golden Age of Radio

From old-time radio to movies and video games, sound, and the use of sound effects, can play a huge role in helping bring stories to life. In this episode, we’ll examine how sound is used to tell stories, and create our own old-time radio show, without ever leaving the house.


24 Oct 2011

Rank #2

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