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Welcome to the Inclusionomics® Podcast, a place for fresh, real talk about our lived experiences with the challenges of being seen, heard, and included. Hosted by diversity and inclusion strategist Stacey Gordon, and leadership and storytelling coach Lisa Gates, Inclusionomics® dives into hot button issues with an eye for powering up people on the edge: of action, of complicity, of giving up. We offer you validation, resources and fuel to fiercely advocate for inclusion at work, school, and in your community.

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You Coulda Been Woke

What prompted us to start this dialogue? As usual, an off-hand comment, a casual remark, or an event that causes one of us to say, "are you kidding me??" What does it mean to be woke? What’s the definition? How woke do you have to be? You can't be woke because you have a black friend and you aren't woke just because you're protesting. If you had an opportunity to be woke and missed it, listen it and you might get a new opportunity. 


13 Aug 2019

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Co-Host Introduction - Lisa Gates

As we go through this season with a theme of Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, we thought it would be good to introduce the hosts to you and we hope you'll get to know us more as we travel along this journey together. 


7 May 2019

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You Shoulda Fixed Your Hair

It's hard enough dealing with all the inequities in the workplace, but when it comes to the written and unwritten rules around hair, things get a little twisted. In this episode hosts Stacey,  Thelá  and Lisa talk about all the ways "You Shoulda Fixed Your Hair"  to avoid racial and economic bias, as well as California's new C.R.O.W.N. Act banning dress codes that forbid braids, twists  and other natural hair styles. 


18 Jun 2019

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Unapologetically Opinionated

We’re getting into the brain science behind our beliefs and opinions, and why they’re so hard to change. Most of us are unapologetically opinionated, yet beliefs and opinions are fallible! In this episode, you’ll discover what happens when our beliefs and opinions are threatened, why it feels uncomfortable, and how we can be better communicators and leaders who actively include diverse viewpoints.


31 Mar 2020

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You Shoulda Hired a Woman

in this episode we're tackling gender bias in hiring and things we can do to make our own changes. But we know that if we have the tools and the awareness, we can do better. We can come together to do our part to make incremental changes. Let's move the needle! Why should you hire a woman? What are the legal reasons? By the end of this podcast, you'll have a fabulous tool to make sure you get paid what you're worth and you'll be better equipped to be an ally to other women just like you.


4 Jun 2019

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You Shoulda Stayed Calm

Tired of being cast as angry? Tired of being told to calm down when you have every right to be angry?  In this episode, we talk about anger as a symptom of something underlying that needs to be addressed.  When women are more likely than men to suppress anger at work and they are more likely than men to be penalized for showing anger we have to do something to change this biased way of thinking.


21 May 2019

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You Shoulda Broke the Rules

 There are so many rules to live by… be strong, but don’t be bossy; speak up, but not too loudly . . .  We know you’re tired of living by rules made by someone else and so are we. Join us as we discuss how to break the rules and stay employed! 


16 Jul 2019

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Unapologetically Privileged

What is privilege? Do you have privilege? Various definitions tell us that privilege is unearned access to resources but it’s the word “unearned” that puts people on edge and makes them defensive. So in this episode, we’re going to talk about privilege, what it is, what it means to different people and why it’s ok to be unapologetic about the privilege you have.


11 Feb 2020

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You Shoulda Said No

Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you find yourself saying, "I shoulda said no"? Or asking yourself why you said yes to THAT? You're not alone. We've all been there - some of us are there - stuck in an unending cycle of yes. But we're going to help you break the cycle while fulfilling our need to be heard, seen and included, which won’t happen unless we strategically say no.


3 Jul 2019

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Unapologetically Me

In this episode we explore what unapologetic means on a personal level. Because change starts on the inside. Internally. Right where you are. How do you be you, unapologetically, in all the places and spaces you show up?  How and where do you bring your whole self to the party, and where do you hold back? What does it mean to be unapologetically you?


28 Jan 2020

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