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By MattMcWilliams - Jul 10 2015
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Barclay Jones is knocking it out of the park. Must-listen to podcast. Keep it up Barclay!

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By MattMcWilliams - Jul 10 2015
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Barclay Jones is knocking it out of the park. Must-listen to podcast. Keep it up Barclay!
Cover image of Recruitment Leaders Podcast with Barclay Jones

Recruitment Leaders Podcast with Barclay Jones

Latest release on Apr 06, 2020

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Rank #1: Recruitment Marketing Hacks. Ricky Wheeler, Cube19 and Barclay Jones

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Recruitment Leaders and their marketers who need their marketing to be sales-led: about convertible leads, retained candidates, recruiter attraction, need to listen to this Recruitment Leaders' Podcast.

Today the focus of this Recruitment Leaders’ podcast is recruitment marketing driving sales.  This is a crucial listen for recruitment leaders and their marketers – and recruiters who know that getting on the “right side” of marketing may be the key to their sales pipeline success!


If we have learned anything from the last 24 months, cleaning up your data (because the govt told you to) may not necessarily get you the financial benefits that your common sense tell you you should be getting from a clean database…

I’m joined by someone who can bring data cleanliness and recruitment marketing to whole a new level.  Starting as a dustman (who’d have known?)  Segued into website build.  Became the mighty Broadbean’s 3rd employee.  Then moved to Ebsta.  His purpose now at Cube19 is to help recruiters generate growth from decisions based on real-time recruitment data.

It’s all been about recruitment data (and the odd bit of “dirt”).

We talked about two key things:

1. What Tips Can Ricky Give to Recruitment Marketers?
What has Ricky learned about recruitment marketing from his vast experience in some high performing recruitment software businesses?  He answered the following questions:

What are Ricky’s “hacks” for successful recruitment marketing?
How do marketers make their functions a profit, rather than a cost, centre?
How does Ricky define a high-performance marketing team look like?
How do marketers navigate the (what I call) the marketing “love-in” that I see online and at events, which really offer little value, but give generic “tips” on marketing, but often don’t really add any real substance to help the average recruitment marketer add real value to the recruiting workflow?
How can recruitment events REALLY work? (when so many of them don’t work…)
What do recruitment leaders and recruiters need to “do” with their marketer to get real value and how does the marketer interact with their leaders and internal clients to ensure that they deliver the 4Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!)

2. What does Ricky think that Recruitment Marketers need to do with their data...
... to help them become more effective?

Which data does a recruitment marketer actually need?
How do recruitment marketers actually help the sales funnel?
How do personas actually help recruitment marketers with their content / SEO strategy?
Where does recruitment CRM fit into a recruitment marketer toolkit?
Which tools are critical to a recruitment marketer? And which is the most important recruitment marketing tool?
Recruitment Leads / MQLs / SQLs
We discussed recruitment leads – and our tips for lead generation for recruitment leads, where recruitment CRM fits and how to manage the leads into successful conversion.  It’s about MQLs (marketing qualified leads) enabling SQLs (sales qualified leads) ... and our thoughts that if you’re waiting for automation to transform your business then you’re likely to stagnate your growth by not engaging data and humans in the best way.

And what do recruitment leaders and their time-starved recruiters need to stop asking their recruitment marketers to do?

We also talked about my concept of the “dashboard recruiter” – you can also hear more thoughts on this in my Mark Hodgkinson "Taming your Recruitment Data" Podcast:

Feb 15 2019



Rank #2: Recruitment Award Hacks, Passive Talent Tips, and Rec Websites. Stephen O’Donnell and Barclay Jones

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Winning a recruitment award, attracting passive talent, and having a website to drive your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues) is a key goal for recruiters, their leaders and their marketers this year. I’m delighted to be talking to Stephen O’Donnell. He has had such a relevant and varied career in recruitment, the content of this podcast has something to offer all levels of recruitment.

This podcast will give you some tips on how to make your website award-winning, as well as tackling many other topics such as how to get the right candidates to apply for your jobs, job advert hacks and passive talent attraction tips.

Recruitment Award Hacks, Passive Talent Tips, and Websites

We discussed:
• Which 3 things MUST a recruitment website be able to do in 2019
• Want to win a NORA? What do you need to do? What do the judges look for?
• Why go for an online recruitment award – what is the point?
• What is the point of a recruitment website in 2019? What is the ROI?
• What is the one thing that a recruitment marketer can afford to “throw out” before the new year?
• What do recruitment websites need to stop doing?
• Any “best job advert” tips?
• What does passive talent want?
• Any thoughts on how to get super-passive candidates to apply for your job?

Stephen gave some hacks about what to do if you win an award – ie. How to generate more fees / candidates etc…

Stephen and I disagreed about whether a recruitment website should candidate or client-centric… another podcast for another day?

Thanks Stephen for being such great guest on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.

Feb 01 2019



Rank #3: How Recruitment Will Change in The Next Five Years: Jason Martin, Safe Computing, and Lisa Jones

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On the Barclay Jones’ Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast I talk this week to Jason Martin from Safe Computing

Safe Computing, part of the Access Group, specialises in delivering technology for global staffing organisations, both on a SaaS and in-house software delivery model.

Lisa and Jason talked about:

• How will the job of the recruitment consultant change in the next 5 years? How will automation change it?
• Integration in recruitment systems – what does this really mean and how should it impact on recruiters?
• Data is “the new oil”! Data economy is the new black. We talked about this “new” concept
• What do recruitment businesses need to do NOW? We talked about GDPR – some nifty ideas and tips for recruitment leaders in this section of the chat!
• Too much data, not enough information?
• What is TempAGo?
• What are Randstad and Adecco doing with data that may “cut out” the recruitment branch network and reduce their headcount?
• Which KPI does Jason think is key for every recruiter next year?
• We talked about the Relationship Economy – is it new?
• How can a recruitment leader manage their staffing more effectively in 2018?
• What does the average recruitment leader need to STOP doing - and what should they nail in 2018?
• What is $2billion being spent on by ONE recruiter before 2020?

Jan 04 2018



Rank #4: The Key to Recruitment Business Scalability and Growth, Mark Constable, Next Gear and Lisa Jones

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The Key to Recruitment Business Scalability and Growth, Mark Constable, Next Gear and Lisa Jones, Barclay Jones
In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, Lisa Jones spoke with Mark Constable, Founder of Next Gear.

After 15 years working in recruitment as a consultant, leader and business owner, Mark works with recruitment businesses who are either start-ups / micro and want to scale, or more established recruitment businesses which have reached barriers to growth.

This is a must-listen if you own a recruitment business, no matter how large, or what style of recruitment.

We talked about:

• How recruitment leaders want more time, more money and less stress – but often find that when they stop and look around, they haven’t gained any of those things…
• A recruitment leader’s focus is on revenue – but the most successful recruitment business focus on something else – what it that?
• What do you need to do to scale up your recruitment business?
• How do you create assets in your business?
• What are recruitment leaders doing every day to ensure that their systems, marketing etc… merely a cost and not a sales-driver?
• How do you deliver change?
• How do you know if your recruitment business is not delivering what you want?
• How do you know whether your business is capable of delivering what you need?
• What is the one thing every recruitment leader needs to do this year?
It was fascinating to talk about mindsets / culture / leadership with Mark: listen to the podcast and don't forget to subscribe!

Mar 21 2018



Rank #5: How To Get Your Recruiters Using Your Recruitment Software And Hitting Their KPIs, Barclay Jones

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Recruitment leaders who want to scale and grow their businesses through their data, systems and of course people, need to listen to this 15 minute podcast.

It’s crucial that your team engages with your recruitment software and generates the process and management information you need – this podcast contains some insight into how recruiters and their leaders can be more effective with their people, systems and data.

As a business the Barclay Jones team spends a lot of time in the board room and training room talking to recruiters about their Recruitment CRM. We find the same challenges over and over and so wanted to put the common obstacles together and share our thoughts on how you can overcome these challenges in your recruitment business.

In this podcast, Chloe Reynard and Luke Lynam of Barclay Jones discuss the key issues that prevent Recruiters from being “addicted” to their CRM system, creating great data and using that data to make money. It will be 16 minutes out of your day, and will give you some sustainable ideas to save you time and money.

Chloe and Luke are both Recruiter Success Trainers at Barclay Jones. One of their key goals is to train recruiters how to be effective using their CRM. We take recruiters to the next level when it comes to knowledge of the systems they use, good process within those systems and ultimately enable them to make more money through the technology they are currently using.

Why doesn’t my team of recruiters use our Recruitment CRM?

So, you’re a recruitment leader who needs to see your CRM engagement improve. This will lead to more candidates, clients and cash. In this podcast, Chloe quizzed Luke on:
• Why doesn’t my team of recruiters use our Recruitment CRM?
• How has recruitment technology changed over the last few years and what impact has this had on the businesses they have worked with?
• Why are recruiters still using spreadsheets?
• Why is recruitment office culture important to effective adoption?
• Why do recruitment leaders need to improve adoption of systems?
• And how do they improve adoption?
With GDPR, recruiter retention and wanting to grow before 2020, recruitment leaders need some practical and sustainable advice for how to get their teams and systems more connected to sales-led processes.

Sep 26 2018



Rank #6: Data is the New Oil, Recruitment KPIs and GDPR: Joe McGuire, cube19 and Lisa Jones, Barclay Jones

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Data should drive decisions and recruitment businesses, and drive the best 3Cs into your business (candidates, clients, consultants) – and, of course, content onto your recruitment CRM.

GDPR is kicking the average recruitment leaders’ butt and DATA is key to this.

Growth is key this year too.

I had great chat with Joe, Sales Director of Cube19 on our Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast. It’s all about data: the good, the bad and the relevant.

We talked about:

• Fish and KPIs!
• GDPR (it’s a data-driven initiative)
• What should data be used for?
• What should data NOT be used for?
• Data is the new Oil – says the Economist (although the BBC takes this “new oil” concept to another level) and so does Cube19 – why?
• Gut-feel versus data – and why does the average recruitment leader not trust their data?
• What is the plan for Cube19 in 2018?
• Should you delete your recruitment data?
• What is the one KPI he would set for a new recruiter in 2018?
• How can you incentivise your recruiters to “get good” with data?

Jan 16 2018



Rank #7: Could Apprentices Be the Key to Recruitment Profitability, APSCo Charlotte Clark, Barclay Jones

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Recruitment leaders need more convertible leads, placeable talent and more staff – so that they can grow their recruitment and staffing companies. This podcast is a speedy “must-listen”.

I am a busy lady – anyone who works with me knows that I milk every second out of every day… Also, I am a consultant, so it’s natural for me to forget about my own business, and focus on that of my clients… this means that I can sometimes ignore my own business’ needs.

As a small business leader I have little time to spend on my business (!) and that coupled with the fact that I feel that no-one can help me, means occasionally I need a butt kick!

At the beginning of this year, my business partner looked me in the eye and persuaded me to drop my ego and really look at what help I needed to deliver my role. Literally that day, I got a call from an apprenticeship training company… and now I have a fully-trained apprentice, giving me massive support in sourcing leads, cleaning data, delivering market research – and that’s just the beginning.

I’ve recorded this podcast with Charlotte Clark (APSCo’s Head of Talent Development) and Chloe Reynard, Trainer at Barclay Jones (and apprenticeship evangelist), to deliver some takeaways in 20 minutes which could really help you focus your attention on fixing some key issues in your recruitment business.

You’re a recruitment leader who needs more candidates, lead generation, engaged staff. APSCo and Chloe talked about:
• What are the practical elements of having an apprentice in your recruitment business?
• Do apprentices need to be new staff? Or can you upskill your existing team?
• What can apprentices actually do for a recruitment business – what impact will they have?
• What apprenticeship qualifications does APSCo offer to recruitment and staffing companies?
• What is NOT an apprenticeship in recruitment?
• How much does an apprentice cost? And are they free?
• How does a recruitment leader get an apprentice into their business?
• What roles can an apprentice deliver?
• How long does it take to get them “ready”?

The answers to all of the questions above will make you really think about this “no-brainer” – and also tap into what you are likely to have already given the government as part of your “levy”.

Jun 26 2018



Rank #8: The Fix for Talent-Short Recruitment Agencies, with APSCo's Ann Swain and Barclay Jones

Podcast cover
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Every recruitment leader needs more staff – or at least they want their existing staff to be loyal, effective and successful.  This podcast is  a great listen to help you spend a little time creating a strategy for fixing your talent shortage.  No recruiters?  No fees?  No business!  Here's a fix!


In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, I spoke to Ann Swain, Founder of APSCo, about their initiative, Women in Recruitment, something that will fix over 70% of Recruitment Leaders’ issues this year (and beyond…)

We talked about what Women in Recruitment is. What does Women in Recruitment do, and what's in it for recruiters?

Recruitment leaders have a lot to benefit from understanding how a focus on diversity and inclusion in their recruitment business can fix a lot of problems (namely recruiting and retaining the best recruiters!) and help them create more profitable, successful businesses.

We talked about some key issues that can affect / help the talent shortage in most recruitment businesses:

Why there is a talent shortage within the recruitment industry
Women in Recruitment: WIIFR (what's in it for recruiters?)
What really motivates salespeople and recruiters?
How are men and women being done a disservice in the workplace?
What do millennials and Gen Z really want, and how can we deliver it?
How do recruitment leaders fix the gap between employing and retaining staff?
Does Ann think women are better salespeople than men?
How do we help our staff perform to the best of their ability?
What are the benefits to joining Women in Recruitment?
Women in Recruitment isn't just about ticking a box, feeling better, "doing the right thing". There's LOTs of commercial benefits - which if I'm honest, I feel I shouldn't need to outline, but, I may as well.

If the average recruitment business needs more staff, what do they need to do to hire and retain women?
Do women make better sales people? (Contentious!)
Recruitment awards and vendors often ask about diversity - what do you really need to say about your approach to "women in recruitment"

Jun 26 2018



Rank #9: A Recruitment Award for Your Blog Yes Please, Louise Triance UK Recruiter Barclay Jones

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Recruitment leaders and marketers who want to scale and grow their businesses next year, and have invested their time and passion into their content, need to listen to this 15 minute Recruitment Leaders Podcast.

I was delighted to talk to Louise Triance from the very popular and passionate recruitment UK Recruiter.

She is in her 11th year and has setup the UK Recruiter Blog Awards to champion great content in the Recruitment sector.

Awards are something very close to my heart – they help massively with sales pipelines, share value and recruitment strategy – as well as give the company a psychological boost.  We won APSCo Affiliate of the Year, UK Recruiter Blog of the Year and Influencer of the Year and so know the impact it can have.

Could you Win a Recruitment Award?
Recruitment Awards are not simply about “Best CSR” “Best Company to Work for £40+million” – they can be, and should be, about what you need to excel at.  As a judge on four Recruitment Awards, I see entries who boast great stories, rapid growth, innovation... but what about the thing recruiters need to absolutely nail...?

Why is the UK Recruiter Giving a Damn about Content?
Content, whether it’s on your blog, in your LinkedIn profile, in your phone conversations - is a critical element of your recruitment workflow.  Sourcing has become a defence mechanism for your clients (and candidates) and so attraction strategies are crucial for you.  Content is the driver of this.  Louise is recognising the power of content, not just to drive traffic, but to attract and engage your ideal (what we call) 3Cs - candidates, clients colleagues.

I talked to Louise Triance, passionate CEO of UK Recruiter, about:

Why do these awards exist?
Who should be applying for these recruitment awards?
What is the nomination process?
What are the judges going to be looking for with this “blogging” award?
What is the benefit of one of these awards?
The deadline is 23 November – nomination is simple and quick.  Judging happens in December with the lucky winners announced in January.

Nominate your blog and content for the UK Recruiter Blog Award here

Oh! And if you’re not convinced about why Louise and I think you should enter and win – here’s some compelling reasons and benefits of winning a recruitment award.

Listen to this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast

Nov 08 2018



Rank #10: What Every Recruitment Leader Needs to Get Their Head Around, John Rose, Vered, and Barclay Jones

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What Does John Think Every Recruitment Leader Needs to Get Their Head Around in 2018?

Cardiff City fan, John Rose from Vered Consulting, joined me on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.

He has been a CEO in 3 different recruitment businesses, namely Hudson, FiveTen and Kellan.

John talked with me about his passion for recruitment and how he now is a “hands on Executive Support for Recruitment Businesses and their Leaders”. He brings to this podcast an absolute gold mine of ideas for recruiters, recruitment leaders and recruitment marketers.

This is a “must-listen” podcast:
• What does John think every recruitment leader needs to get their head around in 2018
• What frustrates him about recruitment leaders?
• What does John think that Recruitment Leaders need to stop doing next year? And what do they need to do more of?
• What KPI would John set for recruiters in 2018 – and what is the difference between an input and an output KPI?
• We had an interesting chat about “what are recruiters really selling in 2018?”
• What is the key to every recruitment business?
• How can you help your recruiters to be impressive and niche?
• John talks about recruitment awards, why he is a judge and why recruitment leaders get to take part. And what does John think that an award-winning recruitment awards submission needs?
• What does John think is the future of the recruitment industry – is it RPO, the internet, job boards, social media, Google Jobs, AI (artificial intelligence)…?

This was a fascinating podcast – it’s not often that you get the chance to listen to someone who has been there and done that in recruitment – is that respected in the industry, and has such practical approach.

Listen out for the Greyhound racing tips at the end…

Nov 20 2017



Rank #11: What is Innovation In Recruitment and Where Does Data Fit? Robert Dagge, Dynistics and Barclay Jones

Podcast cover
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We discussed on the Recruitment Leaders' Podcast:

• Recruitment is all about data
• How to use data to put the right people in the right place at the right time (and for the right fee!)
• How can recruiters use data to run their businesses?
• And is it just about candidate data…? or is it about recruiters, resourcers, managers, your sectors, your business?
• How can data improve the skillset of a recruitment team manager?
• How many dashboards does it take to manage a recruiter?
• How can you get your recruiters get engaged in data without distracting them away from selling?
• What’s “innovation” in recruitment? Everyone is talking “AI” in recruitment… what does Rob think?
• How can data improve the candidate, client and recruiter experience?
• What’s the ONE THING Rob feels recruiters can do NOW with data to make a drastic improvement to their businesses?
• We of course discussed GDPR – hat does Rob think about GDPR? He made some really valid points about sales and process improvements
• What’s a perfect Data KPI?

Nov 10 2017



Rank #12: Diversity In Recruitment With Natasha Clarke, Women in Recruitment and Barclay Jones

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I’m joined on this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast by Natasha Clarke – CPO for SThree and Chair of the Women in Recruitment body.

Women in Recruitment was formed to give recruitment firms practical support in attracting, developing and retaining their female talent, as well as providing a tangible demonstration of a commitment to gender equality for clients and candidates.

Obviously, there are women in recruitment. I, one, Natasha is another. We talked about the reason that this organisation has been born; what its goal is… who's sponsoring it? And importantly, how a woman (and probably a man) gets involved in this body.

• Are women better recruiters?
• Are women better at sales?
• And what stats did we have to prove or disprove this?
• Why is there a need for Women in Recruitment body?
• What’s it’s mission and how does it support women (and men)?
• What is the business case for change?
• What practical advice does Natasha have for creating a more diverse workforce?

Listen to the podcast and find out!

I suggest you check out the Women in Recruitment website. It gives access to unique development tools, mentoring and networking opportunities designed to support successful and sustainable careers in recruitment. Company Membership is open to all UK recruitment firms. Individuals can join Women in Recruitment independently, or as employees of Company Members.

(Thanks Natasha)

Oct 19 2017



Rank #13: GDPR For Recruiters - Facts & Tips with Volcanic's Neil Pickstone and Barclay Jones

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I’m delighted to be speaking in my latest podcast with Neil from Volcanic about GDPR.

Why am I delighted to be talking about the General Data Protection Regulations? Am I a total geek? Because there is so much online about this, that I felt the need to get vital facts about GDPR in front of my sector: Recruitment.

Plus, this is a great chance for you to gather some practical ideas on what to do.

What did we discuss?

• Why is Volcanic talking about GDPR? Why do they care, and what are they doing for the recruitment industry?
• GDPR: What is the size and the problem for the Recruitment Industry?
• BUT what do you need to do BEFORE you start being GDPR compliant?
• What is the opportunity for recruiters with GDPR? What are the positives? (there are loads!)
• What is Volcanic doing about GDPR for their recruitment clients?

Jul 27 2017



Rank #14: The Future Of Recruitment CRM, Rod Smyth, James Payne And Barclay Jones

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In this recruitment leaders’ podcast I’m delighted to be speaking with James Payne from Bond International Software and Rod Smyth from TempBuddy. They recently joined forces, leveraging each other’s strengths of world-class staffing software and award-winning technological innovation.

As providers of world-class recruitment technology, they are in a great place to talk about our new #CRMFirst mantra at Barclay Jones.

Who is this Recruitment Leaders Podcast for?

If you are a recruitment leader, IT leader or marketing leader in recruitment, and you want to make your CRM “FIRST” (ie. First port of call), then this is will be a key listen.

What did we discuss?
• Why the content of your CRM can massively impact whether your recruiters use it
• How to improve the content of your CRM?
• How can you get managers and directors engaged with Recruitment CRM?
• What things do they advise recruiters to stop doing?

Bond International Software:

Jun 14 2017



Rank #15: Recruitment Training, Culture And KPIs: with Lander Consultancy's Fiona Lander

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I’m delighted to be speaking with the extremely knowledgeable and respected Fiona Lander from Lander Consultancy. She’s celebrating her 20th business anniversary in 2017 (congrats!)

As providers of world class, international recruitment training and development, Lander Consultancy works recruitment teams to make them competitive. Fiona and her team works with forward thinking, growing recruitment companies, providing a holistic approach to upskilling the entire workforce from trainee recruiter to Managing Director.

Who is this Recruitment Leaders Podcast for?
You’ll get value from this podcast if you run a recruitment business, manage a recruitment team, are part of a recruitment training team.

What did we discuss?

• When is training important?
• How do you prioritise training?
• How do you train “high-churn” staff – ie: how do you get ROI from training people who won’t be with you for long?
• Are you training your staff to leave your recruitment business or training them to stay and be profitable?
• Where do the middle managers fit into the training cycle?
• What is the 10-20-70 rule ad why is it critical that recruitment leaders understand this rule?
• What do we do with big billers who are making money but not performing to your culture?
• What does Fiona her team think that you need to stop doing in 2017?
• When should performance management kick in?
• Which core skills do recruiters need to develop in 2017?

I could have spoken all day with Fiona – she is so experienced in recruitment training – we share the same values, passion and ideas for recruiter success – thanks Fiona.

Feb 27 2017