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Tongue in Chic is an all candid, fresh podcast designed to open the discussion between female entrepreneurs and creators, without all the dainty stereotypes. Hosted by Rebecca Kazimir, a blogger and content creator of ten years, is here to navigate through the mental and physical barricades female hustlers face. Even if you're not a business owner, you're still hustling and you will find a lot of this podcast relatable. You won't find the podcast equivalent of any "LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH" signs here.

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Episode 1: Stuck In A Rut? Me too.

We've all felt stuck in the "in-between" whether personally or professionally. I'm here to share the recent "purgatorial" period in my life and how I've navigated it, with both stupidity and grace. Imagine that! Instagram: @tongueinchicpodcast


2 Dec 2019

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Introducing "Tongue in Chic" hosted by Rebecca Kazimir

26 Nov 2019

Rank #2